How to Upvote DeBank Proposal for Conflux eSpace Integration?


DeBank is one of the largest multi-chain asset aggregators global-wise. So far, DeBank has already integrated 19 chains and more than a thousand protocols. To further provide convenience to ecosystem projects and community members on Conflux Network, please help upvote the “Support Conflux Network (eSapce)” proposal on DeBank.

Connect Wallet:

VIsit DeBank proposal page first at

You will see a page that looks like this:

Click the “Login via web3 wallet” to connect your wallet to DeBank.

If it’s your first time connecting to DeBank, you will be asked to verify your wallet address.

Click “Verify” to sign the message:


To upvote the proposal, you need to make sure that you have more than $1000 assets in your account.

On the proposal page, click the up-pointing arrow to upvote.

Once upvoted, you will see the up-pointing arrow becoming orange.