Open Grant:

MeGaDev is an IT company with a strong focus on Blockchain and Web3 technical production. We run multiple internal projects in the form of startups as well as supporting our partners by outsourcing cooperation model.

Conflux mobile wallet is a native mobile wallet (for iOS and Android) that will allow users operating basic blockchain wallet functions using a mobile device. The application will be working exclusively with Conflux network. Main functionality corresponds to the requirements provided by the open grant description.


  • Create a new wallet or recover from seed phrase.
  • Send and receive CFX and CRC-20 tokens.
  • Compatibility with both Core Space and eSpace.

In the long-term perspective, there are multiple ideas for upgrades, such as:

  • On-ramp and off-ramp bridge feature for exchange between fiat and crypto
  • DEX, Crypto trading functionality
  • Implementation of additional demanded cryptocurrencies
  • Textual comments to transactions
  • Encrypted chats between users
  • Files attachments and more.

*The following versions’ scope and features of the application are to be additionally confirmed with the foundation and won’t be included in the first functional version of the application.

The project doesn’t have any related public online resources, as it is going to be a part of Conflux technical infrastructure.


Lead Blockchain Engineer MeGaDev.pdf
Senior iOS Developer MeGaDev.pdf
Senior Android Developer MeGaDev.pdf
UI/UX Designer.pdf
QA Engineer MeGaDev.pdf
Lead DevOps Engineer MeGaDev.pdf


Total Budget - 45000USD
Funding - Tier 3


The project creates value for existing and new users of Conflux Network by releasing an opportunity to operate basic blockchain functionality using our native mobile application with simple, user-friendly UI and efficient technical processes.
There is no stakeholder’s participation planned or required at the current stage.
Regarding competitors - there is a variety of mobile blockchain wallets available on the market, advantages of which we will implement in our exclusive mobile application for Conflux Network.
The project’s core technology is Swift. It allows flexible full stack development of mobile applications, working with iOS as well as Android platform.
The project is aimed to be distributed and used within the existing Conflux Network community, which grows constantly.
The project is at the early discovery stage.


As mentioned above, the project is aimed to be used by the Conflux Network users. Following this, we’re expecting the application to be constantly promoted for the existing community via social network public resources. The growth of the use cases around the existing community as well as the Conflux community growth in general may be boosted by building the following versions of the application based on the long-term perspective ideas, mentioned in the Application Introduction section. As mentioned above, this is to be considered as a separate project per each following version of the application.


STAGE 1 - Discovery phase - 0,25 months
Detailed project specifications description, Conflux Network documentation detailed overview, UI/UX prototype development, architecture development.

Team: iOS Developer; Android Developer; Lead Blockchain Developer; UI/UX Designer.

STAGE 2 - Development phase - 2 months
Fullstack development of the mobile application according to the specifications, mentioned in the Application Introduction section

Team: iOS Developer; Android Developer; Lead Blockchain Developer.

STAGE 3 - QA & Deployment phase - 0.75 month
Detailed testing, bug fixing, project deployment, submitting the application for the upload to AppStore and Google Play.

iOS Developer; Android Developer; Lead Blockchain Developer; QA; DevOps

*Application confirmation by AppStore & Google Play may take upto 1 month after the finalization of the Stage 3.


Hello @Vadym.Bestaiev thanks for applying for this grant. I have a couple of questions:

  • Will the app include a web browser to interact with web3 DApps in both Core and eSpace?
  • What maintenance and operational activities should be considered after the application is running?
  • Is your team also going to support the app and keep it updated in the long term?


Hello @Nico

Thank you for considering our application and asking the questions. Please see the answers below.

  • Yes, the browser solution for both Core and eSpace will be integrated into the wallet. This feature is a part of the current scope.
  • It depends on a variety of factors. First of all, both Android and iOS platforms are constantly updated (especially iOS). Each new update usually requires a certain technical upgrade work to be done on the app, in order to keep it up to date and to avoid new bugs, crashes and security issues.
    Also, it works the same way with Conflux network updates - we will have to make sure that all future updates will be considered and the application will be updated according to each one, when needed.

At the same time there is a variety of great user-friendly features that can be added to the future versions of the app. Some of these features were mentioned above, for example:
On-ramp and off-ramp bridge for the in-app exchange between fiat and crypto;
Implementation of additional cryptocurrencies demanded by Conflux network users;
DEX, Crypto trading functionality implementation;
Textual comments feature for in-app transactions.

These and other useful features can surely be added to the Conflux Mobile Wallet in the future.
It could make sense to plan and arrange a periodic maintanance works (for example once a month or once a quarter). For each planned maintanance we’d scope out the required works and approve it.

  • Yes, our team will be supporting the app further. As mentioned in the previous answer, it could be any simple platform-related or blockchain protocol-related app updating, while it also could be some additional complicated features implementation. Depending on the each future scope, the following maintanance may require additional funding of technical work.

Hope that helps. If there is any more information I could provide you with - please let me know.

Thanks again.

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Welcome, only one question.

How to protect the user’s private key and mnemonic, is there a plan to build up a multi-sig feature in your wallet?