Launching - DAO Launchpad - Grant proposal

Funding Tire
Level 3 - $50,000

Project Overview
Launching is a place for DAO to thrive.
No bullshit: It’s a DAO launchpad similar to Juicebox using Juicebox V2 protocol plus additional features using lens protocol.
Purpose: Build great tools for community funding and project launching.


  • The 2rypto DAO (autonomous and anonymous) team.
  • Currently one dev and one designer.
  • We prefer remain anonymous to the public.
  • We are ok to provider relevant info to Conflux official.
  • Email: [email protected]


  • Phase 1 (2 months)

    • Contract: combine juicebox v1 with lens protocol
    • Design: UI/UX
    • Frontend V1
  • Phase 2 (3 months)

    • Testnet Deployment
    • Frontend V2
    • Why no the graph?
  • Phase 3 (20 days)

    • Mainnet Deployment

Please follow the application template: TECHNICAL GRANTS APPLICATION TEMPLATE.

Some missing items are: List of features, technical architecture, maintenance. Since this is a project and not dev stack / infra, I’m not sure it’s a good fit for a technical grant.