PHX PoS Pool TestNet is online now

The Conflux network is going to upgrade it’s mainnet to v2.0. A PoS system is introduced to improve the network’s finality and against 51% attack.

The PoS system require CFX holder stake their CFX to a PoS node and participate in the PoS process, in return the holder can earn more CFX as a reward.

A CFX holder have two option to participate the PoS, one is run a Conflux Node themself and stake CFX in his node.

The other option is stake their CFX in a PoS pool, in this way there is no server cost, and there is no need to maintain a node.

The PHX PoS Pool is a Dapp that enable CFX holder stake their token in PoS and earn reward without running a node, it features with:

  1. Completely open source
  2. Easy to use
  3. Stable and Safe

Current it is deployed to the Conflux Testnet, anyone can try it here:


Cool, have tried it, it very easy to use :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Note the APY of mainnet will be different with testnet, estimate is 8-12%

Currently maybe a VPN is needed for China user to access the PHX pool.


Conflux hardfork 2.23 上线,估计这个矿池也会同时上线主网

Google Play search confluxdapp app.

PHX Pos Pool is now available on mobile phones .