Lead Wallet

Lead Wallet

  1. Funding Tier:

    Please specify the funding tier and total grant amount of your proposal.

    Tier 1 Funding amount requested - $15K

  1. Project Overview:

    Project title and description of the project.

    Title : Lead Wallet

    Description :
    Lead Wallet is a decentralised multi-crypto wallet application based on the Android and iOS platforms, and we plan to add Desktop and web products in the near future. As a decentralised cryptocurrency wallet, its users will be able to control how they receive, store, send and organise their crypto funds. In addition, the wallet allows users to spend, swap, exchange and stake their cryptocurrency directly from the Lead Wallet interface through a short execution process.

    LEAD Token:

    LEAD Token is an ERC-20 token that fuels the products and services that are delivered on Lead Wallet. With this, LEAD token is basically at the heart of the Lead Wallet app. LEAD token is designed from the ground up to have natural demand as the services of Lead Wallet itself get more popular.

    How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
    We will integrate the Conflux Network token into our wallet along with the Conflux web3 support.

    Why is your team interested in creating this project?
    We are interested in creating a very simple non-custodial multi-crypto wallet application that will allow crypto enthusiasts and newbies easy access to navigate the crypto space. Before the inception of this project, the core team members used to work as community moderators for Amazix, one of the top blockchain moderating firms in 2018, which had many to projects as clients, and during this period, the core team who were bullish about crypto mass adoption realized that one of the major roadblocks in attaining this was the sophistication in the space. The team also realized that a wallet application is the first gateway into cryptocurrency before the digital asset itself, and as a result, the team got motivated to develop an easy to use crypto wallet which gives users of all technical levels the ability to carry out most (if not all) of the crypto-related transactions, and Lead wallet was born. As blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, it is safe to say that the main goal is fulfilling our quota for achieving mass adoption.

  1. Project Details:

    High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram).


    • Core API Services : This is a collection of core services e.g. Core Wallet Service, Swap Service , Web Dapp Browser and Lead and NFT Marketplace.
    • Node/Block Services : This service is responsible for consuming all the blocks from all the supported coins on Lead platform then it captures all the transactions where to or from addresses belong to the LeadWallet app.
    • 3rd Party Systems : We use GetBlocks , Infura, and several RPC Endpoint to get all the blocks.
    • Android / iOS App : This takes care of all the address generation logic, security and decentralized wallet.

    Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.

    Tech Stack :

    • NodeJS for backend apis
    • Javascript for Backend Processes
    • ReactJS for frontend Android and iOS app

    Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
    Integrating Conflux into Lead Wallet will allow the Lead Wallet community access to the Conflux ecosystem. By access, it means that users will be able to access Conflux DeFi and NFT projects when using our DeFi & NFT access browser; trade conflux tokens using our Decentralized exchange solution and a lot more features.
    Lead wallet would be beneficial to Conflux Network’s ecosystem because it will provide the means for users from other networks to try out dApps based on Conflux Network for the first time as Conflux Network will be integrated into Lead wallet’s web3 dApp browser, thus enabling users the access to interact with the protocols running on Conflux Network

  1. Team:

    • Obasi Francis Ifegwu (Chief Executive Officer)
    • Henry Onyebuchi (Chief Technology Officer)
    • Ruddy Setiadi Gunawan(Chief Experience Officer)
    • Jaswant Kumar (Chief Operating Officer)
    • Chianakwalam Eliezer (Chief Communications And Marketing Officer)
    • Neil Mani (Chief Design Officer)
    • Vinay Yadav (Chief Business Development Officer)
    • Bhisham Kumar(Tech Lead)
    • Suraj Narayan (Frontend Developer)
    • Kingsley Victor(Full-Stack Software Engineer)
    • Young Elefiku(Full Stack Web Developer)

    Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.
    Lead Cyber Services Limited.
    61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, HR5 3DJ

    Team’s Github code repositories.

  1. Development Roadmap:

    Dileverable 1.

  • Milestone 1 : Understanding the Ecosystem of Conflux Network for integration into the Lead Wallet
    Timeline - August 10 (Completed)

  • Milestone 2 : Integrating the conflux network in backend APIs/Process using RPC Endpoints.
    Timeline - August 25 (In Progress)

  • Milestone 3
    Integration in the frontend app iOS / Android.
    Timeline - August 30 (In Progress)

  • Milestone 4
    Launching the updated version of the app with Conflux Network token and ecosystem.
    Timeline - September 09 (Planned)

    Deliverable 2:

  • Milestone 1 : Running a Full Conflux Node (Future work)
    Timeline : Staring from September 10

    Resources: 1 backend, 1 frontend, 1 analytics engineer, 1 Devops/Server Admin, 1 QA
    Total Cost : $15000

  1. Long Term Vision

    What is the team’s long term vision for the project?

    The Lead Wallet team is committed to providing a sophisticated yet simple crypto wallet application that enables anyone (either newbie or expert) to store, send, receive, spend, exchange/swap crypto assets at users’ convenience without the need to provide or store user data. Lead Wallet will enable users across the globe at any time to conveniently spend their cryptocurrency assets in exchange for what they’ve always wanted to have or buy. In addition, Lead Wallet will constantly research and provide excellent blockchain technology and cryptocurrency application scenarios that will further the adoption and use cases of cryptocurrencies.

  1. Community Engagement:



Very excited to see another African project here :D! The application can already be downloaded in both the PlayStore and Appstore, and the UX is pretty intuitive IMO.

One question from my is is whether you already have any user metrics that you can share with us?
e.g. daily volume, app downloads, DAU/MAU, etc.?


Hi, thanks for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

The scope of your application is somewhat unclear, what can we expect to see at the end? Is it (a) support for our native token CFX, (b) support for all CRC20-compliant tokens, © full dapp support where users can open dapps (moonswap, flux, shuttleflow, etc.) in Lead Wallet and interact with them?

Do you support holding and transferring NFT tokens?

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Thanks for your support Christian. The Beta app which was launched in November of 2020 has over 7k user downloads and slightly above 10% usage. However, the mainnet application launched in about 1 month ago, and it already has over 2k downloads with an average of 600 - 700 active usage presently. The team plans on launching Lead Wallet fully in September and this should increase the stats.

For this particular grant, Lead Wallet will integrate Conflux native coin, and all CRC-20 tokens, also run a dedicated Conflux node. Wallet users will also be able to use Lead wallet in-app multi-sender and multi-sig features on the Conflux Network.

Any chance it will have DApp integration, That way your users can access Conflux-based DApp without having to move funds to another wallet.

Yes, We have already integrated an in-app dapp browser which supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, next we are working on integrating conflux network support.

Thanks for your application! I definitely agree wallets are mission critical on-ramp for new users into any blockchain ecosystem.

  • Can you provide some details on your marketing plan and your current user base. How many new users do you expect to onboard into Conflux through this integration?
  • Has your wallet been audited? And will their be a seperate audited for the Conflux integration?



Hi @Geoff, Obasi here. I’m the founder and CEO of Lead Wallet. As per your questions, please find the answers below:

  • Lead Wallet marketing is designed to run along side Lead Wallet development. In a nutshell as we create cool features and value adds into the app and also integrating cool projects like Conflux, Lead Wallet will continue to gain visibility. Right now we already have over four pending projects that wants to integrate with us. Although we’ve not started global marketing of the app as we believe some additional features needs to be finalized as well. However, the app has already recorded over 2k downloads with 700+ active users already enjoying the application and its features. In the coming months, we will be hitting hard on exposing the app to different vital crypto regions such as the USA, India, Nigeria, and other strategic crypto regions. For instance we are the official platinum sponsor of the biggest yearly crypto conference (BNUG Conference) that will hold in September 11th and 12th 2021. All of the items that will be produced for the event will feature Lead Wallet as the key partner. The direct implication of this is that Conflux being integrated into Lead Wallet will create massive exposure to the Conflux ecosystem as we will also mention Conflux in all our talks as a grant partner and a Blockchain ecosystem that is creating real world use cases in the area of decentralized banking and financial services. Our existing users and new users will also have direct access to Conflux ecosystem via the Lead Wallet app. We have marketing target of growing the Lead Wallet user base to 100k+ within the next 12 months. Our target will be majorly crypto newbies.

  • Our wallet has been audited by a third-party company. However internally the wallet is audited and currently working fine. We are in partnership with Immunebytes and we will submit all app codes for external audits within 6 months after all other major features, including Conflux Blockchain, have been integrated.

Thank You.

  1. Does Lead Wallet plan to integrate with other Conflux Ecosystem Dapps in this grant? Any timeline on it?

-> If not, can you please be clear on what’s included specifically?

  1. Will Lead Wallet cross-chain the wallet token onto Conflux Network for use-cases on Conflux?

  2. If the 3rd party audit will be done in 6 month, do you have any anti-theft policies for users holding their assets on Lead Wallet?

  1. Lead Wallet has an in-built DApp browser. Thus, once we integrate Conflux Web3 tech in 3-4 weeks from when Conflux is originally supported in Lead Wallet, the Conflux ecosystem DApps will be supported from then.

  2. Not at the moment. However we will explore this possibility to see what’s feasible for us in the future.

  3. No! We do not have anti-theft policy onground as we do not control users funds in anyway. However, we invite the Conflux team to audit the Conflux integration or the entire wallet code to be sure.

In a nutshell, because we are interested in a long-term partnership with the Conflux team, we’ve taken the initiative to start integrating Conflux into Lead Wallet, and in the next few days, we will already start showing results in this regard.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. Thank you @Christian!

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We appreciated being on the call with you recently to answer our questions. Look forward to seeing Lead Wallet on Conflux.

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Thanks for the call the other day. Looking forward to using Lead Wallet for Conflux assets.

I suggest you include two more features in this grant:

  1. Multisender support for Conflux.
  2. NFT support: display and transfer well-known NFTs on Conflux.

As Lead Wallet already has these features, adding support for Conflux should not require much extra effort. Would also be nice to have more details about your marketing plan once integration has completed.


Sure! We can do this. I think I mentioned this possiblity anyways. So yes! We will add these additional features as suggested. Thank you


This is good news, thanks for letting us know.

Some new updates on the Development Roadmap:

Dileverable 1.

Milestone 1 : Understanding the Ecosystem of Conflux Network for integration into the Lead Wallet
Timeline - August 10 (Completed)

Milestone 2 : Integrating the conflux network in backend APIs/Process using RPC Endpoints.
Timeline - August 25 (Completed)

Milestone 3
Integration in the frontend app iOS / Android.
Timeline - August 30 (Completed)

Milestone 4
Launching the updated version of the app with Conflux Network token and ecosystem.
Timeline - October 03 (Completed)

Deliverable 2:

Milestone 1 : Running a Full Conflux Node
Timeline - November 10 (Completed)

Deliverable 3:

Milestone 1: Add the function of the sending and receiving of 10 Conflux Network tokens in Lead Wallet iOS and Android Wallet (Add 10 default assets: CFX, AUSD, CNHC, cUSDT, cFLUX, cUSDC, cDAI, TAD, cETH, FC) -> Conflux to provide the 10 assets
(7000 USDT)
CFX - native
AUSD - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/ cfx:acb7y2ywyyyxc8gtp0zmn80rdrfbbkxz923wm2zfhn
CNHC - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/ cfx:accbh92gw9wzvdxacn7tc3rb7g7tk2uv363s37tr30
cUSDT - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/ cfx:acf2rcsh8payyxpg6xj7b0ztswwh81ute60tsw35j7
cFLUX - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/ cfx:acgbjtsmfpex2mbn97dsygtkfrt952sp0psmh8pnvz
cUSDC - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/ cfx:aca13suyk7mbgxw9y3wbjn9vd136swu6s21tg67xmb
cDAI - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/cfx:acd3fhs4u0yzx7kpzrujhj15yg63st2z6athmtka95 TAD - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/cfx:acg8dy0xvpyzh1f8n9e9gcf3mm7se1ts5y979mawtf cETH - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/cfx:acdrf821t59y12b4guyzckyuw2xf1gfpj2ba0x4sj6 FC - https://www.confluxscan.io/token/cfx:achc8nxj7r451c223m18w2dwjnmhkd6rxawrvkvsy2

Awareness & Marketing:
1.2) Publish Medium Article about Conflux Network integration (0 USDT)
1.3) Participate in AMA in Conflux Africa Telegram channels (2000 CFX for airdrop)
1.4) Onboard 100 CFX holders on Lead Wallet (500 USDT worth of CFX)

Timeline - February 2022, (Completed)

Milestone 2: Technical:
2.1) Integrate Conflux Dapps, and integrate 5 projects that are shown by default in -app for Conflux Network (Flux, KoichiSwap, TriangleDAO, MoonSwap Stampers)
(7000 USDT)
FLUX - https://flux.01.finance/markets?chain=conflux KoichiSWAP - https://www.koichiswap.com TriangleDAO - https://app.triangledao.finance Moonswap - https://moonswap.fi/exchange/swap Stampers - https://stampers.app/#
Awareness & Marketing:
2.2) Invite Conflux Africa (Ehis) to do AMA in Lead Wallet Telegram (0 USDT)
2.3) Do an AMA in the Conflux Global Telegram (2000 CFX for airdrop)
2.4) Publish new Medium article regarding Lead Wallet fully supporting Conflux Network DApps
2.5) P.R. announcement (efforts by both Conflux Network and Lead Wallet) (500 USDT)

Timeline - May 2022, (Pending)

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