Lost CFX-bCFX coins Cross-Chain transaction

Hi all, I have been using shuttleflow to shuttleout my mined CFX coins from fluent wallet to metamask Binance chain bCFX for over 10 months now with success and no issues. Recently 20+ days ago I shuttled out roughly 1200 CFX to bCFX tokens which I claimed with success and left them in my Metamask wallet for around 20+ days as bCFX. Today I wanted to send my bCFX tokens to an exchange to pay my electricity bill for mining and I can find them in my wallet at all, anywhere…

I can see on blockchain there is a transaction done NOT BY ME but my coins are stuck on this address 0x8F96D2D80D3e67A934c641d35Af9Cdc89B76E3a0 and I don’t know how they got there and what that address is and how to recover them.

Any help much appreciated.

Looks as if your shuttle flow transaction was Oct-08-2022 01:20:27 AM +UTC to bsc wallet, and then 10 days later Oct-18-2022 10:53:47 AM +UTC bCFX was sent to that address. Any idea what that address could be used for?

Thanks for the reply GLM, much appreciated.
No idea, I just can’t understand how this could of happened. I was periodically checking my wallet and my bCFX was ok. Looks like that address is a wallet address. Don’t understand how this could of happened. I am the only person using my PC and wallets. Could I have been hacked?