Project Description:

Decentralized finance (DeFi) promises to bring about a paradigm shift in
finance, globally. Despite the recent DeFi boom, participation in this novel
ecosystem remains expensive, complex and risky for the average investor.
We believe that SimpliDefi can drive adoption by making participation in DeFi
an easy, efficient and risk-aware process. In short, SimpliDefi is a cross-platform
robo-advisor app directing idle assets into protocols with diversified pools
of crypto assets. The objective of the pools is to lower or minimize idiosyncratic risk
while giving the investor broad market exposure to the cryptocurrency asset class.

Grant Status:
Approved for USD 15,000

Major Milestones:


  • Auto-rebalancing portfolio with transparent, flexible on-chain rebalancing rules
    that are specified at contract creation and remain fixed. No manager intervention.

V1 (end of Q3 2021)

  • Suite of portfolios with different risk tolerance profiles.
  • Construction based on modern portfolio theory.
  • Advanced rebalancing rules.

V2 (end of Q4 2021)

  • DAO governance.
  • Streaming fee distribution mechanism to incentivize participation.

Current Phase

  • Contracts (Tokensets extension + custom rebalancing contracts) deployed
    on Conflux testnet (testing ongoing).
  • UI/UX undergoing major revamp.
  • Code complete status for MVP estimated for mid Q3 2021.
  • Github repo will become public with MVP.