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Thanks for your application @Digemart ! Great to see a Bootcamp project continue to grow and submit a grant application! :slight_smile:

To help us evaluate your proposal please be sure to fill out the Technical Grants Application template completely. We recently updated it and there is a new application template. You can see it here TECHNICAL GRANTS APPLICATION TEMPLATE

Please make sure to update your application with all required sections filled out.

In the meantime I have some initial questions:

  • In your title you state Tier 2, but you are actually asking for a Tier 3 grant. Can you clarify your development roadmap and funding and deliverables per milestone?
  • Has your team launched any Web2 or Web3 apps in the past? Which ones?
  • Does a merchant pay shipping costs with crypto? How does Digemart help merchants solve issues with fulfillment?
  • Can you provide more details on the admin dashboard and merchant modules? Any UX mockups you can share?
  • What stage is the project in? Are you generating any revenue?
  • Regarding your go-to-market - how do you plan to get merchants and users to register?
  • What is your current traction? How many merchants do you have signed up? Users? Any on-chain transactions?
  • Why did you decide to build on Conflux?
  • Are you planning on launching Digemart on other chains?

Regarding the changes on the template, gladly Noted, will effect the changes accordingly.
Firstly Thank you for your questions, i will respond accordingly.

Regarding the Budget, That Should be a mistake will be corrected accordingly.
Yes i will update the roadmap, fundings and deliverables per milestones, i just saw the latest updates on the application form, so i will follow that format and make the neccessary changes.

Yes we have built several web2, web3 apps for clients, worked with other teams independently, we built this NFT collection for a client, here is their twitter handle; Though building our own personal project is new and we have been building non-stop since we started last year. Hopeful by December we do launch our platform.

All payments and transactions on the platform will be done with crypto.
Digemart does this by virtue of transparency of the blockchain, managing the inventory, order processing, and shipping will be handle by the smartcontract. In a situation were an order is cancelled, delivered, rejected or disputed, there is a system that we handle this.

Yes i will add this accordingly in the update i will make on the application submission.
The merchant section is were merchants will be uploading/deleting/updating their products, here merchants can keep track of their stores and products and how it is performing, also here merchants can initiate withdrawals as there is a way we intend to handle payments on the platform to avoid scams/cheating the system and to also enable trust from both the users and merchants. The admin dashboard is somewhat similar to the merchant dashboard but with some admin rights to help with disputes and managing, refunds and payments.

We are still building, a user can signup, add products to carts and checkout their payments, merchants can create stores, upload products and manage uploaded products. We are not generating any revenue yet, that is why are seeking for the grant to enable us completely finish up the product as well as take care of some of the budgets and launch.

We already have a community that we will onboard unto the platform once done, and also we have some merchants ready to partner with us and also some on standby to signup and sale their products on the platform.

We have close to 50 merchants signup and on standby pending when we are done building, we have a community we do be onboarding unto the platform once we ready for launch. we are currently on testnet, we have not yet launched on mainnet.

We choosed to launch on conflux being firstly were the vision started at a bootcamp that was hosted by conflux, and also transactions fees on conflux are the cheapest. We intend to also use the opportunity to create more awareness on the conflux network in Africa through partnerships and collaborations.

Yes we do decide on this much much later, maybe when we see the need to onboard users from other networks. We are mainly interested in Conflux chain as well as seeking collaborations and partnerships with conflux to bring this to reality.

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To keep information away from public.

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hello @Geoff i have published some updates following the standards as you instructed.

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Thanks for your grant application @Digemart. After review the Grants Committee has decided not to proceed any further with your application.