Our company AML Crypto deeply investigate each incident. Detailing of our projects is at a high level. To achieve these parameters, we present the markup of the addresses of all projects included in the ecosystem of a particular blockchain. Also, we provide data for markup from open sources.
We are developing a solution that is a tool for analyzing transactions and addresses of various blockchains. Our solution, the Graph of connections, allows you to investigate incidents with cryptocurrencies, as well as identify stable patterns of user behavior and receive Risk-Score via API.

Our team helps solve problems related to the theft of crypto assets. At the moment, we have helped a large number of users in the investigation of crypto incidents.

Our solution will help the network to provide users with security when conducting cryptocurrency transactions. You will also receive an image component as a company that fights against intruders.

We are a team of 40 people, including AML specialists, front-end developers, back-end developers, analysts, DoVOPs, OSINT specialists, data scientists, compliance officers.

We are looking forward to:

  • Allocation of a grant to adapt the product to the blockchain;
  • Media coverage of the stages of connecting such and such a blockchain.

By media coverage, we mean: AMA sessions, announcements in blockchain community groups).

Our solution will be implemented within 4 months. Our Road Map at the stage of connecting our solution to the blockchain will be implemented by the following Milestones:

  1. Setup node and start indexing
  2. ETL - Index Validators, Account, Value Flow, Smart Contracts, etc.
  3. API, Graph visualization
  4. Manual/ semi-auto/ auto address markup
  5. Risk Score Adoption
  • Milestone 1 → 25 Days (15k)
  • Milestone 2→ 20 Days (25k)
  • Milestone 3→ 20 Days (15k)
  • Milestone 4→ 30 Days (15k)
  • Milestone 5→ 20 Days (15k)

Our project will help make WEB3 more secure. We assign a Risk Score to each address based on the available data, thereby preventing possible losses of users’ crypto assets in advance. Also, we provide support to users who have already lost cryptocurrency.

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Hi @AML_Crypto thanks for your application, I’m interested in learning more!

Please be sure to submit a fully completed application to be considered for a technical grant.

The Technical grant application template can be found here: TECHNICAL GRANTS APPLICATION TEMPLATE