HELP - PoS node

I have been running a new node for over a week now, but it is stuck and won’t catch up on the blockchain data. The console output says there are no peers and it is stuck. Is there some way to fix this?

Please check if you can see any error output in stderr or conflux.log. Also make sure that you’re running the node with the official config file that we provide (./conflux --config hydra.toml) as it has the bootnode list.

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2022-06-23T19:19:16.790944500-08:00 WARN IO Worker #2 cfxcore::syn - current sync candidate becomes inactive: (status = about to request a candidate state, pending_peers: 0, manifest: None, chunks: Some((download = 3389/0/7233, active_peers: 0)))

I am using the start.bat file which contains the (conflux --config hydra.toml)