Technical Grant Application KUPAY




KuPay was founded on the belief that the traditional economy with its assets and financial products is past its expiration date. Central banks and governments are manipulating the markets and the value of money. Banks are making significant amounts of money off consumers and merchants by keeping their assets and making profits on it which should have gone to the rightful owner: the party that is taking the risks being the entrepreneurs and the consumers. KuPay is here to change all that, allowing its users to get the maximum value out of their assets. KuPay will be a one stop platform for earning, storing, swapping and trading connecting the traditional financial system to the EVM ecosystem.

  • Project Details

KuPay is a web 3 one stop platform for financial services providing a bridge between EVM networks and the traditional commercial-financial system.

On the platform users will be able to access their Decentralized Bank Account(DBA) on which they can:

  • Generate and send payment requests to other EVM users using the Payment Request App.
    status: live

  • Sign their Ecommerce businesses up for KuPay’s EVM based Shopify/Woocommerce payment system adding ‘Checkout’ to their website, allowing them to receive virtually any EVM based token as a currency of payment.
    status -live-

  • Generate personal donation links for sharing on websites or social media channels
    status -live-

  • Learn about DeFi on KuPay Learning
    status: live

  • Have a complete overview of all possessed assets and transactions on all connected evm’s
    status: live

  • Accept transactions in their physical shop with KuPay Cashier
    status: being developed

  • Swapping EVM based tokens via KUPAY’s home DEX from within the DBA
    status: being developed

  • Staking the home token (kupay) and connected EVM’s native tokens to receive rewards
    status: being developed

  • Investing in kupay by buying the KuPay NFT-shares and becoming a project owner
    status: being developed

  • Trade nft shares of KuPay and other parties on the KuPay NFT-shares marketplace
    status: being developed


Team Profiles

  • KPAgent - 46, based in the Netherlands. Blockchain enthusiast and web3 investor. Teaching Blockchain and Crypto to other enthusiasts. Airline Pilot. Problem solver. Well connected to bring together successful people and inspire them to get the best results. Convinced that blockchain technology is the future and determined to be a part of it.

  • Coinfart - 46, Dutch guy, based in Asia, has worked and lived in Europe, United States and now Asia, helping charities in the process. Has a history of keeping things super efficient by automating everything. Entrepreneur. “Solves any digital issue you could possibly think off,” according to KPAgent

  • Tucho - 33, Dutch guy. Loves to travel the world. Passionate about branding, marketing, technology
    and e-commerce. Gets excited about tools/apps with a clean design and a great user experience. Entrepreneur. Team player. Strong believer in DeFi.

Relevant experience

  • CF is a Full Stack developer and Project manager with 20 years experience. He worked on hundreds of successful projects for Fortune 500 companies, like Canon, Walt Disney, DELL and others.

  • Tucho has worked as an Art Director and Full Stack Digital Designer on a lot of Saas projects for big
    corporations (i.e. KLM, Philips, ABN AMRO) for the last 15 years

Team Code Repos

Total Budget requested phase 1 - $10.000 -

Current functionality

  • Basic functions of the KuPay DBA (Decentralized Bank Account) are fully operational but not yet supporting Conflux network.

Application problems

  • none

Processes problems

  • none

Technical Proposal

  • Expanding the web3 Kupay platform making basic KuPay functionalities available to Conflux users using the Conflux platform as the infrastructure for transactions and asset management

Development Roadmap

  • Setting up a node for tracking Conflux network transactions.

  • Integrate Conflux into the KuPay web 3 App

  • integrate Conflux in the KuPay merchant panel supporting conflux as a base network in KuPay’s woocommerce and Shopify plugins

  • Support Conflux as a base network in the KuPay general payment API for merchants

  • Making fiat/crypto based payment requests available on Conflux network in the KuPay DBA

  • Support Conflux as a base network for KuPay donations

Total delivery time 3 weeks
Total cost $10.000

Maintenance considerations

  • Bug fixing supported indefinately
  • Node updates supported indefinately

KuPay stats:


Hi, thanks for applying for a Conflux Network grant! Few questions on the proposal:

  1. Does your infrastructure support conflux espace?
  2. Can you elaborate on Kupay learning feature? Do the users benefit in terms of tokens if they participate in learning?
  3. Is the Cashier feature related to a device?
  4. Can you please talk more about how the bridge (On-ramp) from Fiat -> DBA works?
  5. What are the current supported networks?
  6. In the github repo you shared, there is not much related to the application codebase. Is your code open-source? Where are the smart contracts related to the application residing?
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