PoS Pool Verification Rules

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After Conflux Hydra Hardfork and PoS layer was acticated, PoS Pools start to launch.
Based on multiple Conmunity requests, that we get, clear understand that for up trust and increase interest to CFX stake from community side, PoS Pools needs be verified and Verification Process Rules needs to be up and apply to work.
Here is (proposal non profit, funding tier not needs. Only feedbacks and comments for get final variant together) my variant of
“Verification rules for Conflux PoS Pools and PoS nodes operators”.
Mandatory items:

  1. Open source, complete audit of smart contracts;
  2. Transparent information about the owner of the smart contract and the pool node;
  3. The minimal total amount of locked in stake tokens is 100 000 CFX;
  4. Availability of the pool insurance fund address - where a part of the pool owner’s profit goes;
  5. The minimal stackers amount(separate CFX addresses) of is 10;
  6. Clear information about commissions, instructions, terms of use, FAQ page;
    Only after completing all that points, the PoS Pool can be added to the tracking on Conflux resources: 123cfx.com and PoS validators marked Trust / Verified / Approve as convenient.
    Additional conditions that are welcome:
  7. the presence of its own unique marketing program;
  8. user-friendly interface;
  9. the presence of additional DeFi products.
    In addition, as part of the program to stimulate interest in PoS mining on the part of high-quality members of the crypto community, implement the KOL additional bonus program, with an active community from 1k to 100k people who will up their own PoS pools and, accordingly, will provide support of the Conflux Ecosystem and sharing news on their resources (that is, we receive the opportunity to get low-cost marketing support plus high-quality validators).
    Also, we all understand that PoS pools marked as Trusted, that launched and managed via credible Blockchain Services/Companies/Communities good as for CFX market as for Conflux ecosystem at all.
    So I also want to propose the Hydra Hardfork PoS Campaign for CEX exchanges.
    Launch PoS pools on CEX exchanges that support CFX ( CEX that already support Conflux Core is a priority, in the case of Binance and Kucoin at the moment it is only a synthetic pool). Thus, we immediately get the CEX exchange community as potential stakers.
    I note right away that in the case of the CEX Pool, there is a danger of excessive centralization of CFX on one or more exchange nodes.
    But firstly, why did we activate the PoS layer at all, if not for open PoS mining feature for CFX. Secondly, this danger can be easily solved by limiting the max amount of locked in stake CFX on CEX PoS Pools.
    Hope it’s can be understanding correct. My English not perfect.
    So, it’s not a final propose, only a draft for discussion and suggestio.
    Thanks for your time. Will be great to get any feedbacks from you.
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