How to mint CFXs in Core Space

Currently, the craze for inscriptions has extended to Conflux eSpace. People have started to wildly mint cfxs inscriptions, causing the transaction fees in Conflux eSpace to skyrocket, reaching one or two CFX, and the network is congested, leading to longer waiting times.

Conflux has an innovative dual-space design: Core Space and eSpace. Moreover, Core Space can directly transfer funds to any address in eSpace, meaning participation in minting cfxs inscriptions is possible from Core Space.

How to Mint cfxs from Core

Using a Script

Download the script from the attached link:
Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the node.js environment.
  2. Download this project: git clone
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Modify the privateKey in the config.json file and enter your private key. Ensure your account has enough CFX to cover transaction fees.
  5. Start the script with node index.js.

Note: The latest script has been updated to use a fixed gasPrice for transactions. Users can adjust it according to their needs.

Install node.js on your computer; you can download it here:

Using a Web Tool

A simple web tool has been developed to support minting in the core space, and Fluent Wallet needs to be installed beforehand.

Transfer functionality will be added later.

cfxs Inscription Minting Progress


  1. The minted inscriptions are in the eSpace mapping address of the Core Space account.
  2. To withdraw inscriptions in the future, cross-space calls (via tools) will be needed for the operation.
  3. The gas cost for minting cfxs in Core Space is 10 times that of eSpace for the same transaction. In the early stages, when the gas price in Core is lower, there is an advantage. If the prices on both sides rise to the same level, Core’s fees will be higher.