Monster Rooms is our brand new mobile show-off idle game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other players’ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect gems based on their assets & pranks to climb the leaderboard.

Our goal is to make Monster Rooms one of the most popular indie games on both App and Play Store, as well as one of the most entertaining products on Web3. We aim to achieve this through a smooth UX/UI, compelling interaction between users, and unique storytelling.

All the game assets - environments, monsters, furniture and pranks - are NFTs. Monster Rooms will be integrated with blockchain, allowing players to transfer their NFTs to or from the chain.

Players can earn assets through the game and community events, collecting rare and unique NFTs.

With our marketing partner, we are planning to go-to the market with massive app-install campaigns, in order to onboard a large amount of Web2 users into the blockchain.

:taco: The game is in the latest stage of development. We are looking for launch partners for this exclusive new product, and we think that this is an incredible opportunity to build on Conflux a game which has not been released on any chain yet.


Taco is a multi-purpose NFT and FT-based project living on the blockchain. Our aim is to integrate three core concepts: Gaming, DeFi, and Utility, providing token stability, quality, and an outstanding experience across all existing blockchain projects.

In ten years, we envision Taco as a leading company in Web3. However, we don’t expect users to wait a decade to see our products.

Thanks to our young and skilled team, we have already released two fully functioning games, a successful decentralized exchange, and the most popular mobile app on WAX.

Taco is already established as a top 20 gaming project on all blockchains for active users from 2 years, and we are now expanding to other chains to bring the company to a whole new level.


We are requesting $50,000 for the development on Conflux in the following tranches:

Upon approval: $20,000
Upon NFT smart contract deployement and game integration: $15,000
Upon product release: $15,000


As already mentioned, the game is in the latest stage of development.
It is already possible to play, furnish your Room, participate in the first drops to find rare items, visit other players’ rooms, leave pranks to earn monster dollars and clean the room from received pranks.


Play the first mobile game where all assets have their own value and can be bought and sold on the secondary market.
Collect the rarest items and climb the world leaderboard.


Phase 1: testnet

  • Develop and release the smart contract into CONFLUX Testnet Blockchain
  • Test NFT minting and drop system

Phase 2: game integration

  • Integrate the testnet system within the game

Phase 3: release

  • Bridge all the features to Mainnet
  • Release the game
  • Marketing Phase
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