Growth Grant - Conflux Ecosystem Website - Tier 1

Project Introduction
Conflux Ecosystem is a website that aims to provide the project details that are built on top of ConFlux. While providing the project details website will also provide other related details like Grant projects, available jobs within Conflux ecosystem, Video page, and we also aim to increase social media activity for ConFlux reaching wider audience.

Users like projects, developers, companies, investors, and community members will get benefit from the website. The investors can find detail of project to get first impression if project is good for them or not, developers can find the suitable tool or project, projects can use to get in partnership or talk, and yes community members can explore different Conflux based project.


Name: Akhilesh Mishra
Roles and responsibilities: Content and website manager
Team member’s social media handle(s):
Twitter -
Relevant experience: Akhilesh is in crypto space for last 4+ years and worked as a freelancer with different projects in different position. Currently he is working as a blogger and content writer.


  • Android Native Mobile Application, Hybrid Mobile Application
  • Wear OS
  • Java , Kotlin, Spring Boot
  • JavaScript, React JS, Type Script JS
  • 8 Years Experience


  • System Architect (Full Stack Developer )
  • Web Application, IOT,
  • Firmware IOT
  • Java , Spring Boot, Java Advance, C , C++
  • JavaScript, React JS, Type Script JS, Node JS
  • My SQL, SQL, SQLite, MONGO DB, No SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, BigData
  • 9 Years Experience


  • Sr. Full Stack Developer
  • Web Application
  • Python (Django) , PHP (Laravel)
  • JavaScript, React JS, Type Script JS, Node JS, Vue JS
  • My SQL, SQLite, MONGO DB, PostgreSQL
  • 2.5 Years Experience


  • Full Stack Developer
  • Web Application
  • Python (Django)
  • JavaScript, React JS, Node JS
  • My SQL, MONGO DB, PostgreSQL
  • 2 Years Experience

$4890 Tier-1

(we prepared detailed proposal here:

Ecosystem website will be beneficial to anyone who is already in Conflux or interested in crypto projects. Users are always interested in exploring projects. With this every users including developers, projects, investors and other ecosystem projects can get benefit.

As of now there is an Ecosystem page on the official website “” it looks simple and good but what if we make a separate website with more details and information.
It doesn’t only help users to get information which they want but it also increases social media activity for the project. The best example of it, is Chainlinkecosystem and Suiecosystem.

Tech Stack we will use
Frontend: React
Animation: 3.js & particle.js
Backend: Django
Database: MySQL

Community Overview: We shared the idea. But before that we analyzed the Conflux social media presence and compared with some of other projects. We see there is lots of opportunities which we can adapt to increase social media presence and users inflow towards Conflux.
We can do cross marketing, giveaways, perform airdrops, and more. This will surely help in increasing reach of ConFlux to more users. I followed SuiEcosystem and the way they use Giveaway marketing is mind-blowing.


Community Growth Plans:

  • Asking Conflux to help in social media marketing
  • Cross marketing with projects
  • Giveaways
  • Conducting AMA with other projects and in Conflux team

Proposal OKRs:

  • Getting up to 30k followers on Twitter within 6 months
  • Reaching wider audience and getting views on website
  • Forming at least 1-2 partnership with other projects each month


  • Working on backend.
  • Working on frontend
  • Adding content like projects, jobs, forms, and setting up social media account.

completing development part and website live within 2 months.

  • Getting marketing help from ConFlux like tweeting about website and sharing link in discord or tg.
  • Start contacting different projects with partnership proposals

After the development and launch we will maintain the website for the first 1 year and the cost of maintenance has been counted in this proposal. After a year we will use advertising methods or think on how to maintain website in future.

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Is there anyone active from committee?

Hey @emusr thanks for following up. Unfortunately your application has not received the required number for votes to be approved, and the committee has decided not to proceed with your application.

If you have other projects that you are planning on building on Conflux, we welcome you to apply for a grant in the future.

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