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Name of your project - BasWar

Are you an incorporated startup? - Yes, HongKong Ltd

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Combrink - Co-founder - Singapore

Bio -
Combrink started his gaming career as an indie game producer and published his game at With his passion for strategy gaming and the Web3 concept, he joined BasWar.

Charles - Chief Designer - HongKong

Charles started his talents in CG, which led him to work on the graphic design project for Marvel as well as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series. He previously led the concept design for Boom Beach.

Allen - Gaming Director- Hongkong

Allen has more than 10 years of experience. He worked as the main program director of Clash of Clans in Supercell several years ago. Besides that, he has also participated in many blockchain projects.


Grant Tier: Tier 2
Grant Size: $15K
Justification: 1) Establish the first major game on Conflux; 2) Fill in the status quo of what the Conflux game ecosystem does have; 3) Bring a truly phenomenal dapp to Conflux


Overview: Baswar is a Web3-based real-time strategy game that incorporates artificial intelligence technology in order to provide a realistic and brutal war experience. The game uses formation warfare gameplay where players need to strategize according to the battlefield conditions. Soldiers in the game possess fear, emotions and autonomous consciousness, and weather, terrain and other influencing factors are added to allow players to experience a more realistic battlefield environment. Unlike those flashy yet hollow games, BasWar applies AI to provide a truly authentic gaming experience. Players can employ innovative tactics like the Trojan Horse, surpassing traditional game mechanics and representing a significant innovation.

User Base:

  1. Strategy Game Fans: BasWar, as a strategy-based real-time strategy game, will appeal to players who like to think, plan and be challenged. These players may enjoy researching different tactics and strategies and enjoy the process of developing and executing strategies in the game.
  2. Real-time strategy gamers: For players who enjoy real-time strategy games, BasWar provides a dynamic and tense battlefield environment where they can engage in fierce battles with other players and experience realistic war scenarios.
  3. Game community and forum users: BasWar’s player base may also include users who actively participate in the game’s community and forums, where they connect with other players by communicating and sharing their experiences and opinions, as well as making suggestions for the development and improvement of the game.
  4. Traditional gamers: Despite its Web3 technology and innovative game mechanics, BasWar is likely to still appeal to traditional gamers, especially those who enjoy strategy games and are willing to try new game experiences.

User Growth:

  1. Market positioning and target user groups: The BasWar team may conduct market research to determine the target user group for the game and develop a market positioning strategy accordingly. They may target players who enjoy strategy games, real-time strategy games, and Web3 technology to ensure that the target audience is precisely reached!
  2. Multi-Channel Promotion: BasWar may be promoted through a variety of channels, including social media ads, online ads, co-op promotions, and participation in game shows. Through advertising and promotional activities on different platforms, more players will be attracted to pay attention to and download the game.
  3. Content Marketing: BasWar may publish content such as game screenshots, videos, and descriptions of game features to capture the attention of players and showcase the features and fun of the game. They may work with game content creators to produce relevant content and distribute it on social media and gaming platforms.
  4. Community Building And Interaction: The BasWar team may actively build the game community and interact with players. They may establish official accounts on social media and regularly post game updates and interactive events to communicate and interact with players and enhance user stickiness and loyalty.
  5. Word-of-Mouth and Referrals: BasWar may cause player satisfaction and word-of-mouth to spread by providing a quality gaming experience and service. Satisfied players may recommend the game to their friends and social circles, leading to more user growth.

Value Proposition -

  1. Realistic And Cruel War Experience: BasWar may provide players with realistic and cruel war experience, through artificial intelligence technology and complex game mechanics, immersing players in real battlefield environments and feeling the tension and intensity of war.
  2. Strategic Gameplay Experience: BasWar may emphasise strategic gameplay, where players are required to formulate strategies and tactics based on battlefield conditions, and to deploy and command armies in order to win the war. This strategic gameplay experience may appeal to players who enjoy thinking, planning, and challenges.
  3. Innovative Game Mechanisms: BasWar may differentiate the game by introducing innovative game mechanisms and special gameplay features to attract more players’ attention and participation. For example, the introduction of elements such as soldiers possessing emotions and autonomous consciousness, influencing factors such as weather and terrain, and innovative tactics such as the Trojan Horse to make the game experience richer and more realistic.

Go-to-market -

  1. Pre-Release Campaigns: Before the official release of the game, the BasWar team may conduct pre-release campaigns to attract players’ attention by releasing game trailers, open beta tests, and so on. This can help build anticipation and interest in the game, laying the foundation for attracting more players when it is officially released.
  2. Co-promotion and marketing: The BasWar team may partner with gaming platforms, media, social media influencers, etc. for promotional and marketing activities. This may include promotions on gaming platforms, collaborating with reputable gaming media for coverage, collaborating with influencers for live streams or reviews, etc.
  3. Game Show and Event Participation: The BasWar team may participate in game shows, events, tournaments, etc. to showcase the game and meet players face-to-face. This can help increase the visibility and recognition of the game and attract more players to try the game.
  4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing and User Feedback: The BasWar team may value user word-of-mouth marketing to earn positive reviews and recommendations from players by providing a quality gaming experience and service. They may actively collect user feedback, continuously improve the game and respond to players’ needs, and build a good user relationship.

Competitive Landscap:

Traditional Games Market: BasWar may also be subject to competition from the traditional games market, which includes a variety of genres such as FPS games, RPGs, and MOBA games. These games may have their own strengths and features that attract the attention of some strategy gamers.

Other Web3 Games: As a Web3-based game, BasWar may face competition from other Web3 games that may use similar technology and economic models that appeal to a player base interested in blockchain technology. Competitors may include well-known Web3 games such as Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties.

Unity Game Engine; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology; Multiplayer Online Technolog; Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technology; Cloud Computing Technology


BasWar’s ability to offer unique and innovative gameplay, a commitment to quality gaming experiences, community building and interaction, multi-channel marketing and promotional campaigns, continuous updates and development

Stage of the project:
Idea, Planning and preparatory phase

Economic Benefit:

This grant will help offset some of the development costs to build, and integrate, our game with the Conflux ecosystem. The funds will also be used for some of BasWar’s marketing activities in preparation for its subsequent release at Conflux.


Grant Plan:

  1. Conducted market research and identified target user groups and competitive advantages
  2. Formulate detailed project planning and development roadmap, including product development plan, marketing strategy, team formation and fund raising
  3. Begin development of an MVP version of BasWar


Milestone 1 - Develop basic game functionality, including user registration, login, basic game interface, etc - $5,000 (by September 2024)
Milestone 2 - Perform basic testing and feedback collection to optimise and improve the MVP version - $10,000 (by December 2024)


We have an extensive expansion plan in the gaming market, including areas such as streaming, gambling, sports and entertainment. We will cultivate our gaming user base, connect the different gaming domains, bridge the gap between web2 and web3 gaming on Conflux, and scale rapidly.