Lost Shuttleflow bCFX-CFX Cross-Chain Transaction

I have done this several time with success, but today my cross-chain transaction is completely gone. The bCFX successfully came out of my MetaMask wallet, but the transaction was taking a very long time to come through to my CFX wallet. When I cam back, Shuttleflow has no record of the Cross-chain transaction. I have made sure it is the same wallet pair but there is no history of it and the CFX is not in my wallet. I was never given the opportunity to claim it.

This has really hurt my hopes for this crypto. I was all in for CFX, until I can now no longer find my transaction.


Hi same here , send 834 Bcfx>Cfx , no record of the Cross-chain transaction in Shuttleflow, bCfx gone from my metamask


I am very sorry to see this happen. I also encountered the same issue few days ago. I waited for about 15~16 hours to claim my token on conflux. Someone from CONFLUX team told me that this is due to that BSC nodes haven’t been synced yet. Recently there appear to be lot of issues when transferring bCFX from BSC to Conflux.

Confirmed! I went onto Shuttleflow today and the transition was there. Thank you for sharing this. I have a feeling this will happen to more people. I’m glad to know that it is the BSC and not the CFX network.

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Glad that you claimed your token. Nowdays this issue happens quite frequently so better don’t cross bCFX to Conflux unless necessary.