Growth Grant Application - Mobazha - Tier 3


I have read and understand the CONFLUX ECOSYSTEM GRANTS OVERVIEW, and determined that my proposal is best for the Growth Grants stream (YES).

I understand that the Conflux Growth Grants are subject to a No Sale Rule, and I have read the terms of this rule (YES).

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Conflux Foundation to receive this grant (YES).

I understand that I will be required to follow public grant reporting requirements (YES).


Name: Mobazha

Decentralized market, by using stable coins on Conflux eSpace for trade payment and moderation, such as USDT, USDC and future HK dollar stable coins. It could be considered as decentralized Amazon with cryptos.

Incorporated startup: Yes

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Mingfeng Yang, Founder

  • Graduated from the Department of Mechanics, USTC in 2005, obtained an MBA from USTC in 2012.
  • Joined Cisco in 2010 as a Technical Leader and founder of the Innovation Club.
  • Holds 6 US and international invention patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), 19 internal Cisco patents, and 2 invention patents granted by the China Patent Office.
  • Head of Hefei Mogaolei Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Chanli Fan, Head of Community Operation

  • Worked as a project manager for a listed technology company in Hangzhou.
  • Engaged in blockchain community communication and technology promotion for over 6 years.

Tim Zhou, Head of Partnerships

  • Vice President of USTC Silicon Valley Platform Company
  • Former founder of AI List Capital, an artificial intelligence fund in Silicon Valley, USA
  • Former Vice President of the Issuance and Listing Department of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Holds an MBA from Duke University and an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

A development team of more than 10 people has been following the founding team to carry out product research and development and project delivery for years.


Grant Tier: 3
Grant Size: $50k
Justification: We have put much resource on this project for more than 2 years. We still need resource to optimize the architecture, fix bugs, provide enhanced experience, maintain the infrastructure worldwide and do marketing.

We provide a decentralized marketplace, which you could consider it as a decentralized Amazon. Users have their stores in their own devices, and all devices connect to each other and build up the e-commerce network. Unlike traditional self-hosted stores deployment, it doesn’t require user to have a VPS server with a public IP.

We have put more effort into the R&D in the past couple of years and haven’t done much market yet. However, all crypto users could be our potential users, and including traditional e-commerce sellers and buyers, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. User can do trade with the same set of cryptos worldwide, instead of exchanging fiats nowadays.

We have a small community with around 180 members around the world. We have built relationships with professors from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. We plan to base our business center in Hong Kong and target users worldwide.

We know , and OpenSea. However, is just a media group to provide blockchain ecommerce news and bisq is for crypto exchange. OpenSea focuses on NFT marketplace and somewhat centralized.

From a technology perspective, we use IPFS to build up the lower layer of the network. On top of IPFS, we develop protocols of e-commerce and social media protocols for running the business. We use cryptos as the payment method and develop smart contracts to provide moderation support, to make trade safe in anonymous environment.

Our project currently is in pre-revenue stage and would like to collaborate with mainstream chain and grow.

Below are some screenshots:


We plan to base in Hong Kong. We could equip Conflux with a trading system of goods supporting CFX and tokens on Conflux eSpace chain, for example USDT/USDC, and future HKD token. We plan to explore market in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Affrica. We believe it could significantly benefit the Conflux ecosystem.


Milestone 1 - Infrastructure and App ready - $20k

  • Infrastructure is deployed; Desktop and mobile apps are ready.
  • Support CFX and USDT/USDC on Conflux eSpace chain as payment method.
  • User can sell and buy goods in the network.
  • Support moderation if a dispute happens.

Milestone 2 - Hong Kong market adoption - Q2-Q3 2024 - $10k

  • Register a company in Hong Kong for business running.
  • Integrate HKD related token as payment method and do publicity.

Milestone 3 - Develop 2k users - Q2-Q4 2024 - $20k

Gain 2k users worldwide, who do trade in the network and use Conflux related tokens.


We will prioritize ongoing technical support, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure the platform remains robust and up to date with the evolving needs of users and the blockchain ecosystem. This includes regular audits, bug fixes, and compatibility updates with the Conflux network and any relevant standards or protocols. We would also continue to work together with Conflux to reach more users in marketing.


Android app:
Apple Testflight app is pending on review.

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