Solution to Pending Transactions in Fluent Wallet


Transaction remains unexecuted for a long time while the transaction status in Fluent Wallet is displayed as “Pending”.


Click the arrow on the right side of the address in Fluent Wallet to enter ConfluxScan, where you can see the Nonce.

Attention: Please check if there are multiple “Pending” transactions. If there are, subsequent transactions may be executed automatically after the first Pending transaction is completed. If you don’t want to execute multiple transactions automatically, please reinstall your Fluent Wallet. Cancellation of transactions will be supported in future versions.

Then, resend a transaction to your own address. Make these changes while signing:

Click the “Edit” button of “Gas fee”.

Adjust Gas fee to 10G Drip (1G = 10^9), adjust Custom Nonce to the number you saw on ConfluxScan, then click “save” and send the transaction.

If there are multiple Pending transactions that aren’t automatically executed, please repeat the operation above and set Nonce +1 each time.

its not working


still not working man
its mantion Confirm on BSC Mainnet.
do i need to add 100 cfx to pay gas fee ?