node cp error

trying to deal with cp error:
2022-04-04T17:06:54.159574292-04:00 INFO IO Worker #1 cfxcore::syn - Catch-up mode: false, latest epoch: 40446667 missing_bodies: 0
2022-04-04T17:06:55.058695544-04:00 INFO Background Snapshott cfx_storage: - COW copy failed, check file system support. Command “cp” “-R” “–reflink=always” “./blockchain_data/storage_db/snapshot/sqlite_34dcdff077c79c3022b21d65bbbfc348256cf3174c504060e558b1c460ca2c77” “./blockchain_data/storage_db/snapshot/sqlite_merge_temp_34dcdff077c79c3022b21d65bbbfc348256cf3174c504060e558b1c460ca2c77fb6a8e6a099d67a5d9a615ba562029bdfa7157a5de1bbcd0f28972ea531cb915”
I try with cp -R --reflink=always but not work

This is just a warning, you can safely ignore it. More details here:

i was with ext4 fs. now formatting. do u thing btrfs it will be beta then xfs

In theory, running Conflux on xfs should take less storage, but recently some community member reported performance issues on xfs, we’re looking into it.

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