Jade Wallet

Project Title - Jade Wallet

Project Description
Jade Wallet is a revolutionary self-custody solution that is built on foundation of the cutting-edge technologies including MPC (multi-party computation) and TSS (threshold signature scheme). The feature of MPC-based Threshold Signature offers users the complete control over their digital assets and the ability to achieve multi-signature with keyless cryptographic security.

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Grant Description (Key deliverables)
Support depositing CFX
Support withdrawing CFX
Support CRC20 tokens

Grant Funding Tier
15000 usd

Grant Status + Recent Updates
Have supported depositing & withdrawing CFX

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Thank you for your update @jadewallet :pray:

Milestone 2 reached! Jade Wallet has supported CRC20 tokens such as cMOON, cFlux, cDAI, cETH and cUSDC.

Can I direct download it from AppleStore?

Hi Jade Wallet team, thank you for submitting your work. I tried your app, both CFX and CRC20 token operations work well. I confirm all key deliverables have been delivered.

Currently you only support a handful of pre-selected CRC20 tokens, I suggest you add a way for users to import any CRC20-compliant token in a future version.

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Yes. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jade-wallet-bitcoin-defi/id1544207492


Currently, there are ≤10 users have added CFX in their wallet.
At the next step, Moonswap integration may be taken into account.

Thanks for the data! Those numbers are quite low and think some co-marketing and co-promotion efforts to improve them ahead of the Moonswap integration should be made.

Some suggestions:

1. I noticed there is no mention of Conflux support on your website? Can this be added? 
2. Have you done any promotion about the integration? How about a brief blog post about the Conflux integration? 
3. Could we do an Airdrop with part of the grant to the Jade Wallet community? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Geoff,
We will update the website. Maybe we can do some co-marketing events on twitter.