Technical Grant Application – Caalio – TIER 1

This grant proposal outlines our visionary project, Caalio, which seeks to revolutionize the online gambling experience by integrating cutting-edge technology, tokenized investment, and an unparalleled level of transparency. Our primary goals are to create a great deposit system and to introduce the Conflux Network CaalToken, enhancing the player experience and reshaping the landscape of virtual games.

Caalio is dedicated to redefining online gambling through innovation, trust, and player engagement. Our focus on developing a seamless deposit system and introducing the Conflux Network CaalToken aims to provide players with a unique and rewarding experience. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aspire to create a platform that offers transparency, fairness, and a sense of ownership to players.

The proposed project’s benefits include:

  • Introduction of a user-friendly deposit system
  • Integration of Conflux Network CaalToken for enhanced engagement
  • Increased transparency and trust for players
  • Development of a thriving and engaged player community

Our project encompasses the development and integration of a seamless deposit system and the implementation of the Conflux Network CaalToken. These initiatives will empower players with convenient deposit options and provide them with the opportunity to become co-owners of the project, aligning their interests with the platform’s success.

Our primary objective is to create a deposit system that offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience for players, enabling them to effortlessly fund their accounts. Additionally, we aim to introduce the Conflux Network CaalToken, allowing players to stake tokens and participate in the project’s revenue sharing program. This dual approach will enhance player engagement, foster a sense of community, and contribute to the growth of the Conflux ecosystem.

Grant funding will support the technical development and integration of the deposit system, as well as the implementation of the Conflux Network CaalToken. These enhancements will provide players with a seamless and rewarding experience, attracting a broader audience to the Conflux ecosystem and contributing to the overall growth of the platform.

Successful Criteria for our project include the successful implementation and positive reception of the deposit system, widespread adoption of the Conflux Network CaalToken, measurable growth in user engagement and community participation, and enhanced brand visibility within the Conflux ecosystem.

Technical Solution:

  • Develop a user-friendly deposit system that supports various payment methods, ensuring a seamless funding process for players.
  • Integrate the Conflux Network CaalToken into the platform, allowing players to stake tokens and participate in revenue sharing.
  • Enhance the user interface to accommodate the new deposit system and showcase the benefits of the Conflux Network CaalToken.
  • Implement robust security measures to safeguard player funds and data throughout the deposit process.

CaalToken: Conflux Network CaalToken
Conflux: Conflux Network Espace

Caalio represents a new era in online gambling, where technology, transparency, and player empowerment converge. By introducing a user-friendly deposit system and integrating the Conflux Network CaalToken, we aim to reshape the online gaming experience and create a platform that stands as a testament to innovation and trust.

Here is the GitBook with a lightpaper:

Mathias Pellegrin
Roles and responsibilities: Project Owner/Lead Developer

With a wealth of experience as the founder of BitBrand, a successful marketing and technology company, I bring a deep understanding of marketing strategy development and execution. Additionally, I possess fundamental skills in development and took the initiative to start building the website myself in ReactJS with multiple libraries and NodeJS for the server-side.

Discord: cletuss_

Gary Martin
Roles and responsibilities: Project Manager/BD

Innovative and motivated Social Media Manager with vast experience creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands. Bringing forth experience developing and managing trend-aware social media accounts on various platforms, resulting in an active community of followers. Adept in building engaging campaigns for users that result in higher visitor trafHc patterns and greater success.


Caalio GithHub repo:

Funding Tier: Tier 1

Budget Breakdown:
Deposit System Development and Integration
Conflux Network CaalToken Implementation

The deposit system of Caalio requires enhancements to provide players with a seamless and user-friendly experience. The functionality and improvements of the deposit system are as follows:

Customer problems/issues:
Complex deposit process: The current system may be confusing and time-consuming for players, leading to frustration and abandonment.
Limited payment options: Players may be restricted in their choice of payment methods, deterring potential users from funding their accounts.

Processes problems/issues:
Limited scalability: The current system may face challenges in accommodating a growing user base and expanding functionalities.

Overview: The proposed deposit system enhancement aims to address the current limitations and issues by developing a user-friendly and efficient deposit process. The key focus areas of the technical proposal include simplifying the deposit process, expanding payment options, enhancing the user interface, and implementing robust security measures.

Functional requirements (“shall lists”):

  • The deposit system shall provide a streamlined and intuitive process for players to fund their accounts using various payment methods.
  • The deposit system shall support a wide range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other digital payment methods.
  • The deposit system shall seamlessly integrate with the Caalio user interface, guiding players through the deposit process and showcasing the benefits of the Conflux Network CaalToken.
  • The deposit system shall implement advanced security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect player funds and data.

Nonfunctional requirements:

  • Usability: The deposit system should offer a user-friendly and intuitive experience, minimizing the time and effort required for players to complete the deposit process.

  • Security: The deposit system should prioritize the security and confidentiality of player information and transactions, preventing unauthorized access and fraud.

  • Performance: The deposit system should be capable of handling a high volume of concurrent transactions without compromising speed or responsiveness.

  • Supportability: The deposit system should be designed for easy maintenance, updates, and future enhancements, ensuring long-term sustainability.

  • Implementation: The proposed deposit system enhancement will be implemented using modern web development technologies, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

Interface: The user interface will undergo significant improvements to guide players through the deposit process and showcase the benefits of the Conflux Network CaalToken. Clear instructions, visual cues, and informative elements will enhance the overall user experience. We would also like to add more games to the platform, like new slots.

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