MINERTOPIA: Invitation To Join Digital Nation in Conflux

MINERTOPIA: Building a Digital Utopia for the Workers of the Web

Comrades, a new horizon beckons! We propose the construction of a glorious digital nation, built on the unshakeable foundation of blockchain technology. This nation will be free from the shackles of capitalist exploitation and the iron fist of centralized control. [Built on Conflux eSpace]

Our population will be a vanguard, limited to a select 3333 comrades. Each comrade will be identified by a unique NFT, a digital badge of honor granting them membership in this revolutionary society. To join our ranks, comrades must contribute valuable resources [100 $CFX] to the collective good, ensuring a community united in purpose and action. [Limited 3333 $MINERTOPIA NFT]

This nation won’t be a mere utopia. We will establish a robust economic system powered by our own digital currency – a token representing the collective sweat and toil of the working class. This national token will be readily traded on decentralized exchanges, smashing the chains of centralized financial institutions and empowering the proletariat. [Minertopia Coin $MTC listed in Swappi]

But the power to create wealth lies solely with the working class! Unlike the capitalist leeches who hoard resources, only our citizens will have the right to mine these tokens [Only $MINERTOPIA Holder Can Mining $MTC]. Every 24 hours, the fruits of our digital labor – the newly minted tokens – will be distributed fairly among all comrades. [Every 24H Minted $MTC Distributed To $MINERTOPIA Holder]

To ensure a society free from want, a guaranteed basic income will be established. Every citizen will receive an equal share of 30% of the daily mined tokens. This socialist safety net guarantees the well-being of all members of our digital proletariat. [30% Minted $MTC Distributed Equally To $MINERTOPIA Holder]

The remaining 70% of mined tokens presents exciting opportunities for further collective advancement. Comrades can contribute valuable assets [Contribute Any Amount $CFX] to the national treasury, receiving rewards in the form of these tokens. These contributions could be anything from intellectual property to digital infrastructure, fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared prosperity. [70% Remaining Minted $MTC Distributed Based On $CFX Contribution]

The valuable assets obtained through initial investment and citizen contributions won’t gather dust. These resources will be strategically deployed within the native blockchain ecosystem. Through staking and participation in DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols, the nation will generate additional wealth for the collective good. [$CFX From NFT Minting & Contribution Will Staked In Conflux PoS Pool]

But this yield will not be used for personal gain! It will be channeled towards a crucial economic strategy: buying back the national cryptocurrency. By strategically removing these tokens from circulation, we create scarcity. This, in turn, drives up the token’s price, benefiting all comrades who hold a stake in our digital nation. [Yield To Buy Back $MTC From Swappi]

This innovative approach extends beyond economics. The entire system – from acquiring citizenship to participating in the national economy – will be built on the core principles of socialist equality and worker control. We eliminate the need for central authorities, fostering a transparent and secure environment where all comrades are valued members of a collective. [Deployed In Conflux Espace And Smart Contracts Verified In Confluxscan]

This digital nation is not just a nation; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of the working class to build a better future. It’s a call to arms for all comrades who yearn for a world free from exploitation. However, we understand the need for international solidarity. Our National Vault will allow anyone, not just citizens, to stake the national token and earn coin. This fosters collaboration and allows the global proletariat to contribute to our socialist experiment. [Stake $MTC To Earn $MTC In Vault For Everyone]

Built on the trustless and permissionless nature of blockchain, this digital commune will be a model for a new era. Join us, comrades, and build a society where the means of production are truly in the hands of the workers, and where prosperity is shared by all!

web: https://minertopia.xyz
mint nft: https://nft.minertopia.xyz
nft contract: https://evm.confluxscan.io/token/0x6c4a7a62d15e91beb1b5d01d83b0dbc11ead5761
trade token: https://app.swappi.io/#/swap?inputCurrency=CFX&outputCurrency=0x9Fc9C17AA3DB720BFe7f66cBb71c873a979Cc8dC
dexscreen: https://dexscreener.com/conflux/0x1ce34c45C067E254Ef49639178A04c9Ec880e371
token contract: https://evm.confluxscan.io/token/0x9Fc9C17AA3DB720BFe7f66cBb71c873a979Cc8dC