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CFXScriptions are a new way of generating and distributing digital artifacts on Conflux, utilizing transaction calldata as their medium. cfxscriptions-protocol designed to enable information sharing and computational tasks on the Conflux Network, but at significantly reduced expenses. This cost efficiency in CFXScriptions is realized by circumventing the storage and execution processes of smart contracts. Instead, it processes state by applying fixed protocol rules to Conflux’s basic calldata.

We built cfxscriptions because we were influenced by Bitcoin inscriptions and ethereum inscriptions, and seeing the call from the founders of conflux, who said the community could do this, to build a system of inscriptions on Conflux chain, we did it in order to make the conflux ecosystem better, so we did.

CFXScriptions consists of several main parts, the protocol, the indexer, the front-end inscription browser, the transfer tool, the inscription tool (both image and text), the trading marketplace. We developed these features successfully and used them as infrastructure for Conflux.

Musketeer: Frontend Dev, 5 years of frontend development experience, no twitter, GitHub:
JackLee: Backend Dev, 7 years of full-stack development experience, X: None, github: None
0xFa: Designer&Product Manager, no twitter, no github


Grant Tier: 2
Grant Size: $15k
Justification: The funds will be used for developement according the milestones.

Milestone 1
Budget Allocation: $7,000
Product Launch (2023 December - 2024 Junary) :
Build Inscription-indexer, official website, inscription browser, CRC20-inscription inscription tool, Inscription transfer system

Milestone 2
Budget Allocation: $6,000
Product Iteration (2024 January - February ) :
Inscription NFT support, development documentation, NFT inscription tool, CRC20-Inscription marketplace

Milestone 3
Budget Allocation: $5,000
Product Iteration (2024 March):
Launch NFT Inscription Collections & Launch NFT Inscriptions NFT Market, Support for NFT inscription transfer.


Before cfxscriptions, conflux ecology are no inscription protocol and inscription indexer, users can only manually send transactions to the chain by writing their own code and bring calldata in the transaction, but unfortunately, before that, there is no indexer that can process and utilize these calldata data.

The launch of cfxscriptions solves these problems well, by developing a specialized protocol, as long as the calldata data that meets the protocol will be indexed by the cfxscriptions indexer.

We have also developed a series of inscription tools that allow non-technical users to easily use our tools to inscribe text or NFTs and send transactions to the blockchain. Furthermore, we have written interfaces to present indexed data to the front-end browser, and we have developed an inscription marketplace to enhance the liquidity of these assets.



  1. cfxscriptions Inscription Inscription Tool - Supports text and image form inscriptions
  2. cfxscriptions indexer that processes each transaction and indexes each inscription that matches the cfxscriptions agreement
  3. cfxscriptions viewer, including account view, inscription information view, holder view, transfer history view
  4. cfxscriptions transfer function, supports crc20 protocol inscription transfers
  5. cfxscriptions trading marketplace, supports CRC20 inscription trading and NFT inscription trading

Create an CFXScriptions in 60 Seconds

  1. has an easy creation tool, but if you want to go step-by-step:
  2. Convert an image (max size: ~90KB) to a Base 64-encoded data URI (data:image/png;base64,…) using a service like The CFXScriptions protocol supports all data URIs but images work best.
    Convert the data URI to hex using an online tool like hexhero.
  3. Send a 0 cfx transaction to the person you want to own the CFXScripiton with the hex data from (2) in the “Hex data” field
  4. After a few moments it should appear on this site, provided someone hasn’t already inscribed the same data.

How to Transfer CFXScriptions

  1. Find the id of the CFXScriptions you want to transfer. An CFXScription’s id is the transaction hash of the transaction that created the CFXScription. It looks like this: 0xcdb372580242c1c1bbcd2914ddbdb609b33d2e2e163c6595e164cb4dc6665153. You can get this from ConfluxScan or from this site.
  2. Send a 0 CFX transaction to the new proposed owner, including the CFXScription ID in the “Hex data” field.
  3. After a few moments the CFXScription’s owner should update on this site, provided you were the owner of the CFXScription when you sent the transfer transaction. Unauthorized transfers are ignored.

How to Track CFXScriptions

You can use! However if you don’t want to rely on me you can track things yourself as all the necessary data is publicly available and uncensorable.

You will need an indexer, and soon the indexer that powers this website will be open sourced. In the meantime it’s possible to build your own indexer that follows the rules of the protocol.

Indexing Mechanics

CFXScriptions protocol state is determined by indexing all Conflux transactions in order , starting with transactions in the CFXScriptions “genesis block” and proceeding from there sequentially in order of block number and transaction index within the block. Currently only indexes transactions on Conflux eSpace, CoreSpace will be supported later. The genesis block are 85598310.

The CFXScriptions protocol only considers successful transaction. If a transaction has status == 0 it must be ignored.

Creating CFXScriptions

1.From an EOA
Any successful Conflux transaction whose input data (when interpreted as UTF-8, see algorithm below for doing this) is a valid data URI (see spec below) and who has a “to” (i.e., is not a contract creation) creates an CFXScription.

The transaction hash of the transaction in which an cfxscription was created is that cription’s id. The recipient of the creation transaction is the CFXScription’s initial owner. The sender of the creation transaction is the CFXScription’s creator.

2.From a Smart Contract
Contracts must have the same powers as EOAs. When a contract emits this event in or after block 18130000, the protocol should register a valid cfxscription creation attempt with:

event cfxscriptions_protocol_CreateScription(
    address indexed initialOwner,
    string contentURI

1.contentURI interpreted as the cfxscription’s utf-8 encoded dataURI.
2.initialOwner as the created cfxscription’s initial owner.
3.The emitting contract as the creator.

Functionally speaking, this event is the equivalent of an EOA hex-encoding contentURI and putting it in the calldata of an Conflux transaction from itself to initialOwner.

As with EOA-initiated cfxscription creations, Smart Contract CFXScription creations are only valid if contentURI is a syntactically valid dataURI.
Example contentURI format: data:,1234.

Note: it is utf-8 encoded, not hex-encoded. Note also this specific example is a duplicate and would not result in an cfxscription creation.

Because each Conflux transaction may have only one corresponding cfxscription. If multiple aspects of a transaction constitute valid cfxscription creations, calldata will be prioritized over events, and events with lower log indices will be prioritized over those with higher indices.

3.Transferring CFXScriptions
The protocol defines for each cfxscription a list of valid cfxscription transfers. This list is ordered first by block number, then transaction index, then log index (in the case the transfer was triggered by an event).

The “from” in the first valid transfer is the cfxscription’s creator and the “to” in the final transfer is the cfxscriptions current owner.

An cfxscription’s “previous owner” is the address that is in the “from” of the most recent valid transfer.

A valid cfxscription transfer must have an “enforced previous owner.” In the case one exists, the enforced previous owner must equal the “from” of the previous valid transfer. And Its “from” must equal the “to” of the previous valid transfer.

see more on CFXScription-Docs:



Login Page

Indexed out cfxscriptions:

cfxscriptions detail:

indexed out crc20-inscriptions:

CRC20-inscriptions detail - Including Hoders Table

CRC20-inscriptions detail - Including Transactions Table

Balance Checker

Inscribe CFXScriptions Tool for text data

Inscribe CFXScriptions Tool for image

Inscribe CFXScriptions Tool for CRC20 Tokens

CFXScriptions Market for CRC20

CFXScriptions Market for NFT - Coming Soon

CFXScriptions Collections - Coming Soon



1.Benefit to Conflux Ecosystem:

CFXScriptions, after successful development, will be the first inscription platform on the conflux chain and the first inscription protocol, which fills the gap of the Conflux ecosystem in the inscription piece, and it will also serve as the infrastructure of conflux, after which more developers can develop new applications on the conflux chain based on the infrastructure of cfxscriptions.

2.Economic Benefit:

Firstly, cfxscriptions will launch an inscription token protocol called CRC-20 protocol, which can directly deploy crc-20 tokens in the form of inscriptions through certain rules, and the cost of deployment is lower, and the cost of obtaining such tokens is also lower.

Secondly, cfxscriptions protocol supports writing image data to calldata in transactions, which solves the NFT image storage problem to a certain extent, and from now on issuing NFTs can be done without deploying smart contracts, which makes the threshold of issuing NFT assets lower, which will promote more people, especially out-of-circle users, to be able to learn about NFTs through cfxscritpions conflux and learn about crypto assets.

Lastly, cfxscriptions’ trading marketplace supports CFX as a trading intermediary, and all assets traded on top of cfxscriptions are settled in CFX, which greatly facilitates cfx’s token functionality. Also inscribing inscriptions and NFTs consume a certain amount of CFX, which brings new functionality to cfx. Then again, our in-app wallet supports multiple wallets linking cfxscriptions, which will make it easier to attract users from other ecosystems such as ETH/BNB and other such chains to Conflux.


Phrase 1 (2023 December - 2024 Junary)
Budget Allocation: $7,000
Product Launch: Complete the development of Inscription indexer, official website, inscription browser, CRC20-inscription inscription tool, inscription transfer system

Frontend Dev: 30u/h * 4h * 24 = 2880 u
Backend Dev: 30u/h * 4h * 24 = 2880 u
Product Designer:30u/h * 4h * 8 = 960 u
other thing like server service: 280u
total cost: 2880 + 2880 + 960 + 280 = 7000 u

Phrase 2 (2024 January - February )
Budget Allocation: $6,000
Inscription NFT support, development documentation complete, NFT inscription tool complete, CRC20-Inscription marketplace complete
Frontend Dev:30u/h * 4h * 24 = 2880u
Backend Dev:30u/h * 4h * 24 = 2880u
product designer: 24u/h * 4h * 3 = 288u
total cost: 2880 + 2880 + 288 = 6048 u

Phrase 3 (2024 March)
Budget Allocation: $2,000
Launch NFT Inscription Collections & Launch NFT Inscriptions NFT Market、Support for NFT inscription transfers
Frontend Dev:30u/h * 4 * 8 = 960
Backend Dev:30u/h * 4 * 8 = 960
Product Promotion like Twitter Certification = 80u
total cost: 960 + 960 + 80 = 2000 u


Nice Project! It fills the gap of Conflux inscriptions ecology


look great!

Hope to launch the inscriptions NFT trading market soon

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Conflux needs more projects like this, and the committee should provide some incentive

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fully support this project and eager to see it make conflux better! :boom::unicorn::rocket: