Sacred - DeFi Privacy

Project Title: Sacred (Sacred Finance)

Project Description:
Sacred has developed an interoperable, non-custodial privacy DApp that transfers assets anonymously. By enabling users to send private transactions and breaking the on-chain link between the depositor’s address and the withdrawer’s address, Sacred leverages ZK-SNARK proofs to secure the transaction’s privacy. Lunching on the Conflux Network May 2021.


** High-level Deliverables**:


  1. Private transactions through ZK-SNARK proofs
  2. Low/no gas fees - accessible for small transactions
  3. Trustless
  4. Smart Contracts audited by CertiK


  1. Immutable the trusted set up ceremony will happen for V2
  2. Token Economics mining feature
  3. Decentralized- creating DAO
  4. Integration with Shuttleflow

Grant Funding Tier
Grant Status: approved 50k

Recent Updates:

  • Smart contracts completed and undergoing an audit by CertiK
  • V1 test net to be launched May 17th
  • Accepted to Open DeFis’ Launchpad program

Thank you Sacred Finance for sharing your update with the community.

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We are excited to announce testnet launched and we have started implementing feedback into V1 launching in June!

See app here:

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@Sacred What are the timelines for V1 and V2? Can you please provide a link to your audit report.

Audit by Certik


  • Target: June 11th-13th: V1 Beta will be launching- just implementing some bug fixes from user feedback (which was amazing) from the test network.

  • Target: End of Q3: V2 will include the trusted setup ceremony, incognito mining and the creation of the DAO

Stay tuned and drop us a line if you have any questions on either Twitter or discord.:see_no_evil:

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