How to solve the problem of missing dll file in starting mining program

Some users have missing dll files in their systems, which prevents the mining program from starting normally, as shown below:

In English , this error message means "Because we can not find VCRUNTIME140.dll, the code can not continue execute mormally. Reinstall the program may solve this porblem."

If a small number of dll files are missing, you can manually search for the missing dll file on any Search engine and download it to the system32 directory.

But sometimes it is difficult for you to know which dll files you are missing. Instead of manually downloading them, it is better to perform a one key repair. Today we use DirectX powerful repair tool, it may help you repair the missing dll file of your system.

First, download DirectX tool directly

After unzip the file, structure shown as below:

Second, open DirectX Repair.exe tool

The tool will check your system version automatically, don’t worry just press the 检测并修复 button:

In English, 检测并修复 means Check and repair


After the repair phase, the tool will inform you the number of the checked dll file, dll with problems, successful repaired dll file, and the dll file fail to repaired.

The pop up’s content means:

The test is complete! No problems with DirectX found in this inspection
Total test files: 184
Successful repaired files: 0
Fail to repaired files: 0


After this operation, restart the computer and start the mining program to see if it reports an error. If it still prompts that the dll is missing as in the beginning, then we return to the DirectX tool and click “工具—选项—扩展—开始扩展” as follows:



“工具—选项—扩展—开始扩展” means “Tools-Options-Extensions-Start Extension”

After the extension pahse, We select the C++ powerful repair mode in “工具—选项—高级”, click Confirm to


“工具—选项—高级” means “Tools-Options-Advanced”


This operation will check the dll file and update the C++ Redistributable Package.


This pop up’s content means:

The test is complete!  And also update the c++
Total test files: 184
Successful repaired files: 0
Faile to repaired files: 0

After the repair phase completed, restart the computer and start the mining program again, the problem may fixed.

Download link:
BaiduYun’s file access code: 1ghb

Reference : Link

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This error message is directly related to the DLL file, when the VCRUNTIME140.DLL file is misplaced or deleted from the Windows system and you will face this error message. This error indicates a problem with the 2015 version of the Visual C++ Redistributable because there is a known conflict between the 2017 version and the 2015 version.

Please follow these steps:

Open Programs and Features form Control Panel

Uninstall the 2017 version of the C++ Redistributalbe, if that is installed on your System.

Then from the link below, download and install the 2015 version, then once that is installed, download and install the 2017 version.

Please Note, regardless of whether your version of Windows 10 is 32bit or 64bit, you must download and install both the x86 and x64 versions, do not try to install the ARM64 version.

DLL or Dynamic Link Libraries are external parts of applications and services that run on the Windows system. DLL files are the important part of any computer / laptop and we cannot imagine an operating system without DLL files. A single DLL file can be shared by more than one application and services. That is why, when a dll file gets corrupted / deleted / moved from the system, all linked applications start launching DLL errors. Sometimes, this error message also starts to appear after installing a Windows update or an incorrect installation of any program. This is for the reason that, in all the latest updates or patches released by Microsoft, there may be a missing system file or dll file. redist.x64.exe redist.x86.exe

Each one of them installs without any problems, or is there one that gives an error message?

To open the Run box, press the Windows key and R. Type “winver” into the box, and then press Enter. Post a screenshot of the new window that appears. If errors persist, refer to the fixing VCRUNTIME140.dll guide.