Fluxaura - Conflux NFT Marketplace

Funding Tier

Funding Tier: Tier 2
Total Grant Amount Requested: $15,000

Project Overview

a) Project Title: Fluxaura - Conflux NFT Marketplace

b) Description: Fluxaura is a project aimed at developing the First NFT Marketplace on Conflux. Making trading and launching NFT project easily on Conflux

c) Team Interest: Blockdudes is interested in creating this project to address the current lack of a NFT Exchange on the Conflux network. By building a NFT exchange on Conflux, the project aims to unlock the full potential of NFTs

Project Description:

The Core Problem: An NFT Void in the Conflux Ecosystem

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have evolved from a niche concept to a cornerstone of the blockchain world.

They serve as a digital canvas for artists, a collector’s paradise, and even a revolutionary means of asset ownership.

While most blockchain ecosystems are buzzing with NFT activities, the Conflux network has yet to fully harness this exploding trend.

Currently, Conflux is lacking a unified marketplace where artists, collectors, and traders can seamlessly interact. This isn’t just a gap; it’s an opportunity waiting to be seized.

The Solution: Introducing Fluxaura

To fill this void, we are developing Fluxaura, envisioned to be the go-to NFT marketplace on the Conflux network. But Fluxaura is not just another marketplace; it’s an ecosystem designed from the ground up to revolutionize how we interact with NFTs.

The Technology: Seaport Protocol

Fluxaura will be built on the robust foundations of the Seaport protocol, an innovative solution brought into the spotlight by OpenSea. This is no ordinary protocol; Seaport is a decentralized Web 3.0 framework that promises a range of benefits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of the biggest gripes with existing marketplaces is the exorbitant gas fees. Seaport slashes these by approximately 35%, making transactions cheaper and more appealing to the average user.

  • Trading Flexibility: Say goodbye to rigid trading options. Seaport brings in features like bartering and bundling, so you can swap multiple NFTs in a single go or even trade them for other asset types. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for NFT trading.

  • Asset Versatility: Whether you’re dealing with ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721, or ERC-1155 assets, Seaport has got you covered. This is particularly important for attracting a wide range of users and asset classes to Fluxaura.

Functionality Overview

For Artists:

  • Effortless Minting: No more confusing workflows. Artists can directly mint their creative pieces via Fluxaura with a few clicks.

  • Revenue Streams: Artists can set up various monetization models, like auctions, fixed prices, or even revenue-sharing models for collaborative works.

For Collectors:

  • Verified Artists: To ensure quality, we’ll have verified badges for established artists. This allows collectors to invest in art pieces with confidence.

  • Portfolio Management: Collectors can manage their NFT holdings, showcase them, or even put them up as collateral for decentralized loans via Fluxaura.

For Traders:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Fluxaura will offer analytics and trend predictions, giving traders the knowledge they need to make savvy trading decisions.

And many more!

Technical Architecture

Smart Contract Architecture

Backend Architecture

Smart Contracts - Solidity
Frontend - Nextjs
Backend - Python (Django)

Value for the Conflux Ecosystem:

Ecosystem Growth

Fluxaura is designed to be a magnet for artists, collectors, and traders. By offering a dedicated NFT marketplace, we’ll be filling a significant gap in the Conflux ecosystem. Imagine the influx of users who would otherwise go to another network for their NFT needs.

User Retention

User retention is not just a buzzword; it’s crucial for long-term growth. By offering a versatile NFT platform, we’re essentially giving Conflux users fewer reasons to leave. This is about building a home, not just a marketplace.

Network Utility

This platform will be powered by the Conflux token, thereby driving demand and potentially increasing its value. It’s a win-win: users get a fantastic platform and the network gets more utility and engagement.

Cost & Milestones:

Funding Requirement: $15,000

This funding is designated for the end-to-end development of a specialized NFT marketplace tailored for the Conflux network.

Our focus will be on creating a robust frontend and backend infrastructure that leverages Conflux’s unique capabilities.


Complete NFT Marketplace - Fluxaura

The end product will be a fully functional NFT marketplace on the Conflux network, designed to offer a seamless experience for artists, traders, and collectors. The marketplace, named Fluxaura, will leverage the strengths of Conflux’s fast and low-cost transactions.

Frontend Deliverables:

  • User Dashboard: Customizable profile pages for users to manage their collections, listings, and transactions.

  • Marketplace UI: A clean, intuitive interface for exploring, buying, and selling NFTs, with features like sorting, filtering, and quick search.

  • NFT Minting Portal: A user-friendly interface allowing artists and creators to mint NFTs directly on the platform.

  • Real-time Data Feeds: Live updates for price changes, new listings, and other marketplace activities.

Backend Deliverables:

  • Transaction Management: Robust backend logic for handling complex transactions like bids, auctions, and direct sales, all optimized for Conflux’s capabilities.

  • Smart Contracts: Custom smart contracts for secure, trustless trading of NFTs, built to be fully compatible with Conflux’s architecture.

  • Data Storage: Efficient and secure data storage solutions that are optimized for quick retrieval and updates.

  • API Layer: Open APIs for future integrations, allowing the marketplace to grow and adapt to new features and partnerships.


  • A working demo of Fluxaura will be made available for initial testing and feedback, before the full public launch.

Payment Structure:

  • To ensure the build trust and minimize risks for Conflux, the complete funding of $15,000 will be released only after the successful deployment and rigorous testing of the entire NFT marketplace.


  • Estimated Time of Completion for all deliverables: 1 month

Payment Structure:

  • To make this proposal as riskless as possible for Conflux and build trust we will only ask for payment after the whole DAPP is fully developed and tested!

Smart Contract Security

For Fluxaura, security isn’t an afterthought; it’s a cornerstone. To ensure the utmost safety, we’ve opted to build the platform on the thoroughly audited Seaport protocol. You can delve into the code yourself right here: Seaport GitHub Repository.

Auditing Credentials

  • Trail of Bits: Recognized as a leading entity in the blockchain security landscape, Trail of Bits has rigorously audited Seaport. Feel free to check out their comprehensive audit report here.

  • Community Audits: To leave no stone unturned, Seaport also initiated the largest community audit contest, with a prize pool of $1 million. Top-tier auditing firms like Spear of Bits took part, further validating the protocol’s robustness. More details can be found here.

Why No Additional Audits Are Required

Given the rigorous auditing Seaport has undergone and its track record of securely managing a significant portion of the NFT market, we’re confident that no additional audits will be needed for its implementation within the Fluxaura platform on Conflux.

Maintenance and Operations Plan

The Need for Continuous Oversight

Launching Fluxaura is just the start. A project of this scale requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it remains functional, efficient and relevant.

We understand that the marketplace has to evolve and adapt to stay ahead.

Funding from Conflux DAO

Given that Fluxaura is in its infancy, it’ll take some time to achieve self-sustainability.

In the interim, Fluxaura will rely on maintenance and operational funding from Conflux DAO.

This is crucial for maintaining high performance, marketing the platform, and most importantly, keeping it bug-free.

This funding isn’t just a stopgap; it’s part of a strategic plan for long-term viability.

Management by Our Team

All tasks related to maintenance and operations will be handled by our team.

We built Fluxaura, and we’re committed to its success. From routine checks to market positioning, we have the expertise to ensure the platform not only operates smoothly but also leads in its category.


About Us

Blockdudes is a dynamic team specializing in blockchain development and innovation. We possess a diverse skill set that spans coding, design, and business development, positioning us to deliver high-quality results across various blockchain projects.


Amrit Kumar Jain

As the CEO and Founder, I bring a wealth of experience and a broad network of industry contacts to Blockdudes. My focus is on harnessing blockchain technology to solve real-world challenges, and Blockdudes serves as the ideal platform for this mission.

Team Members

Three additional professionals who excel in their respective domains, ranging from coding and design to business development will be working on this project. Their combined expertise will be crucial to the success of this project.

Key Accomplishments

As a collective, we have successfully delivered on numerous high-impact projects, including:

  • Decentralized Bridge: Collaborated with Vitalik Buterin to develop a Layer 2 bridge.
  • Mask Network: Enhanced the browser extension with new features.
  • Unstoppable Domains: Facilitated their integration into leading DeFi projects like Balancer, Enkrypt, zksync wallets, etc.
  • Messari: Contributed to visual analytics and are currently working on a big data project.
  • Reserve: Crafted plugins for DeFi collateral management.
  • Verge: Developed an ISO 20022 application and are assisting with Smart Contracts.
  • Vetoken Finance: Created the website and analytics dashboards.
  • Osmosis: In partnership to build DeFi Vaults and strategies.
  • Archway: Developing Multisig and Composable Liquidity AMM with concentrated liquidity pools, LBP, and more.

Next Steps

Armed with our diverse skills and proven track record, we are uniquely qualified to launch our next big venture: Conflux’s premier NFT marketplace.

We possess both the technical know-how and the industry insights needed to make this project not just possible, but groundbreaking.

Team Long-Term Vision:

Our goal goes beyond just launching Fluxaura.

We aim to become strategic partners with Conflux, contributing to its growth and ecosystem in the long run.

Why Choose Us?

We bring years of blockchain development experience and have successfully delivered multiple projects. With our expertise and the robustness of the Seaport protocol, Fluxaura is set to become a cornerstone in the Conflux ecosystem.


Fluxaura aims to become the first NFT marketplace on the Conflux network, leveraging the Seaport protocol’s efficiency, lower costs, and flexibility. We’re asking for $15,000 to build this platform.

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Thank you very much for your application. Its a very interesting and much needed one. Few questions on the proposal below:

  1. Could you explain in detail what are the features planned under Backend Deliverables. Mainly under Transaction Management, Smart contracts and Data Storage. What are custom smart contracts? What are the data storage solutions you are planning to use?
  2. Which of the components in the deliverables are being built from scratch and which ones are being reused as you are using Seaport protocol?
  3. Are you going to include all these features that comes with the seaport protocol: bartering, trait-level offers, collection offers, and tipping?
  4. Seaport is supposed to release a new version seaportv2. Would the updgrade to this version be included in the maintenance?
  5. Will there be any documentation provided for getting end-users to understand new functionalities enabled by Seaport?
  6. WOuld you be implementing matching orders, dynamic NFT metadata, front-running resistance using commit-reveal scheme on the front-end?
  7. Have you done Seaport protocol deployment before?
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Hi @amritj thanks for your application! Could you please provide details on the following:

  1. What is your business plan? How will the NFT marketplace make money for the operating team?
  2. Who are the key people that drive your project other than you? List their name and role, and briefly describe the relevant experience
  3. More details on your maintenance cost$
  4. What are your growth plans and KPIs for the NFT marketplace after launch?
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Can explain details about the Key Accomplishments.

For example, is Mask Network and Unstoppable Domains if fully developed by your team, or you just be part of it

Happy New Year to everyone!

Firstly, I apologize for the delay in updating you about our proposal.

After careful consideration, I’ve concluded that we should withdraw from this grant opportunity.

The primary reason for this decision is the current user base within the Conflux ecosystem. It appears too limited to support the development of a sustainable and profitable business, especially one that aligns with the expectations of the grant.

Conflux expects that the NFT marketplace should be self-sustaining. While this is a reasonable expectation, as no grant program can indefinitely support a project, achieving this self-sustainability in Conflux is notably challenging and will require more support and time from the team

And the support that the team can provide falls short of what’s required for us to be able to build and maintain this project

I thank you for your time and understanding. Regrettably, we must step back from this proposal. Once again, I apologize for the delay in conveying this decision.

I hope we can work on other projects with Conflux in future

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