[KokomoSwap] Open Grants and Business Partnership

Grant Track: Please specify the grant track you are applying under (General, Open Grants).
Open Grants

Project Overview:
Project title and description of the project.
KokomoSwap: KokomoSwap is an AMM DEX fork of Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Therefore, our essential contracts, including Swap and Farming, are proven by the crypto community for a long time such that KokomoSwap users can manage their assets with a sense of safety and security. Moreover, the project is audited by a top-tier auditor, CertiK, that guarantees the robustness of our contracts. KokomoSwap will closely communicate with the community and add various functions for the seamless and enjoyable use of the platform. This will guide us in the right direction for promoting the growth of the ecosystem and Kokomo token.

How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
KokomoSwap plans to develop its service on the Conflux chain by the end of July 2021.

Why is your team interested in creating this project?
Our team focuses on a consistent product and communication strategy to provide an optimal user experience. On top of that, we will set key objectives and business roadmaps geared towards driving user and building project value.

Project Details: Please include the following:
Any mockup designs of user facing components.

Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.

Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
Launching a DeFi project on the Conflux chain and engage more users to the chain.

Team: Please include the following:

Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities.

  • Italian Panda: Product Manager & Strategist - worked in the traditional financial industry for over 7 years and joined the Crypto scene in 2016.

  • Lich King: Engineer + Programmer - have been operating nodes of various blockchain platforms since 2016, making blockchain products and contributing a lot to open source. (web3, Metamask, etc.)

  • Gingerman: UX&UI Design - Joined the blockchain industry in 2017 and has professional experience designing UX for crypto exchanges, wallets, and necessary tools.

  • Hoody Spidey: Marketing and Communications - more than 10 years in branding and marketing fields, joined the blockchain industry since 2018 and led global marketing.

  • J Tarantino: Business Development - more than 10 years in various fields, including Corporate Consulting, finance, IT, and Blockchain, joined the blockchain industry in 2018.

Team members/emails/social media handles/Github.
Like many blockchain projects, especially DeFi projects are global and permissionless. We place a great deal of value on the anonymous nature of the scene. KokomoSwap speaks for itself.

Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.

Team’s relevant experience.
KokomoSwap is a strong team of experienced developers and business experts with many years in blockchain and crypto fields. Most team members have expertise in tech and business development from the major blockchain project. (*CoinMarketCap Top 30, in 2021 1Q). Since 2016, each member has a different but professional background in the crypto scene, including crypto exchanges, blockchain platform development, crypto fund, etc. As we’ve worked many years in the blockchain scene, we noticed that DeFi would be the next generation for the blockchain era and replace the traditional financial market. It is why we came together to launch KokomoSwap.

Team’s Github code repositories.

Development Roadmap: This section will appear in the grants contract, and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release grant payments. Please include the following:
Breakdown of the development roadmap into a number of milestones, with each milestone including:


Blockchain and DeFi markets are the fastest growing and changing. We’re not fond of rules and have no respect for the status quo. We are flexible and always ready to adopt changes. We will quickly clear each task asked by our community. This is how the KokomoSwap team works.

Long Term Vision
Our other goal is to overcome the current limitations of decentralized exchanges. With the growth of DeFi markets and DEX from various protocols, we have seen many innovative and successful iterations of DEX platforms. However, most protocols still provide unsatisfactory user experiences due to slow speeds and high transaction fees. In addition, many protocols only focus on supporting their specific ecosystems, without catering to the different needs of a diverse set of holders. KokomoSwap prioritizes community building and we will seek to satisfy the needs of various crypto users by constantly engaging with our evolving ecosystem.

Community Engagement: We ask that you publish an article or tutorial to be shared with your community outlining your work as part of the grant.
Yes, We will. But How-to guide is already published. Please refer to our docs for details.

Delivery Requirements: Github repositories are required for the delivery of your project, including test suites (e.g. integration tests if applicable), and guides on how to run.

Other: Please include any further information or attachments that are relevant to your application.
Homepage : https://kokomoswap.io
Docs : https://docs.kokomoswap.io
Analytics : https://info.kokomoswap.io
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/zWp3QbWE66
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KokomoSwap
Github : https://github.com/KokomoSwap
Medium : https://kokomoswap.medium.com
CertiK Audit Report : https://www.certik.org/projects/kokomoswap

There is only one DEX built on Conflux with limited assets. It is worthy to include a new DEX into our ecosystem. Looking forward to it!

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@j_tarantino Thank you for sharing your proposal. We’re looking forward to reviewing it.

Thanks for submitting KokomoSwap’s grant application @j_tarantino!

Couple questions

  1. What is the total grant amount you are requesting?
  2. Can you provide more details on your development roadmap (milestones & budget). It would be good to get an idea of your cross-chain strategy, and what smart contracts/functionality and community initiatives will be deployed on Conflux as part of the grant.


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Thank you for submitting your application @j_tarantino.

  1. Do you have some target dates for your testnet and or milestones. I see that you expect to complete which is relatively soon? And at those milestones what level of grant financing are you expecting?

In your roadmap are you also showing things that youve planned for. I can only see ongoing improvements and dont know if some things have been solved for… or are in the works at a later date. Are the milestones/roadmap area for the current website (BSC network) or whats planned for conflux? Can we have Conflux specific milestones etc so we know what to expect.

  1. What brought you to our network as a choice for L1 (due to your experience with your current L1 blockchain, slow and high fees) / Who brought Conflux to your attention? Twitter, Word of mouth etc?

  2. Curious question - Any plans on cross chain swapping or integration with other networks in terms of liquidity etc - if allowed to answer this question.

Very Respectfully,

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Thank you for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

From your description it’s unclear to me what sets apart KokomoSwap from Uniswap or other Uni forks (like MoonSwap or PancakeSwap). Could you please elaborate on this point?

Would be nice to make your grant application more specific to Conflux and also to add more details to your development roadmap as @Geoff suggested, especially deliverables. Currently it is unclear to me what you’re planning to implement as part of this grant – is it simply a re-deployment of your product on Conflux?

Will your deployments on different chains be completely independent or do you plan to bridge them somehow?

Thanks for your interest in KokomoSwap.

  1. It depends on a situation (currently not fixed), but our team expects the maximum grant to expand the ecosystem.

  2. Speaking of milestones or roadmap, please refer to our docs as follows.
    Our team is currently focusing on enhancing the product, KokomoSwap, such as adding new features, burn & lock models. Moreover, we’re considering the auto-compounding function to KokomoSwap as well. The team plans to adopt L2 solutions around the beginning of Q3. Through the partnership, the team hopes to reach out to the Conflux community.

Appreciate your warm greeting.

  1. At this moment, it’s challenging to set specific dates/milestones. Our team knows the sooner, the better but our dev. team needs a thorough review of the Conflux chain, including ShuttleFlow, etc. Regarding our roadmap, we are completing each task step by step.

  2. KokomoSwap highly values the Conflux team, its community, and its partners. Therefore we look forward to building a strong business relationship with Conflux. WOM mostly.

  3. Yes, we consider the bridge that enables moving crypto assets to other chains. Eagerly look forward to utilizing ShuttleFlow.

  1. Functionality-wise, it’s quite similar to MoonSwap and PancakeSwap. But KokomoSwap started with different product philosophy, such as building a fun and easy DEX for users. Furthermore, KokomoSwap (unlike other DEX on BSC) focuses on stable coin pairs. The reason is, we wanted to develop an environment focusing on stable coin pairs(such as altcoin - BUSD) and trading tokens from different platforms at a fair ratio.

  2. Yes, you are correct. In the beginning, it is likely to be a re-deployment of KokomoSwap on Conflux. But in the long-term, we want to expand the horizon and reach more users in the Conflux community with the support of ShuttleFlow. Then we can strategically reach our target users on the Conflux chain, developing active marketing activities.

Thanks for your explanation. I suggest you reduce the scope of your application to something more specific, e.g. re-deployment of your system with some basic coin pairs on Conflux Network, and also include specific milestones that we can objectively evaluate.

Thanks for the reply @j_tarantino!

I agree with @thegaram, I would also recommend getting more specific on the scope of the grant application and include specific milestones + budgets we can objectively evaluate.

Is there anything we can do to help facilitate your dev teams review of the Conflux chain? Let me know if you have any questions we can help with.

KokomoSwap’s design is great and it’s good to see that you have an already launched product with audit by Certik!

  1. Since there is already an AMM Swap on Conflux Network, how do you plan on co-existing rather than cannibalizing each other?

  2. Have you ever thought about multi-chain LP pools, to implement @Tristception’s suggestion of cross-chain swaps?

  3. The auto-compounding function in your roadmap is very interesting, do you have more details on when you will be launching this function?

Yes, our team will start with the re-deployment of KokomoSwap. As mentioned, we are still figuring out milestones and budget as we are building a new feature for the current product.
We also need to develop a market strategy, which tokens would be competitive.

Thanks for the support; our dev team will let you know if there’s anything we need to co-work!
Milestones and budgets are coming.

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  1. Sure. We are always open to a strategic partnership with another decent AMM swap. We need to consider what tangible output is.

  2. Yes, that is a good way to expand the ecosystem. Our team will consider how we can approach cross-chain strategies.

  3. We are adding a new feature to KokomoSwap at the moment, and the auto-compounding feature probably comes next.

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Curious as to thoughts on implementing ‘what’s next’. What’s something potentially on your roadmap that hasn’t been done before. Perhaps only buildable on Conflux. Not speed or fees related.

So,why not support bcfx-busd farming in kokomoswap on the bsc network?
before launch on conflux,this will be a nice choice!
bcfx address:0x045c4324039dA91c52C55DF5D785385Aab073DcF