Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • POAP – Proof of Attendance Protocol
  • NFT - Non Fungible Token

About Event Drop

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Event Drop allows event creators to create unique experiences for their attendees. Attendees will be able to remember and prove their participation in amazing events.

Fill people with magical moments, moments that they can remember, share and cherish over time.

Event Drop is at each online and in-person event allowing its attendees to live unique experiences.

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance) is a protocol that has become very popular in recent years, allowing event attendees to have an NFT as a symbol of participation, referring to badges or participation certificates.

Conflux has recently grown a lot due to news such as the integration with Little Red Book (China’s Instagram), Telecom China, the native integration of the $CFX token on Binance, and others that are sure to come!

It is normal that many projects will soon be built and launched within the Conflux ecosystem and that participation will be required both in-person and online events. That’s why it’s time for a platform to allow the creation and distribution of POAP natively on Conflux, that’s why Event Drop is here.

Event Drop harnesses the potential of Conflux Network eSpace, to allow event organizers to award POAPs as a symbol of participation to their attendees, thus improving their experience and providing an incentive to participate.

Event Drop consists of three sections (explained below):

  • Minting & Organizer Viewer page
  • Claim page
  • NFT Viewer page

The intention of this grant is to ask for support in order to build the entire Event Drop portal from scratch in its first version.


Luis Antonio Cruz (Tony for Conflux community :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) - Full Stack Developer

Twitter | GitHub

Tony is a Software Engineer with extensive experience in the blockchain sector, having worked on projects such as Conflux Network, Algorand, CUDOS and Decred. And more recently he had extensive experience developing NFT Marketplaces from his ideation with the aim of having collections for soccer teams in Mexico. [see]

Skills: Solidity, Hardhat, NodeJS , TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Rust, AWS, IPFS


[email protected]


I’m requesting a total of 1.750,00 USD in $CFX for designing, developing and launch to market the Drop Event POAP Portal on Conflux eSpace.


As mentioned above, the intention of this grant is to obtain sufficient funds to create the platform FROM SCRATCH up to the first version of the portal exclusively in the Conflux Network ecosystem.

Figma Current Design (WIP)


The Event Drop portal has 3 main modules at this stage:


This module will be responsible for managing the assets of the drop collections, event information, and the review process for each drop.

  • Create drop
  • View drops created by the account and manage them

Backend: NodeJS Typescript (AWS lambda)

Frontend: React / NextJS Typescript

Smart Contracts: ERC721 (CRC721)

Database: IPFS Service as Pinata + AWS DynamoDB + AWS S3


This module is responsible for managing, processing, and assigning the claims of the POAPs, depending on the distribution method. In the first version of the portal, there will be two distribution methods: by URL and secret code.

Backend: NodeJS Typescript (AWS Lambda)

Frontend: React / NextJS Typescript

Database: DynamoDB

Conflux Node: Unifra

POAP Viewer

This module is responsible for listing and displaying the different public collections, and it is useful for users to see their own POAPs and those of the community. In addition, users can easily share them on social networks such as Twitter.

Backend: NodeJS Typescript (AWS Lambda)

Frontend: React / NextJS Typescript

Database: AWS DynamoDB


  • The smart contracts and frontend will be 100% open source, licensed under MIT.
  • The backend will remain private for security reasons, but a high-level architecture will be released to the public.
  • The level of reliability and performance will be high, as many of the solutions used are built on horizontally scalable systems, which means that the system can be adjusted for greater or lesser capacity as required.

:credit_card: Once a system for monetizing the portal is implemented and payments are accepted via credit card and/or other cryptocurrencies, the company will need to register with the help of Stripe Atlas [to be considered] in order to process payments. However, this is planned for a later stage of the project.



  • Creation of a drop
    • Verification process
  • Claiming a POAP
  • Viewing a POAP in the explorer
  • Viewing different public drop collections


  • One payment upon completion of all milestones of $1750 USD in CFX or USDT.


Total Requested: $500 USD

Total Duration: ≈2 weeks

Deliverable Duration
Research 1 week
UI/UX Users Flow + design on Figma 1 week


Total Requested: $1250 USD

Total Duration: ≈3 weeks

Deliverable Duration
Smart contracts 3 days
Backend 1 week
Frontend 1 week
Deployment on Testnet of the full operation POAP Portal 4 days

Total Duration: ≈ 6-8 weeks

Although the Tier 1 grant is intended for projects that take up to 4 weeks to build, this project is intended to cover up to the testnet stage, where the additional 2 to 4 weeks required for mainnet will be covered by the project’s own resources.

Business Model

Commissions for creating POAPs for commercial use will still not be taken into account for the first 3-6 months. The intention here is that Conflux Network and community projects have the opportunity to use the service offered by Event Drop without complications. This stage will also serve to obtain the greatest possible feedback.

After 6 months, a method of obtaining income will begin to be evaluated.

Some options are:

  • Payment by POAPS for commercial use
    • Payment for each X amount of POAPs for commercial use
    • Monthly subscription with a limit of minted POAPs for commercial use
    • Packages for the creation of POAPs design + commercial use
  • Promotion of events on the page and/or social networks of Event Drop.
  • Subscription to Premium properties in the creation of drops

These methods of earning income need to be further evaluated, and in due course it will be decided based on extensive research and iteration processes, the best methods and how to arrive at the best possible program for the users (event creators).

Below are some questions. I will write here all the questions in the comment section. Please feel free to ask or add your suggestion in the comments. :green_heart:


Do you plan to integrate into other blockchains?
No, Event Drop is intended to be built exclusively on the Conflux Network blockchain.

Conflux Network offers very efficient transaction processing and lower gas fees than other L2 blockchains, which is why it makes it the perfect option for this type of application.

Do you have any mainnet launch strategy?

That’s how it is. The best solution will be to start using the platform at Conflux Network, Swappi, Nucleon and Goledo events. So that the community begins to get to know the portal, share it on social networks and see their reaction on social networks.

For this, a strong collaboration between the Conflux team, ambassadors and project leaders will be required. Which on behalf of Event Drop, we would love this collaboration.


Hello @tonyycc, Thanks for applying to this grant!
Just a couple of questions:

  1. Are you planning to re-use any of the code from POAP itself? Or will you be building everything from scratch?
  2. Regarding the NFT smart contract, will it be a standard ERC721, or do you plan to customize it?
  3. To recieve the POAP from your app, will the user need to have a wallet? Or will the user be able to get the POAP using an email address too?

Hey @0xn1c0! Thanks for asking.

  1. I will build based on the UI/UX structure of (with sightly differences) to save time for the first version, although the site will be iterating until we make our design and components based on the user needs and event drop brand. Yeah, I will be building the POAP portal from scratch.

  2. Event Drop will integrate a custom ERC-721 to have custom properties and features as if the assets are transferable or not…

  3. The user only needs to navigate to the mint URL or put the secret code and put in an address to make the claim process straightforward. User doesn’t need to authenticate with MetaMask/Fluent, but if they are, the address connected will be set as the default address to receive the POAP (changing the recipient address is allowed).


Update since last call with the grant committee:

  • I’ll use as much as possible from the code base for this first version and will be gradually updated as custom software.

  • Event Drop will as base contracts the thirdweb ERC721 contracts in order to use smart contracts audited and with an easy API to interact with them.

  • The branding will be in charge of a third party, who will work as a freelancer once the proposal is accepted.

Waiting for the voting results.

TOTAL Requested amount: $3.5K


Hello @tonyycc, thanks for the last updates. I approve this grant proposal.


Hey @tonyycc,

Thanks for your application. I had one question, will any individual or ecosystem project be able to create one of these Event Drops? If so, is any “POAP” created approved automatically or does it go through an approval process by your team? Is there a standard for “POAP” quality?

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I approve this grant.

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Thank you!

All projects (user accounts) for the first time will need to go through the validation process to ensure that the POAP quality is filled. But once the project is well known, eg Conflux Network, Swappi, Nucleon, Goledo… these accounts do not need to wait for approval for each drop.

And yes, we will have quality standards that will be shared before the launch stage.

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