POS Validator/Pool website issue

New to this site, so I hope I’m posting this in the correct Sub.

I have some CFX staked in the HYDRASF POS pool. Here is where I have a problem, and I’m hoping that it’s just me…

Their website (cfxmint.club/en) is failing to load, with the error,
This site can’t be reached
cfxmint.club unexpectedly closed the connection.

Strangely, the www.conflux-pos-validators.com website shows the site updating regularly, but I just cannot access it to scrape rewards, or to simply admire them!

So, to my questions:

  1. Can somebody other than me please check to confirm that the website is not responding? I have tried on multiple phones and computers, plus on a couple of networks, but it never hurts to have more data.

  2. How can I get in touch with these people to let them know that their site is unresponsive from the outside? They may not be aware, even after 2 weeks.

  3. If all else fails, how do I retrieve my stake? Can it be done through another validator, or through Governance?

Thank you for getting this far down the page!

Please try this one: https://hydrasf.club/

The founder has already informed all users in the Chinese community . As the contract is open source, you can withdraw your assets via the following URL: https://confluxscan.io/address/cfx:acgwp9vmrp7rfd5keg2x69a8y88aw84uc2paasu7cu?tab=contract-viewer.

Remember your assets are safe as always because the contract is from Conflux offical teams.

You can always trust Hydrasf; the founder already said they would migrate the website to Hydrasf.club a few weeks ago. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this forum and we will help you.

Thank you, Frank.

I went to the new site, and everything is running as it should.

I certainly have no problem with the validator. They have been excellent, apart from this small bubble.


hello lovely people!

i have a question regarding the hydra sf pool aswell.

on their site they say that the first 200 pledgors will receive a hydrasf pool nft (which also shares pool fees in combination with hydrasf token holders).
on the website it shows that there are less than 150 stakers.

but the nft’s seems to be minted out already ? (https://confluxscan.io/token/cfx:ace4gu94rd1y94e0ahrnw9b4zmdbycrpxjz3y2nyt9)

can anyone confirm this is the case.

best wishes