NFT Minting KIt

Project Overview
With the increase in the awareness and innovations going into the nft space it is imperative that to truly achieve a wider adoption the process for creation (miniting) of these NFT to the Blockchain is as easy as possible while reducing the repetitive tasks involved in this process.

Our Solution
We are building an all encompassing toolkit that makes the process of deploying and mininting of NFT seamless for artists and Developers to build on the conflux network. Our solution will allow individuals to easily mint NFT to their wallet through interaction from our user interface with support for 1to 1 NFT and batch collections. This will help artists to focus more on their core activity and save time.

Functional Requirements
Full integration and operability with the conflux portal.
Easy to access API for developer integration.
Support for ERC721(single) and ERC 1155(collection) minting.
Integration with decentralized storage for NFT Storage.
Marketplace functionality to allow buy, sell, resell, transfer, of Nft’s.
Customizable UI for users
Integration with conflux rpc endpoints
Project Timeline: 3 months (12 Weeks)
Phase 1: UI Design and Project architecture (2 Weeks)
Ux Research
Ui- Ux Design
Phase 2: Library Build( 4 weeks)
Create Library boilerplates
Element getting and creating dome instances
Class Hacking and
Elements and Attributes

Phase 3: Integration and Testing(2 weeks)
Run proper test with deployed contracts
Deployment to mainnet

Grant Fund: $15,000 - $20,000
Jeremiah Noah,

Abimbola Adebayo

Owolabi Falilat

Awosika Israel Ayodeji

Pelumi Fatolu

Oke Kehinde


Hi @ebunayo thanks for your application! Please make sure your application follows the TECHNICAL GRANTS APPLICATION TEMPLATE

We also have a NFT Minting Suite Open Technical Grants you can review to get an idea of what the committee is looking for in a successful application of this category. OPEN TECHNICAL GRANTS

@ebunayo Welcome to Conflux Community.

Maneki-Meow here, our project is on Conflux Network as well.
perhaps we can co-listing the NFTs after your project launch.

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