Technical Grant Application - GemPad Integration to Conflux eSpace- Tier 2


GemPad is a multichain decentralized launchpad, created to empower project owners to minimize the coding required to start up their project.

Some of the tools and features that we plan to integrate include:

  • Airdrop/MultiSender tool (free for public use)
  • Lock token (free for public use)
  • Create Tokens for Conflux ecosystem (w/ free audit)
  • Launchpad Presale
  • Create a Staking Pool for Tokens on Conflux
  • and more

The GemPad core team is anon.

Main Developer
Redrum -

Project Listing Team
Beana -
Morty -
Niall -
Tawii -
Micanne -

Marketing Team
Pip -
Ron -
Rainlands -

UI and Graphics Designer
Minx -

Business Development & Partnership
Greg -

Tier 2 - $10,000, half given in order to start the integration and the rest after.

All of the features mentioned above is currently available and operating on our website, we are ready to integrate it and provide access to all Conflux developers or project owners to start building or finalizing their projects.

Our platform has helped hundreds projects launch successfully last year, considering its one of the worst years in crypto, and we take pride in providing excellent service to our clients.

Attaching our Pitch Deck covering the overview of each facilities and tools we will provide to Conflux e-Space.

Everything is live and will only need to integrate to Conflux.

25 business days to fully integrate Conflux to GemPad.

Minor bugs and glitches may happen from time to time, but the developing team will easily spot it and fix the issues. This happens when GemPad is doing big updates but completely under control.

I’m thrilled at the potential of this collaboration and cannot wait to delve deeper into the possibilities and explore the endless opportunities this partnership holds!

Happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. @geoff

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Thanks for your application @GemPad!

Some initial questions:

  1. Re token tools, how do your tools differentiate from those offered by ?

  2. Your launchpad sounds super interesting as well. Can you provide more details on how it functions and your project funnel? I.e. do you source/launch projects yourselves or just manage onboarding?

  3. What is your current traction? How much $ raised in token sales? TVL in staking pools? etc

Also, would you be willing to dox your team to the @Grants_Committee? We as a policy do not give out grants to anon teams.

Hello @GemPad, thanks for applying for a grant.
I’ve got a couple of questions:

  • Has your project been audited? Can you provide the audit reports please?
    – NOTE: I’ve looked in Certik page and it seems your audit with them is still in progress.
  • Are the tokens created in your platform automatically verified after deployment?