Growth Grant Application – Traderbot X – Tier 1


Traderbot X is tokenized multi channel revenue. The project already deployed in conflux espace, and the first revenue channel is from trading bot.


How it work:

  • Traderbot X have two liquidity in vault and in swappi.
  • Liquidity in vault managed by bot connected to exchange.
  • A profit will send cfx to vault, a loss will take cfx from vault
  • An arbitrage bot will running between vault & swappi liquidity to ensure value in balance
  • Vault got more cfx to managed, from NFT minting fees.
  • Vault also unlock some txt to NFT owner daily.
  • Arbitrage bot profit will be send to nft owners.

For long term, the roadmap is to have more revenue channel:

  • nft sales & gamification
  • yield optimizer from flux, pos staking, and aave’s fork
  • flashloan arbitrage

Landing page:



  • anon but may disclose identity to grant commitee
  • full stack & game development with 13 years experience
  • 4 years blockchain/smart contract experience
  • winner of 4 blockchain hackathons on devpost and gitcoin
  • member of indie game studio for 13 years
  • currently work on startup that use blockchain as proof of traceability


Tier 1 Budget: 5000 USD


Project current state: (16 June 2022)

  • TXT price: 0.029375 CFX (+194% from ATL)
  • TXT liquidity: 620 CFX

Project current problem: (16 June 2022)

  • low liquidity problem
  • low exposure to conflux and swappi community

This project targeted to long term cfx holder as alternative for cfx investment methods (staking in pos pool, provide lp in swappi, trading on any cfx pairs).

Value proposition:
Traderbot X tokenized an offchain (blackbox) bot, so the trading performance will be represented by Traderbot X Token price. Cfx holder that want to invest on a trading bot just need to buy the token. Token price chart is proof of bot performance. And it can be confirmed on 3rd party like dexscreener or swappi analyze page.


  • TXT Holders: user that trade on txt/cfx pair in swappi
  • NFT Owners: for some fee (in cfx) traderbot x nft owner will receive daily txt + profit from arbitrage. Minting fee will be send to vault to be managed by bot.
  • Developer Team: will run trading bot that used cfx in vault for trading, and running arbitrage bot between vault and liquidity in swappi.

Competing protocol:

  • 100% on chain strategy token (Tokenset, DFI, any index token). Our advantage: speed of execution, complex strategy that not easy to fork or copied.
  • 100% off chain trading bot (3commas, cryptohopper, etc). Our advantage: transparent performance as token price on dex.

A trading + money management strategy has been formulated and optimized. Its running as C++ bot that connected to exchange via rest api. All profit and loss will be send/retrieve from vault (smart contract) deployed already in conflux espace. A bot already running to ensure the vault and liquidity in swappi in sync.

Community Overview:
Currently we still bootstrapped for development and liquidity. Community already started but still small and grow organically.



  • got enough liquidity for txt/cfx pair in swappi
  • got marketing support from cfx team

Plans details:

  • Retrieve 5k usd upfront.
  • 1000 usd will be send to vault to unlock equivalent txt token. Tx hash will be informed
  • 1000 usd + txt token will be set as lituidity. Tx hash will be informed.
  • 2000 usd will be used the same way, but be used in small part and for 2 months. Tx hash will be informed.
  • 1000 usd will be used as prize for: AMA in conflux telegram, AMA in local conflux telegram, and twitter activity. Prize distribution tx hash will be informed.


  • All tx hash for liquidity providing will be informed.
  • All LP token from above plans will be send to zero address. Tx will be informed.
  • Telegram member & twitter follower increase
  • More token & nft holder, verified in confluxscan

Duration: 2 months

After 2 months, txt token price growth will be main drive for community growth