Maneki-Meow : Collectibles NFT

**Conflux Ecosystem Grants **
**Grant Proposal Outline **
**Your proposal should address the following questions: **
● Project Overview: Please include the following:
o Project title and description of the project.

Invite Lucks and Real Coins
Tokenize the Digital Art Provenance, intellectual rights and create a greater collection experience.

o How will this project be integrated into Conflux?

  1. NFT token will build with CRC-721
  2. Accept all CRC-20 token (CFX, cETH, cUSDT, cDAI, cUNI, … etc) as payment to bring more utilization for the tokens. Even can be open for direct accepting ETH, USDT and more other coins and channel for Shuttle-in via ShuttleFlow .
  3. Royalty rewards return with CFX

o Why is your team interested in creating this project?
We would like to solved the No.1 Problem which is “Why need to buy/invest in NFT?”.

Therefore our project will focus to solve 4 major pain points:

  1. Provenance, intellectual Rights and authenticity for digital art
  2. Solve the 98% unsold newly mint NFTs
  3. Build a greater liquidity for secondary market
  4. Provide a seamless way for artist to launch new NFT art

● Project Details: Please include the following:
o High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram).

High-level technical approach

Product flow


Refer the full slides for more diagram

o Any mockup designs of user facing components.
Visit to https://Neko.Exchange/

o Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.
Solidity, Openzepplin , VueJs

o Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?

  1. NFT is 1 token to 1 transaction, therefore is perfect match by utilizing Conflux high throughputs nature. This mean able to handle high volume of NFT transactions during the demanding period.
  2. Accept buyers use all CRC-20 token created on Shuttleflow to buy. (refer to Deck’s Page 9)
  3. Accept buyers use any ERC-20 Token by internally channel to ShuttleFlow for Shuttle-IN (if the API is available)
  4. Use CFX as the Maneki Payout, which mean potentially to make more CFX Holder onboarding. (refer to Deck’s Page 12)
  5. Cross listing to any Conflux NFT exchanges such as TSpace.

Team: Please include the following:
o Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities.
o Team members/emails/social media handles/github.

Eric Chan
Founder : Tokenomic, Digital Artist, UX design and Project Management

Arnold Keoy
Tech lead : Development, deployment and delivery, Handle github

New team mate
Dapp Engineer : DApp Development, Report Design and Development
Blockchain Engineer : Blockchain & Security Development
Backend Engineer : Administrative tool and API
Community manager : Community, social media and content editor

o Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project. Team’s relevant experience.
Company : Harvest Camasu Sdn Bhd
Company registration no. : 762227-M
Company Established : Year 2007
Country : Malaysia
Founder and Director : Eric Chan
Experience : 14 years as Technopreneur
LinkedIn :

o Team’s github code repositories.
At the moment we don’t create/upload any repositories as we keep at proprietary. But, is planned to open source for coming development and will upload to github code repositories.

Development Roadmap: This section will appear in the grants contract, and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release grant payments. Please include the following:
o Breakdown of the development roadmap into a number of milestones, with each milestone including:
Refer Diagram below

o Specification of the software or deliverable (will be used to confirm milestones have been reached).
Refer Diagram below

o Requested funding, milestone duration, and number of full time employees on each milestone.
Refer Diagram below

o Number of days, and cost per day.
180 Days, Average Cost Per day USD 433

o **Total estimated duration and cost of the whole project. **
6 months for Development
6 months for Marketing
Total USD 158,000

USD 50,000 grants is applied for Development.

Long Term Vision: What is the team’s long term vision for the project?
After solving the New minting and secondary market flow. Next is to focus on building a better provenance, authentication and adoption with decentralize system and use cases.

Community Engagement: We ask that you publish an article or tutorial to be shared with your community outlining your work as part of the grant.
Yes. We will do this.

Delivery Requirements: Please provide a test suite (e.g. integration tests if applicable), along with guides on how to run, as well as dockerfiles or Github repositories for the delivery of your project.
Yes. We will do this.

● Other: Please include any further information that is relevant to your application.

Additional - slides


Dear community members,

Thanks for spending your precious time to read thought my proposal. Is my pleasure that you able to provide me some feedback or suggestion on Maneki-Meow, together build up a powerful decentralised community here.

As a token of appreciation to all feedback and suggestion. Once Maneki-Meow able to roll out officially into Conflux Network. I would like to giveaway ONE Maneki-Meow (6th Generation) on each useful suggestion and will select one of the best suggestion with the most LIKE will receive additional ONE Maneki-Meow (Gamma Generation).

Good day and stay safe !!!


Thank you for sharing @Canmasu_Chan. This looks like an interesting project.


Hi @Canmasu_Chan, thank you for submitting your proposal. It looks very interesting.

One suggestion on your milestones since grant payments are milestone and deliverable-based — Could you adjust your payment schedule to be based on hitting key deliverables in your development roadmap, as opposed to having monthly payments with all your deliverables in the last month?

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Hi @Geoff , Thanks for highlight this matter.

:white_check_mark: Here, I had prepared the milestone and deliverable-based approach accordingly.

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Thank you for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

  1. My first impressions is that your dapp is inspired by CryptoKitties, so the emphasis is on collection and interaction (as opposed to original art). It is not entirely clear to me what kind of interactions users can engage in, could you expand a bit on this?

  2. You say your product will “solve authenticity for digital art”. Apart from using NFT tokens, what other innovation does this mean? You also say you “solve the 98% unsold newly mint NFTs”, how do you solve this?

  3. Your “ManekiNomic” has four kinds of rewards: artist, random rewards, incentive, bonus. I suppose the first one is royalties, could you briefly explain the other three?

  4. You seem to have a hierarchical structure of tokens (with one root token). Is this only for the reward distribution? How does this work?

  5. What will be the technical core components of your system, apart from the smart contracts? Do you plan to have significant off-chain logic or is it mostly on-chain?

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FOR QUESTION 1, 2 and 3

The only similar element with CryptoKitties is as Collectible NFT. But, Maneki-Meow is beyond :

A) Manekinomic is an ecosystem for both collectors and creator.

normally a collector who purchase a collectible NFT for 2 reason, Hope to get the rare and sell high price, else just push the common NFT to marketplace to hope someone can buy over.

But, with Manekinomic, there will be more reason for each purchase of new NFT (eg $CFX 100), the income will be split and distribute as Royalty X% to 10 random NFTs’ holder , Y% to the Artist (the graphic creator) , Z% to Incentive (As referrer Fee), A% to Bonus (KOL who owned Gamma Generation, to push and sold).

therefore, Manekinomic is providing “passive income” to the NFT holder , and also playing the role for GIG income for Art creator which are good in (comic, manga and other art which are able to apply as collectible standard)

Which mean from one NFT Sale in fact is benefit directly with decentralised method to multiple parties within the ecosystem

Beside that, every new purchase (Try Lucks with new minting) required a Guardian Neko + $CFX 100 . therefore the existing NFTs are become a natural demand for New user to onboard.

why need to add Guardian ? Guardian neko’s power will be added(boost up) for the New Minted base power. therefore high power automatically will able to sell higher price (base on the bell shape distribution, the very low or very high power is harder to get. is something rare. )

after the onboard, NFT holder can choose either to keep as hobby and yet possible to receive the Royalty (Maneki Power / X%). normally NFT won’t generate any passive income while holding it.

B) with this Manekinomic, we are open to accept new artist to collaborate with us by launching their collectible. for this, if there any other new “Cryptokitties” creators, will be a good news for them with the ready platform to launch yet cover with the Manekinomic Marketing plan (hustle free to keep seeking collector and need to spend cost to build the Dapp)

yes, will be one NFT token at this stage. But, as planning, we are going looking to get more collaboration with some big entity such as comic, manga or art related organisation/government body to recognise accordingly.

in fact, one reward distribution is nested with multiple parties reward works in one ecosystem.

yes, mostly is on-chain.
off-chain will be the logic to generate the new collectible piece. as our aim to make the project as decentralised as possible

hope that able to answer your questions.

This project looks interesting, would love to check out the MVP, however, the link cannot be opened currently. Are there any possibilities to test your MVP?

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Hi @Christian
Thanks for interested with our project.

Current for the MVP is run with Etheruem rospten Testnet. You are required additional setting in order try.

Mobile App - Coinbase
If more simple for you try with coinbase wallet app. Here is the guide in YouTube you may refer.

Desktop - chrome + plugin( metamask + metamask legacy web3)

Thanks and hope you able to try it

HI @Christian,

New fixer made, currently you may try with Chrome + Metamask (Ropsten Network) directly.

you screen should be as below, upon you had connected your metamask

Hi! Welcome to Conflux Network!

I have several questions here:

  1. Are the bonus and incentive giveaway in primary market only? Can anyone get royalty in the secondary market?

  2. I didn’t find any detail about artist function. Is the alpha gen maneki minted by artists themselves or minted by the platform? What will the artists provide? The maneki character image, or the background, or both maybe? How many artists are co-operating with you at present?

  3. How can I Genup a maneki? Is Guardian also needed during this process? Will the image changed after Genup? Or power change only?

  4. Do alpha, beta, and gamma have any relationship among them? Does root gen means alpha gen?

  5. Is there any relationship between power and energies for a maneki? What is the function of energies?

  6. It is said more power will get more lucky coins, and there will be only 10 addresses receiving royalty. Is there any algorithm ensuring royalty will not always distributed to manekis with highest power? I guess, 10 royalty receivers are picked by random, and they will receive royalty based on their power.

  7. What does “1 Maneki Power: Sum(10 Random) Maneki Power” mean? Is this means new minted meneki’s power is determined by the 10 receiving royalty?

  8. Gamma manekis would be expensive if they could receive bonus from every later gen. Is there any benefit by holding manekis with higher gen? Especially higher gen but very low power(Oops bad luck, rare but useless I guess).

  9. Last question: Is there any special meaning in choosing this meow image? There are plenty of Maneki meow image around the world. Lot’s of them are much more attractive than this one. I can find some for you if you want. Users are always willing to pay for cute meow images. This is my personal opinion with on offense.

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hi @Coolbit,

  1. At this version, royalty, incentive and bonus only in primary market. As the secondary market collectors trade with Zero Fee.

  2. Alpha gen will be minted 2 tokens only for each series. 1st for the Artist, 2nd for the platform. beside that, alpha gen is the Full IP rights. which mean, when the collector owned the alpha. this particular series of the Maneki-Meow cause use to commercial to other medium or etc.

Artist need provide the characters, the background is optional. depend on the number of combination targeted. artist Collaboration programme start after this platform launch. As Maneki-Meow is the first case study.

  1. As minting required 1 existing Meow (ID:101) + Cost (CFX). gen up will use ID101’s generation to increase 1 generation for the new Meow. The image will not be change when gen up . only the generation will +1. But, for with certain generation that will be a special addition of Meow (eg. generation 99, genUp to 100. have the chances to get limited edition of BLACK Meow, or others images base on the season)

  2. Root Gen mean first 5 generation will display as α, β, γ, δ, ε. the 6th generation onward will display as numeric 6,7,8… and the Root generation currently is with blockchain Globe instead of Painting . (refer below screenshot. will help to understand more)

  1. yes, sum of 5 energies = power. Perhaps here I can explain why are 5 energies, this is reflex from the 5 elements in fungshui world . Metal, Wood, Water, fire and earth ( Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, Relation and Health ) . the combination of energies become the power and the top energy will be selected as this particular Meow carry that energy that able bring to the collector.

each Meow is born(mint) with the timing that by the collector (human factor) + blockchain clock (natural factor) . the timing is one of factor use to calculate the DNA, and the DNA is will derive the Energies ( the calculation will be transparently see in the solidity smart contract. this will be published upon project launch)

6 and 7. yes, is base 10 random Meow selected. Meow’s power / Total Maneki-power and the Lucky coins will be distribute according to the Maneki power ( this can be seen on the smart contract as well)

  1. higher gen will be more expose to the chance to mint special edition and , lower gen is will easy to get . as all public minting is start for gen 6th. ( this in the smart contact as well)

  2. Happy on your opinion.

Firstly, the meow is 100% origin and the creation was inspired base on Blockchain (decentralised) + Cat + Fungshui + invite lucks (which also well know for asian believed able to bring luck and fortune) .

That’s great! You are welcome to join as an artist with origin creation.

Additional note
lastly, for all distribution (Royalty, Bonus …) and primitive value (DNA, Gen and etc) is base on the smart contract transparently.

First, I want to say that CFX is not following the CRC20 standards, but WCFX follows, you can see it with the following links:

Second, I recommend you to support FC(Fanscoin,CRC20 standards) acting as a payment token:

Thx for your support

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thanks for your information.

Beside that, thanks your suggestion on Fancoin as well and may consider to list FC as one of the payment option.

Thx, good luck

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received with thanks!

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Congratulations @Canmasu_Chan, Maneki Meow’s grant application has been approved by the Global Grants Committee!

For reference, below are the voting results:


Thanks for Global Grants Committee, giving Maneki-Meow an opportunity to proceed for the next awesome milestone. Stay tune with Maneki-Meow!

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