Shuttleflow transaction

Hi I am stuck with a Shuttleflow transaction. I am transferring my CFX from BSC Metamask to Conflux Portal. When i try to claim it, it says i do not have sufficient gas. How can I proceed? I also tried cancelling the metamask transaction but its not working. I have transfer ETH previously using the same method but did not have a gas fee requirement. Please help. I do not want to loose my CFX.

Further update. now i manage to trade some cMoon to CFX from my mobile app, which i could not do on the desktop. Since I have some CFX, i tried continue the claim but it still says fail every time I try. Please help.

I restarted the laptop this morning and relog in all the wallets. the transaction is still there and i managed to complete the transaction this time.

Good to know. So the problem is solved now right?

I am having the same issue with the same two networks

I reject the transaction, expecting the coin to be returned to the wallet of origin:

But when I reject nothing happens and the coin remains on the SmartContract.

Can you assist me with this transaction?

How did you complete the transaction? I am having the same problem with the same type of transfer.