OpenBySea NFT Marketplace and Wallet plus BSC/ETH bridge to Conflux

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2) Project Overview

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OpenBySea NFT Marketplace and Wallet plus BSC/ETH bridge to Conflux

OpenBiSea NFT marketplace is a smart contract, and iOS, Android and web UI app. It’s a simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy, sell and make auctions (smart contract based) for NFT. The main core smart contracts are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), polygon(exMATIC) and have an Ethereum bridge for NFT assets.

Existing solutions don’t have marketplace opened for any NFT contracts and do not provide transparent auction based on smart contracts.

How will this project be integrated into Conflux?

We will create conflux version of smart contracts and apps, include iOS/Android/Web

Once they are modified and properly tested on the Conflux testnet, an AMM node will be launched on the Conflux mainnet. Post this, a custom bridge contract will be coded for the Conflux chain. Since it is an EVM-compatible chain, we will be able to refactor some of the code from the Ethereum bridge contract. After rigorous testing and audits, we will launch a Router bridge between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Conflux

Why is your team interested in creating this project?

To open new markets for NFT and get new non-crypto users for crypto market.

3) Project Details

White paper:


The Challenges

Complicated process of the access to NFT market for investors, influencers, license companies, brands.
This year a crypto investment to NFT gained a lot of interest for non-IT and non-crypto geeks. In 2021 Bitcoin and other crypto tokens has a new all time high price and people like to invest in space. This is a driver to growth NFT follow them.
Influencers, license companies, brands - all of them like to publish and sell own NFTs.
But most products on the market can’t provide a clear simple user experience. Complicated user flow growth a scary of investors and stop them to invest. Influencers, license companies, brands can’t grow in NFT space now for same reasons.

Absent of profitable, safe and transparent place for second market NFT from any sources.
A top player like OpenSea, NBA Topshot, JuggerWORLD and Treasureland stop creators to list NFT or hide algorithms for auction. And some of them are hiding the fact that your money is still under their control. Any manager, like banks does, can decide to hold your money or list your NFT. It’s not a safe solution for investors and creators.
Most of them allow to set price in BNB/ETH or own tokens only, which is unclear for buyers and sellers.

Ethereum fees and order publication fees are HIGH for both sides
Most NFT markets now launched on Ethereum network, where normal fees are $50. It’s impossible to mass market sales for NFT price $5-$10, where there are huge sales opportunities.

The Solution

OpenBiSea is First easiest place to invest and manage your NFT
Simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy NFT, sell auction-based purchased NFT and receive simple, investor’s friendly reports. You can set price in USD or BNB and we didn’t required to buy OBS token to sell or buy. You can buy with credit card even.

OpenBiSea are opened for everybody to list and start marketing for NFT
Within the OpenBiSea smart contracts and mobile apps, you can simply list your NFT contract and start trade with ZERO FESS. Any interaction with smart contact will go directly, no backend involved. All auctions happen inside smart contracts, where no people are involved.

4) Team

Oleksii Vinogradov
Founder, CEO
Serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience. Founder of CFC, Heartln Inc. President/Owner of IXC Softswitch.

Oksana Tsibka
Operations management, finance, consulting. 20+ years of experience in development and project management, launching startup projects, budgeting, development of financial models, fund rising.
Strong Finance & Operation professional with a Senior Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Business Administration and Management, General from IMI International Management Institute Switzerland.

5) Development Roadmap

  1. smart contracts port - 1 month
  2. deploy testnet - 2 weeks
  3. update iOS/Android/Web apps - 1 month
  4. deploy mainnet - 2 weeks
  5. update release and tests - 1 month

6) Long Term Vision

Target Market Segment and Market Ambitions
According to the NFT Market Report within merely three months, Opensea saw its cumulative sales spike to over $100 million and total $432M. It is our ambitious projection that with a modest 10% market share, OpenBiSea is expected to be able to collect over $40M dollars monthly sales.

7) Other

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White paper

Contact email:

NFT discussion

Trading discussion

I would strongly suggest changing your name*

open bi sea vs opensea…kind of obvious and not in a good way. Be original. A second rate copycat won’t cut it. I would reject this on name alone as it shows zero creativity. Change your brand name. Copycats make the projects that host them look bad

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agreed , just comes off as a scam for many users

Hello everyone! I’m writing you because I found that "OpenBySea NFT Marketplace and Wallet plus BSC/ETH bridge to Conflux"in the forum and got interested and start looking for some information about this project team members. After some research I noticed that their all 3 team members are also a part of project named - CryptoAds Marketplace, which for me looks like a pump and dump scheme, and they are clearly trying to mimic OpenSea and use their name to make some fast cash again.This is not the 1st time the Founder Oleksii Vinogradov using simillar name for his project to some other already very successful one (I will add picture). Just look at those 2 graphs and 0 trading volume for most of the time. If you see their profiles in Facebook you will notice that they are like ghosts with 0 friends, it’s very weird how serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience have betwean 0-2 likes at everything he posts online. Their previous project CryptoAds Marketplace have fake twitter following (picture added), and all I wanna say to @Conflux Team is to be careful about those guys! I see many red flags there.

Thanks for your suggestion. This is simple humor, which is shows main disadvantages of opensea - Ethereum platform focus and no value for artists and buyers.
Like “Be Bi with OpenBiSea”
If u don’t understand it, it not means that is scam or must be replaced.

Answered. It may be scam for you (if u already faced with a lot of scams), but not for all users, especially for non-crypto.

Thanks for your “investigation” - all of those projects mention in my LinkedIn, and team was a same, correct.
But your investigation only from one side - you don’t check, how quickly team create a real products, include smart contracts and apps, partnerships and art drops. You are not check past projects as is and mark it “pump and dump”

CryptoAds was failed and stopped while bcs need more resources. There raised zero money during ICO, bcs we find wrong partners. But anyway it still working product and possibility to grow in future.

For “pump and dump” people collect millions, afterwards sell out tokens to push liquidity to zero and disappear. I know a lot of friends, who lost money follow that. Not a my case.

Projects can be failed, it’s a life. I never hide facts about it. But if “investigation” will focus on negative parts only - it can fail any possible success future business. Be clear with a rest of community and show them a full picture.

You nick is “StayPositive” (btw I’m not hide under nick) - so, stay positive (or maybe change nick to “StayNegative” :slight_smile:

I have issues with the name. Opensea could flag it or sue.
My first thought when I saw the proposal was oh wow Opensea.
Maybe rebrand to a different name

How quickly your team create a real products, smart contracts and apps have nothing in common with with the things I’ve pointed, you can be fast and furious and in the same time take peoples money :slight_smile: . In “pump and dump” people collect as much as there is to collect, there is no rule for the size of the scheme… You describe yourself as “Serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience” and you also wrote “I know a lot of friends, who lost money follow that. Not a my case” I don’t know what you did or did not to protect those friends of yours, but I choose to protect my friends, You can be very smart guy, successful business man, but that doesn’t make you good for our community :)And yes you have 1 successful project in Healthcare, but in Crypto sphere you will meet many people like me, not “Negative” as you said, I describe myself as Protective, when we see red flags, something that can endanger our Blockchain, our People, our Projects, our Investments, our Future, we should point the negatives that we see. Wish you Good luck, stay positive and maybe you’ll prove me wrong one day. :slight_smile:

No, you are wrong. Opensea is a not TM, and even they will register OpenBiSea is a different word. I has conversations with lawyers and even Opensea’s investor - they cant do anything this that.

For sure, you can be “protective”. But in your text you write a wrong, non verified information, which can be a subject to moderation from community:

  1. “This is not the 1st time the Founder Oleksii Vinogradov using simillar name for his project to some other already very successful one (I will add picture).” - CFC Free Phone calls is a my app, I can show a proof. IXC Global is my company, from VoIP business sphere. YouBank is a common name, can be used for different apps.
  2. “If you see their profiles in Facebook you will notice that they are like ghosts with 0 friends, it’s very weird how serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience have betwean 0-2 likes at everything he posts online.” - my FB profile, 0 friends?? - zero posts and zero likes???

Just for community, here is my publications, interviews and speaking sessions list:

Please be clear in you investigation, bcs you never contact me before, never ask me anything, just publish something, which try to push dark on my reputation. In real world (where people brave enough to open real person info) same publication can be a subject of sue and call you to court).

It not looks like you try to protect friends, looks like one-side fake information translated to them.

Hi, an NFT bridge sounds cool and something that might be useful for the Conflux ecosystem as a whole. Could you tell us a bit more about this bridge? What is the principle behind it, and where can we find the code? How does it deal with NFTs that have custom behavior encoded into them? You also mention a “router bridge”, could you elaborate?

Thanks a lot for a good question. Most info you can check here - - just imagine that BSC will replaced to Conflux.

With OpenBiSea bridge, you can convert your Ethereum assets (ERC20, ERC711, ERC1155) to Binance smart chain and get back with 100% proof of value.

On the Ethereum network, you can see a lot of NFT’s and tokens assets, which can be traded only with cheap fees. Let say, that you have NFT or token, which you like to sell for $10 price. Each buyer has to pay $15-$50 commission fees. Auction on smart contracts looks unreasonable - $50 fee for each bid.

“How does it deal with NFTs that have custom behavior encoded into them?” - Generally we supports for regular erc20,erc721,erc1155 - on Conlux side will be a standard contracts. I guess for custom assets we can do a special bridge.

“You also mention a “router bridge”, could you elaborate?” - for bridge we are using two smart contracts, which controls from a router - same as binance bridge and others. This routes is most protected part, have no access outside and protected by couple levels of security walls.

Your project’s name…:mask:

Thanks for your opinion, but I guess not a name describe a project :innocent:

The Global Grants Committee would like to recommend an edit to your grant application. Can we focus the grant just on your NFT bridge, instead of the marketplace?

We are interested in supporting an NFT bridge, but we have voted not to support the grant for the marketplace.