RTK Warriors - NFT that Generate Income

Funding Tier:
Tier 1: below 15000 cUSDT

Project Overview:

Title and Description:
RTK Warriors
NFT Collections that automaticaly generate income for its holders and will return its minting cost when burned.

How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
Project smart contract deployed on Conflux Network and connected to 01 Flux Protocol.

Why is your team interested in creating this project?
After we have successfully connect our smart contract to FLUX, a closed source project. We want to build a simple defi dapp using this knowledge.

Projects Detail:


On RTK Warriors:

  • RTK Warriors is ERC721 that can be minted by some amount cUSDT
  • Minting cost accepted by smart contract will be supplied to FLUX to generate interest
  • User can burn RTK Warriors. When this happen, same amount as its minting cost will be withdrawn from FLUX and given to user
  • Interest received by RTK Warriors, will be used to unlock Dragon Token and given to RTK Warrior holder

On Dragon Token:

  • Dragon Token initially locked in smart contract
  • Only RTK Warriors can unlock the token as reward for user
  • RTK Warriors will give its revenue in cUSDT to receive DRG, and later give it to holder
  • cUSDT owned by smart contract will be supplied to FLUX to grow
  • cUSDT owned + interest from FLUX will be used to buy back DRG


conflux-js-sdk, solidity, react native web, conflux portal, nodejs-express server

How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
Currently anyone want to build dapp on top lending platform can not do it. This because FLUX is the only lending platform available and it is closed source!
RTK Warriors source code will be example how to integrate FLUX to other dapp.

Price of projects on conflux, related tightly to CFX performance. If CFX down they down, CFX up they up. We want to change it, and show that a project token price can be separated to its platform price performance. We introduce the mechanism to buyback on increasing price in cUSDT. DRG token will be hedging investments for CFX holders.

We are two anon developers
We have 3 years solidity experience & 5 years fullstack development
Github: https://github.com/rtkwarriors

Total Grants: xx+yy+zz cUSDT

Milestone 1:

  • AMA in conflux channel global: xx CFX (will be used for fee & prize) est 1 times
  • AMA in conflux channel local: yy CFX (will be used for fee & prize) est 2 times
  • Smart contract audit recommended by conflux cost: zz cUSDT (will be used to pay auditor) est 1 month
  • In case critical vulnerability, smart contract will be fixed and redeploy for free est 1 month

Long term vision:
Defi product that can be used by mainstream user powered by CONFLUX technology (sponsored-gas, magic’s login, nft to fiat) & ecosystem (FLUX, Moonswap, etc).

Long term breakdown
RTK Warriors NFT is our pilot project directed to conflux community as users. But on long term, we have vision to build defi product for mainstream users. To accomplish this vision there are some strategy we will test and validate.

  1. Tokenized defi product as nft. Its not easy for mainstream user to understand defi. They need to learn many things/terms: Staking, lending, liquidity mining, apy, supply, burn, etc. We believe by wrapping defi as token (NFT), defi will be easy to be accepted by mainstream user. They just need to buy collectibles, hold, and receive divident. This what we try to validate using RTK Warriors NFT. (We wrap 01 flux protocol as NFT). On the future when there are more defi available in conflux network we will tokenized them.

  2. Gas-less. Mainstream users dont know, they need eth/bnb/matic when running dapp in ethereum/bsc/polygon. Those blockchains dont have solution for this problem. Conflux already has the solution by sponsored smart contract. We will maximized this feature for our vision.

  3. Easy authentication. Mainstream users didnt understand why they need 12 words to be written and keep safely. They dont understand there is no “forget password” link. Wallet authentication is not easy. We believe magic.link already solved this problem, and when they are available in conflux, we will integrate it.

  4. Fiat to NFT. On many country fiat to crypto is prohibited. But for digital product/content (ebook, music, movie) they still ok. In some country, NFT can be categorized into digital product with some requirements (only buy and fixed/stable price). We will integrate payment gateway to the dapp. Our pilot integration will be on south east asia.

By having those 4 points validated and implemented, we will reach our vision to help mainstream users accessed defi easily.

Community Engagement:
Currently our team lack skill on marketing and business development, but we have plan to add team member with this skill later.
Meanwhile we will: post regularly in conflux forum & available for AMA anytime in our telegram group.
We also available for AMA in conflux & flux channel, when approved.

Delivery Requirements:
Source code will be in private github, but can be reviewed by conflux team.
After smart contract audited, DRG holder will vote, using stampers app to open or close the source code to public.


Can we get a proper breakdown of the long-term vision, so far you only said “Defi product”.
i am interested in the nft to fiat mention.

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hello thank you for the response. we have added more details for our long term vision and how we will accomplish it. they will be our plan on the future and may ask conflux team for assistance/guide.

we also need advice about smart contract auditor. does conflux team have recommendation?


The rendering of the amount of DRG owed to the NFT is frankly awesome. Think what that means, the value is visible if listed on a marketplace or even on confluxscan. I haven’t seen any of the other projects do this to the same extent.

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looks better now.

@thegaram can help answer this

Hi RTK Warriors team, thanks for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

I see that this part of your application is incomplete.

We do not officially endorse any specific audit company. But I know that many projects in our ecosystem used CertiK.

Thanks, we will survey some smart contract auditor, include certik. Will ask them for quotation, so we can change xx+yy+zz cUSDT into valid values

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Hi! Welcome to Conflux!

I have several questions here:

RTK Warriors will give its revenue in cUSDT to receive DRG, and later give it to holder

Can you explain in detail how will this happen and how to determine the exchange rate when receiving DRG?

How will the DRG token support price change?

Are users able to swap DRG for CUSDT at any time?

Could you provide more details about the tokenomics of DRG?

RTK Warriors NFT will generate revenue (it is FLUX interest for minting cost) in USDT. This USDT will be used to unlock DRG. To determine amount DRG unlocked, unlock price will be used. Unlock price formula is 1 DRG = (buyback price + delta) USDT

RTK Warriors NFT will swap its revenue in USDT to DRG by price above, for every 15-30 minutes. Then distribute the DRG proportionaly based on every NFT power value. (You may check NFT image, there is power value)

Good question. This is the uniqueness of DRG token. DRG token advantage is to have buyback mechanism on chain or by smart contract. USDT will be locked in smart contract to buyback all DRG circulating supply (total supply - locked in smart contract). This formula will set X DRG = X USDT. But we added 2 modification:

First modification is delta from unlock price formula. Delta ensure amount USDT locked will increase for every unlock event. The formula will set X DRG = (X + Delta) USDT. A simple illustration is like these:

  1. Initially there is 100 USDT locked for 100 DRG in circulating supply. Buyback price is 1 DRG = 1 USDT.
  2. Then RTK Warriors generate new revenue 100 USDT. It will be used to unlock DRG at unlock price 1 DRG = 1.1 USDT (0.1 USDT is delta). So 100 USDT will get 91 DRG.
  3. Now in smart contract there will be 200 USDT to buyback 191 DRG. Automatically buyback price has increase to 1 DRG = 1.04 (200 / 191) USDT

Second modification is integration to FLUX. USDT locked in smart contract not really stay there, but supplied to FLUX to generate interest. This mean buyback price will increase minimal as much as USDT APY in flux platform. The formula will set X DRG = (X + Delta + interest) USDT.

Those 2 modification will ensure DRG have buyback price that increasing forever with very high APY.

Yes, user can lock DRG to receive USDT at buyback price anytime. Guaranteed by smart contract.

But, user can not lock USDT to receive DRG from smart contract. Only RTK Warriors NFT and future dapp that can unlock. We also have no premined, ido, or ico.

This mechanism will create interesting price chart on secondary market (we plan to launch in moonswap, pancakeswap, koichiswap later) We will have price that trade within increasing channel (support & resistance). Very strong support at buyback price, and blurred resistance price when RTK Warriors NFT holder want to sell DRG.

I hope this will answer about DRG tokenomics. Thank you for this great question