Technical Grant Application - Lossless Lotto 2nd Proposal

This proposal continuation thread from:


Lossless Lotto is a lossless lottery dapp for cfx token.
Build on top popular pos pool in conflux espace.

Users will stake in to existing pos pool (phxverse or webomatic) via Lossless Lotto smart contracts.

The interest from all participant will be pooled together and become daily reward.
Users have chance to win this reward based on how much their staking versus total staking.
User also have no loss (lossless) because they can withdraw 100% their staking after some days (pos pool unlocking period)

The project will benefit conflux ecosystem, by reducing amount cfx on circulation because of staking.


anon but may disclose identity to grant commitee
full stack & game development with 13 years experience
4 years blockchain/smart contract experience
winner of 4 blockchain hackathons on devpost and gitcoin
member of indie game studio for 13 years
currently work on startup that use blockchain as proof of traceability
main developer of Traderbot X

20 days x 4 hours x 60 usd x 1 man power = 5000 usd (Tier 1)

Not started.
But capability to stake and retrieve reward from pos pool already proven.
Check PoS Vault on
Smart contract source code can be found here:
PosVault implementation:

PosVaultReward implementation:


Smart contract(s) will have functions below:

Week 1: Player NFT

  • stake cfx to mint player nft
  • player nft can be burn to receive back cfx
  • every nft have luck point based on amount cfx staked
  • user stake on pos pool via this smart contract
  • user may burn 7.5 day after stake and may withdraw cfx 7.5 days after burn

Week 2: Lottery Session

  • every day, a new session will started
  • when session started interest from pos pool will be withdrawn and locked in this contract
  • player nft can join this session and receive unique number based on its luck point
  • when a new session started, previous session automatically finished
  • when session finished, a random number will be generated
  • nft owner with winning number may claim the reward

Week 3: Frontend connected to metamask to interact with smart contracts above

Week 4: Test and launch

All smart contract will be verified in confluxscan and open sourced. Smart contract and frontend code will be available in github for anyone to deploy their own lossless lotto. Bugfix and maintenance will be free.

Traderbot X team will deploy and maintain our own lossless lotto.

To add utility for our NFT (TBOTX) and token (TXT), some features may be added for Traderbot X Lossless Lotto,

  • Own TBOTX NFT for more luck points
  • Winner may choose his prize in CFX or TXT token. Prize in TXT token is higher (valued in CFX)
  • Warrior theme lossless lotto:
    • Player NFT = Warrior NFT
    • Lottery Session = Battle Session
    • Weapon and armor shop (buy sword to get +5% luck chance etc)
    • TXT token will be used to buy weapon or armor