Technical Grant Application – Crypto Vegas – TIER 1

This grant proposal is for the expansion, enhancement, and incorporation and use of CFX into the Crypto Vegas gaming platform on Espace.
The purpose of Crypto Vegas is to provide a fun, trustworthy, and exciting environment for users to engage in blockchain gaming, ensuring fun, profits, and minimum loss for the player. We aim to bring the fun back into gambling and gaming. This will add entertainment purposes to Conflux Network.

The proposed project will offer a number of benefits, including:

Easy to use, UI.
Multiple games to choose from
Ability to Swap and Deposit
Contribution to the growth of the Conflux ecosystem
Development of new games (Ongoing)

Our gaming platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, enabling users to buy, sell and swap currency and gaming tokens securely. With an emphasis on gamer and user experience, we offer an easy-to-use interface, gaming, and integrated swapping system.
We seek grant funding to improve multiple aspects, including more game development, Conflux integration, marketplace, and shop.

We aim to ensure the continuous maintenance, game creation, upgrades, and stability of the gaming platform. Grant funding will allow us to allocate resources for regular maintenance, security updates, and gaming enhancements to adapt to the evolving industry. This will guarantee a fun and seamless user experience and provide utility for Conflux.

Grant funding will support the development and integration of interactive gaming experiences within the platform, allowing users to engage in Casino-related activities and earn rewards. This will not only enhance user engagement but also attract a broader audience to the Conflux ecosystem.

Successful Criteria for our project include demonstrated improvements in the platform’s functionality, successful integration and positive reception of the Casino gaming feature, measurable growth in user adoption, and enhanced brand visibility and community growth.

Technical Solution:
Enhance the wallet software, multi-sig wallet management, and other tools that enable seamless user interaction with the Conflux network. This will improve the overall user experience and increase the security of transactions within the marketplace.
Develop bridges that facilitate interoperability between Conflux and other blockchain networks, enabling seamless token transfers and expanding the reach of our platform to a wider audience.
Develop additional features and functionalities within our Casino that specifically cater to the growing demand for games. This includes enhancing the existing platform, exploring alternate gaming integration possibilities, and expanding Casino offerings.

Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

CFX: Conflux Network
Conflux: Conflux Network Espace

Conflux Network Documentation
The Conflux Espace Casino is a secure platform for individuals to exchange tokens within the Conflux ecosystem. The platform currently offers basic functionalities for buying, selling, and trading in game tokens. However, there are several areas where improvements can be made to enhance the user experience, expand the Casino’s reach, and foster innovation within the ecosystem

Mathias Pellegrin
Roles and responsibilities: Project Owner/Lead Developer

The owner of Crypto Vegas, a revolutionary P2E casino platform that seamlessly blends advanced technology with captivating gameplay. With a wealth of experience as the founder of BitBrand, a successful marketing and technology company, I bring a deep understanding of marketing strategy development and execution. Additionally, I possess fundamental skills in development and took the initiative to start building the website myself in ReactJS with multiple libraries and NodeJS for the server-side, resulting in a functional beta version now available for exploration.

Discord: CLETUSS_#0001

Gary Martin
Roles and responsibilities: Project Manager/BD

Innovative and motivated Social Media Manager with vast experience creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands. Bringing forth experience developing and managing trend-aware social media accounts on various platforms, resulting in an active community of followers. Adept in building engaging campaigns for users that result in higher visitor trafHc patterns and greater success.


Crypto Vegas GithHub repo:

Funding Tier: Tier 2

Budget Breakdown:
Game Development and Integration
Conflux Network Integration
Marketplace and Shop Enhancements
Maintenance and Security Updates
Additional Features and Functionalities


The current system of Crypto Vegas has some limitations and issues that need to be addressed. The functionality and problems of the current system are as follows:

Customer problems/issues:
Limited game options: The current system offers a limited number of games, resulting in reduced engagement and variety for users.
Lack of Conflux integration: The current system does not have seamless integration with Conflux Network, limiting the utility and accessibility of Conflux-based features.
Inefficient swapping and deposit process: There is no system currently.

Application problems/issues:
Outdated user interface: The current system’s user interface is outdated and may not provide a visually appealing or intuitive experience for users.
Security vulnerabilities: The current system may have security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to ensure the safety of user funds and data.
Processes problems/issues:
Limited scalability: The current system may face challenges in accommodating a growing user base and expanding functionalities.
Lack of regular updates and maintenance: The current system may lack regular updates and maintenance, leading to potential stability and performance issues.


Overview: The proposed system aims to address the current limitations and issues by enhancing the functionality, user experience, and integration capabilities of the Crypto Vegas gaming platform. The key focus areas of the technical proposal are game development and integration, Conflux Network integration, marketplace, and shop enhancements, maintenance and security updates, and additional features and functionalities.
Functional requirements (“shall lists”):
The system shall offer a diverse range of games to provide users with a wide selection and engaging experiences.
The system shall seamlessly integrate with Conflux Network, allowing users to access Conflux-based features and utilities.
The system shall provide a user-friendly interface for efficient swapping and depositing of currencies and tokens.
The system shall regularly update and maintain the platform to ensure stability, security, and optimal performance.
Nonfunctional requirements: Usability: The system should have an intuitive and visually appealing user interface to enhance the overall user experience. Reliability: The system should be reliable, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent availability. Performance: The system should be capable of handling a large number of concurrent users and delivering responsive performance. Supportability: The system should be designed for easy maintenance, updates, and future enhancements.
Implementation: The proposed system will be implemented using modern web development technologies, such as ReactJS for the front end and NodeJS for the server side. It will leverage Conflux Network’s APIs and SDKs for seamless integration.
Interface: The user interface will be designed to provide an intuitive and engaging experience for users. It will feature easy navigation, clear instructions, and visually appealing elements.
Packaging: The system will be packaged as a web application, accessible through standard web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.
Legal / Licensing: The proposed system will comply with all relevant legal requirements and obtain necessary licenses to operate in accordance with applicable regulations.

User Registration: A new user registers an account on the platform, providing necessary details and completing the verification process or just connecting with the wallet. Using Mysql databases.
Game Selection: A user explores the available games, selects one, and proceeds to play with the chosen game’s rules and mechanics.
Swapping and Depositing: A user seamlessly swaps and deposits currencies and tokens through a user-friendly interface.
Conflux Integration: A user accesses Conflux-based features within the platform, such as staking or participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.
Use case model / Features model / User Histories Model:
User Registration
Game Selection
Swapping and Depositing
Conflux Integration
Analysis object model: The object model will define the various entities and relationships within the system, such as users, games, transactions, and Conflux-related functionalities.
Dynamic model: The dynamic model will illustrate the sequence of actions and interactions between users and the system, capturing the flow of activities and processes.
user interface, navigational paths, and screen mock-ups: Mock-ups and visual representations of the provided to showcase the proposed user interface, navigational paths, and screen designs to offer a glimpse of the user experience.

Milestone 1: Game Development and Integration
Specification: Development of new games and seamless integration into the platform
Milestone Duration: 1 month

Milestone 2: Conflux Network Integration
Specification: Integration of Conflux Network features, such as staking and DeFi functionalities
Milestone Duration: 1 month

Milestone 3: Marketplace and Shop Enhancements
Specification: Improvements to the marketplace and shop functionalities, including user-friendly swapping and depositing mechanisms
Milestone Duration: 1 month

Milestone 4: Maintenance and Security Updates
Specification: Regular updates, maintenance, and security enhancements to ensure platform stability
Milestone duration: Ongoing (6 months)

Milestone 5: Additional Features and Functionalities
Specification: Development of additional features and functionalities based on user feedback and market demand
Milestone duration: / (8 Months)

To ensure the proposed project’s long-term success and sustainability, the following maintenance considerations and plans are outlined:
Regular updates and bug fixes: The development team will conduct regular updates and bug fixes to address any issues and improve the platform’s functionality.
Security audits: Periodic security audits will be performed to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities. Security patches and updates will be promptly implemented to protect user funds and data.
Community feedback and support: A strong community engagement strategy will be implemented to gather user feedback and address their concerns promptly. Community support channels, such as forums and social media, will be established.
Documentation and knowledge base: A comprehensive documentation and knowledge base will be created to assist users in navigating the platform, resolving common issues, and understanding the features and functionalities.
Ongoing development and enhancements: The project will continue to evolve based on user feedback, market trends, and emerging technologies. New features and functionalities will be developed to keep the platform competitive and engaging.
By implementing these maintenance considerations, the proposed project aims to provide a sustainable and continuously improving gaming platform for users.

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Thanks for your application @Crypto_Diamond! Just some questions:

  1. Is there a link to the game we can try out?
  2. Any UI mockups for the improvements?
  3. Will Crypto Vegas deploy on Conflux eSpace?
  4. Any data on your current traction/ user base?
  5. Will this be a Conflux native game? or do you plan to deploy it on other Chains as well?
  6. Has Mathias launched any other games in the past?
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Yes, you can try out the first free version of the Crypto Vegas gaming platform at However, please note that the games may still need improvements, and there might be some bugs that need to be fixed.

Any UI mockups for the improvements?
There are mockups for the proposed improvements, but they are not publicly available. These mockups are likely being used internally to plan and design the user interface enhancements for the platform. But the current platform is a good idea of ​​the theme and design it will have in the future.

Will Crypto Vegas deploy on Conflux eSpace?
Yes, the intention is to deploy Crypto Vegas on Conflux eSpace and make use of the Conflux blockchain, this is also where we want to create the NFT’s of the platform. However, it’s also planned to enable users to make deposits from any blockchain.

Any data on your current traction/ user base?
During the beta phase, when the current platform was launched, there were about 20 people playing and chatting daily. However, the hype subsided in recent months due to the lack of development. Currently, there are approximately 500 members on the Crypto Vegas Discord community.

Will this be a Conflux native game? or do you plan to deploy it on other Chains as well?
The platform will support gameplay on any blockchain, allowing users to make deposits from various chains. However, there may be specific games that are only available to play with the CFX coin. The ultimate goal is to make the game available on multiple blockchains in the future.

Has Mathias launched any other games in the past?
Mathias Pellegrin, the Project Owner/Lead Developer of Crypto Vegas, has not launched any other games in the past. However, the current games available on the platform have been created by him.
Crypto Vegas

Has Crypto Vegas licensed any of the IP for the games on the site? (Mario, Space Invaders, Tetris, Pacman)

No, we have not licensed any of the IP for the games on the site (Mario, Space Invaders, Tetris, Pacman). However, we plan to consider obtaining the necessary licenses in the future to ensure compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws.

Thanks for your grant application @Crypto_Diamond . After review the Grants Committee has decided not to proceed any further with your application.