ShuttleFlow Announcement Regarding Ethereum Hard Fork Upgrade

In response to the Ethereum Hard Fork upgrade, the new version of ShuttleFlow is expected to upgrade and launch on April 19th, 2021. During the version upgrade, ShuttleFlow will be temporarily shut-down until the version upgrade is completed.

The new version of ShuttleFlow will have the following changes:

  1. When a user performs a “Shuttle-In” operation (such as cross-chaining assets from the Ethereum Network or BSC into Conflux Network ), a Metamask connection to ShuttleFlow is required;
  2. When cross-chaining into Conflux Network via Metamask, users no longer need to pay a service fee to the Token Captain. The only fee required is the gas fee on Ethereum or BSC to initiate the transaction.

After this upgrade is completed, shuttle-in / shuttle-out of tokens must be operated through the ShuttleFlow webpage. If shuttle-in / shuttle-out operation of assets is not performed on the ShuttleFlow webpage, it will cause irretrievable asset loss.