nice2win is a decentralized web3 casino deployed on multiple EVM compatible blockchains.

As of now, nice2win is now firmly established as a quality on-chain gambling platform by combining intuitive games together with well-thought-out user experience. The house edge is currently at 1%.

nice2win already offers 5 types of games: coin flip, roll a dice, two dice, etheroll and roulette. Using our own funds to bankroll winners and losers from all bets placed on our smart contract, we are providing a solid stable experience for users inclined to gamble on our platform. We have more games coming up in the future and certainly more ideas to make the overall experience more fun and interactive, which could be incredibly sped up with a grant.

The goal of the project is to onboard as many users as possible to generate fees that will outweigh the potential losses from an unlucky streak. CFX incentives would be a winning proposition for Conflux and for nice2win to woo users and reward them for their loyalty.

Finally, the Conflux ecosystem could benefit from users moving funds from other chains that are more typically associated with GameFi in order to experience a quality gambling experience on nice2win. It’s a new reason to onboard users that are lacking on Conflux. Moreover, existing users on Conflux would be able to test their luck on our provably fair casino games, providing them with a fun way to blow off some steam.

Project links:


  1. Name: Anchih Hsiao
  2. Roles and responsibilities: Project Owner
  3. Team member’s social media handles:
  4. Relevant experience: Experience in the crypto mining industry and the gaming industry among other things

  1. Name: pstar
  2. Roles and responsibilities: Project Manager
  3. Team member’s social media handles:
  4. Relevant experience: Experience leading multiple gaming focused services and communities. His expertise in web3 and programming are an asset for nice2win

  1. Name: web3jeez
  2. Roles and responsibilities: Lead Developer
  3. Team member’s social media handles:
  4. Relevant experience: Full-stack developer with high-end skills in smart contract development. He has experience building online platforms including web3 dapps

nice2win GithHub repo:


Requesting the Tier 2 limit of 15 000$ from the Conflux Grant Ecosystem.

  1. 10 000$ worth of CFX to add to the bankroll on the smart contract published on CFX. We will match this by adding 10 000$ worth of our own CFX to the bankroll contract.

  2. 5000$ worth of CFX in incentives to rewards to players using the CFX blockchain.


Customer problems: User wants to play fun/fair gambling games on the CFX network.

How we will solve this: nice2win solves this by publishing its battle-tested EVM compatible smart contract on the CFX blockchain that allows the user to play gambling games with a web3 compatible wallet on the platform.

Application problems: The platform needs users playing its games to generate revenues to pay for the potential loss on the bankroll and maintenance costs.

How we will solve this: CFX incentives for bets made on the Conflux blockchain would bring more users to nice2win and more users to Conflux for a win-win situation.


User visit then connect with their Fluent wallet, once that’s done, they will be able to play gambling games with the Fluent wallet by betting CFX.

We will focus on the remaining functional/nonfunctional requirements needed for nice2win to run on the Conflux blockchain since it is already existing on other EVM blockchains and meets a number of requirements already.

Functional requirements:

  • Fluent Wallet support
  • Smart contract minor changes due to the compatibility of the EVM
  • CFX node running 24/7 to get our data faster

Nonfunctional requirements:

Supportability: Translation to Chinese Mandarin and other popular languages


The platform is already supported on other EVM blockchains. Please visit to get a feel of the UX and UI. Make sure to test the games to get the full experience.

Here’s a gif if you want to take a quick peak:


The platform already has a roadmap prior to applying to the Conflux Grant Ecosystem. Here’s the link:
We are committed to follow this roadmap, but also the conditional new one below at the same time.

Listing the roadmap if we get approved by the Conflux Grant Ecosystem:

1. Milestone 1 - Mainnet Launch

Timeline: 3 weeks after Grant

Description: During this period, we will transition from Testnet to Mainnet. We will notably develop compatibility with the Fluent Wallet with nice2win. Moreover, we will test the smart contract thoroughly to make sure its stable. Lastly, we will experiment with running our own CFX node. We will also add the agreed CFX amount to the smart contract (bankroll).

2. Milestone 2 - Launch CFX Incentives Campaign

Timeline: 5 weeks after Grant

Description: During this 2 weeks transition after Milestone 1, we will kink out any remaining issues or glitches with the Mainnet release. We will then launch the incentives program rewarding participating users to be eligible for CFX until the agreed amount runs out.


The platform costs around 200$ month to maintain without any salaries involved for the team members. This is achievable without the help of the Conflux Grant Ecosystem. This does not include the bankroll gaining or losing funds.

Hello @nice2win thanks for applying for this grant. I have a question: are the smart contracts audited? If yes, can you share the audit results? Thanks


Thank you for applying for a grant. Few questions below:

  1. Can you please specify which EVM chains are supported as of now? It is not clear from the github repo.
  2. The repo contains only two smart contracts, can you share where the full source code including the front end would be located? Will it be open sourced?
  3. What would include in maintenance specifically?
  4. Can we request to add few games at some point as part of the maintenance and support?
  5. One of the roadmap entries is to improve the platform based on community feedback. Can you please elaborate what was the feedback and what are the planned improvements?
  6. Currently, you have one lead developer and you are hiring more in 2023. What is the expected count of hire. Will you be able to manage with the current team?

Thank you.