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Name: DAOsign, LLC
Incorporated: Yes

DAOsign: Workflow Orchestration platform built on decentralized Smart Signature protocol

DAOsign is a decentralized and customizable platform where collaboration, authorization, and workflow management are facilitated through cryptographic proofs stored on a blockchain.
Smart Signature is at the core of DAOsign and is based on 3 key proofs: proof-of-identify, proof-of-authority, and proof-of-agreement. Utilizing these proofs, DAOsign provides a platform to design and configure complex workflows that combine smart-contract-based automation with authorized approvals.

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DAOsign consists of two components: Smart Signature and Workflow Orchestration.

DAOsign Smart signature includes:

  • Agreement (Verifiable, Cryptographic Proof-of-Agreement for Public or Private Agreements, Workstreams and Smart Contracts)
  • Signer (Publicly verifiable, Signer Identity Verification)
  • Authority (Verifiable Proof-of-Authority based on Non-transferable, revocable Signer Authority NFT)

DAOsign Workflow Orchestration


Eugene Fine (CEO & Founder) - Over 20 years of building, scaling, and managing technology organizations. Recent experience includes a CTO role at Explorer Surgical Corp., which was recently acquired by GHX, and VP of Engineering at GHX. Eugene is a founder at, a Blockchain/WEB3 development studio.
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Ramil Amerzyanov (CTO) - 15+ years building complex technical architecture and software solutions., focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 7 years. Recent projects include the Fractional CTO role at Landslide Network and CTO role at
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Mikhail Kondratenko (Technical Lead) - 5+ years developing Blockchain/WEB3 software solutions.

Oleksandra Burmenska (Head of Partnerships) - Over 10 years of experience in Business Development and Management roles in Technology organizations, focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 5 years. Recent projects include contributions to NEAR, Axelar, GnosisSafe, and Avalanche ecosystems.
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Grant Tier: 3
Grant Size: $25 000
Justification: We have analyzed how many developers we need to fulfill this grant, how long it will take and how many resources. The grant amount is negotiable… We are always happy to discuss the amount on a call, and are quite flexible in this.


Problem: Outdated Electronic Signatures Technologies
Traditional electronic signatures lack security and transparency, susceptible to compromise and forgery, with no unified system for robust verification.
Solution: DAOsign Smart Signature
DAOsign introduces cryptographic, decentralized signature standard, a technologically advanced alternative to traditional e-signatures, leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain. This technology aims to establish a global standard for secure and verifiable digital signatures, ensuring integrity across borders, legal jurisdictions, and administrative systems.

Problem: High Cost and Absence of WEB3 Workflow Management
Many businesses and DAOs face the challenge of high costs associated with workflow orchestration and automation. Additionally, there is a notable absence of a universal WEB3 platform for efficient and cost-effective workflow management tailored for the decentralized landscape

Solution: DAOsign Workflow Orchestration Platform
DAOsign introduces configurable workflows, that merge legal contracts with automation and controls tailored to organization policies, facilitated by DAOsign Smart Signature.

Currently, DAOsign is on the Testnet: DAOsign already allows users to store their proofs on the IPFS. Apart from that we have available blockchains for proof storing such as Ethereum, Sui and Polkadot.



DAOsign Use cases:

  • Single Document Signing
  • Commodities Trading
  • Staking Operations and Assets Management
  • Grant Programs Management
  • Human Authorship Verification
  • DAO Treasury Management
  • Bounty Programs Management


DAOsign will significantly benefit the Conflux ecosystem by offering a crucial infrastructure component for the Conflux Ecosystem. As a platform for secure cryptographic signatures and document workflows, DAOsign will enhance the security and reliability of Conflux-based applications, making them more attractive to developers and users. Apart from that, we would be happy to implement other DAOsign use cases that could potentially enhance the Conflux Ecosystem, such as use case for Grants Management or Staking. We didn’t find any similar project in the Conflux Ecosystem.


Milestone 1 - Conflux Testnet Version - Q2 2024 - $15 000
The ability to store proofs on the Conflux Testnet blockchain and verify them there.

The functionality includes:
“Create an agreement” implementation;
Assigning signers and observers

Implementation of Proof-of-Authority
Implementation of Proof-of-Signature
Implementation of Proof-of-Agreement.

Milestone 2 - Mainnet version - Q2-Q3 2024 - $10 000

Launching blockchain-stored and verified proofs version of DAOsign.

Production support
System resiliency

NFT-based Signer Authority Verification System
Publicly verifiable, flexible Signer Identity Verification System


We will prioritize ongoing technical support, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure the platform remains robust and up-to-date with the evolving needs of users and the blockchain ecosystem. This includes regular audits, bug fixes, and compatibility updates with the Conflux network and any relevant standards or protocols.