I have read and understand the Conflux Grants Ecosystem Overview, and determined that my proposal is best for the Technical Grants stream (YES).

I understand that the Conflux Technical Grants are subject to a No Sale Rule, and I have read the terms of this rule (YES).

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Conflux Foundation to receive this grant (YES).

I understand that I will be required to follow public grant reporting requirements (YES).

Startup name: dropspace
Incorporated: Yes
Business name: The DeFi Network LLC

dropspace is a cutting-edge NFT minting platform designed to simplify the NFT creation process for artists, creators, brands and enthusiasts. It offers an intuitive interface for minting NFTs, adding metadata, and integrating NFT sales into websites with an easily embeddable widget.

Along with this comes our rarity platform which ranks the rarity of NFTs across collections.




React.js & Tailwind CSS
Web3.js, Alchemy API, OpenSea API, IPFS related libraries, GraphQL JS library, etc


Frontend API: PHP Slim Framework & Nest.js API App
Backend Process: Nest.js Standalone App
Database: MariaDB

Sure, there are launchpads but there are a number of downsides:

→ The tech is clunky
→ You don’t own the smart contract
→ You’re forced to launch on their platform
→ You need to give up a percentage of your sale
→ It’s a super rudimentary solution that is not a replacement for hiring a dev - it’s only good for minting one-off NFTs and not doing a blind mint like all popular collections

(I’m sure there are more we’re missing)

Dropspace is a free solution for creating digital collectibles of all types.

Imagine it not like a launchpad but like a Stripe tool for easy NFT minting. You embed the widget on your website and voila, you sell your NFT.

We’ve launched a number of projects including Jarritos (a big soda brand in the US and Mexico) and Women and Weapons which was endorsed and minted on our platform by Gary Vaynerchuk (he even tweeted about it).

We’ve seen a range of applications including brand communities, pfp projects, ebooks, memberships, ecommerce items and now we want to expand that even more.

In total we’ve done more than $10,000,000 USD in sales via our platform, so there’s proof that it works. We want to bring everything to Conflux!

Here’s what we think you’ll love:

→ It has no cost to creators
→ It allows you to do a delayed reveal (just like Bored Ape Yacht Club and all the hottest projects)
→ You own the smart contract
→ You can control all aspects through a panel on the back end (withdrawal, sale start/stop, details, etc)
→ It’s super easy to deploy
→ There’s a widget you can easily embed on any website and essentially white label the mint
→ The tech works seamlessly
→ It’s already proven

The best way to understand how it works is to see it in action. Here’s a quick video that walks through the process:


We’re all part of a team called The DeFi Network! We’ve been BUIDLing in the space together since 2021.

Blake Miner
Director of Operations
10+ years of growth and entrepreneurial experience
Worked with startups in the web3 space since 2017 on the marketing and operations side

Mihir Wadekar
Co-Founder and Developer
Master’s in Computer Science (Blockchain) from University of California

Chaitenya Gupta
Co-Founder and Developer
Master’s Computer Science in Blockchain from University of California

Liki Crus
Head of Development
More than 15 years of experience in development

In brief, we’re a highly diverse and capable team with innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on creating an excellent user experience on the front end and back end.

We will be solely dedicated to this project during the active grant period and it will get our full attention!


Grant Tier: Tier 3
Grant Size: 25,000 USD equivalent

All grant funds go to paying our developers. We have 3 full-time employees and the founders don’t take any salary or payment whatsoever. Building out this solution has cost well over $100,000 in development costs, and this funding will allow us to come to Conflux.


If funded, dropspace aims to enhance the Conflux by expanding its NFT ecosystem. We strive to provide a user-friendly platform that leverages Conflux’s efficiency and low transaction costs for minting and trading NFTs.

dropspace offers a unique solution by focusing on simplicity and user experience. While standard launchpads may require technical expertise, dropspace targets users of all backgrounds, empowering them to participate in the NFT revolution seamlessly.

We aim to onboard thousands of new users to the ecosystem and increase demand for the native currency in the process.


Current Status: dropspace is fully functional on Ethereum

Note: These milestones are not all or nothing. We consider several of them optional and only are proposing them if the community feels they are a benefit to the ecosystem. If all that is desired is the tool, then let’s chat about that.

Milestone 1: on Conflux (complete no-code solution)

Benefits: With dropspace, users can easily create and launch ERC-721 collections, making it easy for creators to monetize their work as NFTs. This will not only increase the number of NFT creators on Conflux, but also allow them to create unique loyalty programs and DAOs for their fans.

The NFTs can be used to represent membership in a community or DAO, giving users access to exclusive content, features, and voting rights. By providing this added functionality, Conflux will become a more attractive platform for creators and users alike, which will help to grow the Conflux ecosystem.

Milestone 2: on Conflux

The ability to see rarity of NFTs on rarityspace (our rarity platform) will also provide users with valuable information about the rarity of their NFTs. This is a key piece of infrastructure in any thriving NFT ecosystem and will make Conflux more attractive for creators.

Milestone 3: Development of Mint Widget on Conflux with dropspace

Benefits: The introduction of the Mint Widget will allow users and creators to mint NFTs directly from their own websites, increasing accessibility and offering a seamless minting experience.

This can lead to a significant increase in user acquisition and engagement.


We request 25,000 USD in total, distributed across milestones as follows:

Milestone 1: on Conflux (complete no-code solution): 12,000 USD
Milestone 2: on Conflux - 7,000 USD
Milestone 3: Development of Mint Widget on Conflux with dropspace - 6,000 USD


Business model:

dropspace plans to become self-sufficient by implementing a simple payment model. A small fee along with each NFT sale will be collected as a platform fee. This fee will ensure ongoing development, maintenance, and support. As user numbers grow, this revenue will sustain the platform. We have also considered additional operating costs, such as server maintenance and customer support, which can be covered by platform fees and, if needed, supplemented by future revenue streams.


dropspace is a registered entity in California, and we will specify the recipient of funds if our proposal is accepted.

We are a completely bootstrapped company and application.

We have a dedicated team with extensive experience in blockchain development and NFTs. Our project aligns with the vision of enhancing the Conflux’s NFT ecosystem by making NFT minting accessible to all. We are committed to ensuring dropspace becomes a valuable addition to the community.

If there are any inquiries or clarifications needed regarding our proposal, please feel free to reach out. We are excited about the potential collaboration and the positive impact it can bring to the ecosystem.