RTK Warriors - The First Project Built on Top FLUX

The First English Community Project - RTK Warriors

We are doing team recruitments, check it here:

Mainnet Alpha Launched 25/10/2021
Link: https://rtkwarriors.github.io/

Please understand on RISK
Mainnet Alpha smartcontract still not audited!
May contain bug that can make lose of your investments.
Be careful and minimize your risk by invest or minting 1$ nft only.

Support and feedback, mention @rtkwdev at Telegram Group: https://t.me/rtkwdao

About RTK Warriors
RTK Warriors are NFT Collections that built on top 01 Flux Protocol & Conflux


  • No loss investment. Burn the nft to receive minting investment back 100% (95% if burned before 30 days)
  • Every nft generate income based on its power/rarity. The income is in Dragon Token

About Dragon Token

  • MEME token for fun and get-rich
  • Fair launch: All token initially locked in smart contract and unlocked as reward for RTK Warriors owner
  • No whale: to get cheap price for the token is through owning RTK Warriors only
  • Built on top FLUX: RTK Warriors generate revenue that streamed directly to smartcontract and supplied to FLUX platform to grow.
  • Rising floor price: Smart contract set up revenue + interest to be used to buyback the token (set up rising floor price)

Screenshots (updated 25/10/21) :

Follow these instruction to mint your first warrior:


  1. prepare conflux portal. install from here : https://portal.confluxnetwork.org/
  2. create new wallet or import
  3. select network: Conflux Tethys Network
  4. to use RTK Warriors, you must have cUSDT
  5. but first, add new token (cUSDT) to conflux portal. address: cfx:acf2rcsh8payyxpg6xj7b0ztswwh81ute60tsw35j7
  6. add Dragon Token (DRG) to conflux portal. address: cfx:ach9vx5dvzv7vtdnjvgssjk88m9du9brjawty666b1
  7. buy 1 cUSDT from https://moonswap.fi/exchange/swap

Mint your first Warrior:

  1. go to: https://rtkwarriors.github.io/
  2. click top right connect button
  3. click mint button
  4. select 1 usdt
  5. click approve
  6. click mint
  7. you get your first warrior. check it here: https://confluxscan.io/nft-checker on those web, enter your wallet address

Join our telegram group: https://t.me/rtkwdao


This cool! How to join the dao?

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thank for your kind response. by holding dragon token user already member of dao, and may involve on future important voting. but …to have dragon token at start, you must have rtkwarriors nft. because thats the only way earn dragon token.

… may change about this though. maybe we can pre unlock some amount token to do airdrop to users contribute in testnet, or active cfx/fc members

btw if this happen, you surely will got it for first that response to this thread :laughing:

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2ND :innocent: use cfx to buy your NFT :partying_face:

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Good luck on your project.

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CFX will be priority, because i also CFX holder :laughing: RTK Warriors will be no loss investment for CFX holder. mint your favorite warrior, earn dragon token. And when cfx price go up and you need to take profit. Burn the NFT to reclaim your cfx back


an encouragement from global grant comitee member! we are very honored sir :star_struck:

all. we have create telegram group to initiate our dao. join us here: https://t.me/rtkwdao

Looking forward to seeing your project launch on the mainnet!

It might be obvious but what does “RTK” stand for? Is the DAO governed by smart contracts that you developed, or is it just an “off-chain DAO” for now? Your screenshots seem to be from a phone, is this dapp mobile-first?

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RTK mean Romance of Three Kingdoms :laughing: Though we aren’t chinese but we like china culture like RTK game and novel. So we choose RTK as our nft theme.

About DAO, currently our target is to have the token distributed as wide as possible, as fair as possible. So there are no IDO/ICO, the token can only retrieved by owning the NFT. After the token distributed wide enough, we plan to use existing solution in conflux, stampers app, but maybe we will build our own “off chain” voting app first.

About mobile-first, thats true. We build the frontend using react native web so at the future we can easily porting to mobile using react native


all, rtk warriors dapp is available to test. go to here : https://rtkwarriors.github.io/ follow instruction on first thread. and if you so lucky because you got Cao Ren/power 50/1% chance. PM me!


Worked great!!! Thanks

Where would you like to see errors or issues posted? Are you at that stage?

do you want to report issue or error? you may post it here, or via telegram. you may email us too: [email protected]. we are very happy the community give feedback :star_struck:

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hi all, we have added an “important” info:


support price growth will show how much (in percent) the support price has rise in one year.
the dapp still not one year, so we projected the value. by calculate avg daily price growth, multiply by 365 :innocent:

2000% seems suspicious, but the truth it is not. because in FLUX testnet the APY of usdt is around 800%

This value should be tested in mainnet to reflect the real value. But we can take conclusion that RTK Warriors & Dragon Token will leverage your yield on FLUX

give us your thought on this rising support price ?! :sunglasses:

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Rising support price…BULLISH…love it!!! GO FLUX…

got your email. thanks a lot bro for the feedback

thanks team shuttleflow and @thegaram. the token safely crossed from bsc to conflux

mainnet coming soon…

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five billion

A nice one…

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thats crazy :laughing: you win for 1% chance! . btw do you have join our telegram group? whats your nickname there?