ONTO Wallet provides the best gateway to Web3 that allows users to manage their digital identity, data, and assets all in one place. Empowering users to operate in the new web in a secure way, the decentralized, cross-chain wallet supports thousands of digital assets including NFTs and over 1,000+ dApps on 60+ leading chains.

It also enables native cross-chain swapping and bridging, an in-app NFT marketplace aggregator, and Go+ Security reporting for minimizing security risks, together with Web3 domain solutions.

ONTO is the wallet incubated by L1 blockchain many years ago but now is an independent project. ONTO team has remained anonymous since becoming an independent project, despite not being able to reveal the names, we still have a very strong technical team working hard on decentralized wallet technology.

Our wallet is already a well-developed product which you can personally experience it if you are interested.
(Download at:


$5,000 in total

Part 1 - Integrate Conflux eSpace

  1. Send & Receive $CFX and CRC-20 tokens
  2. Send & Receive eSpace NFT
  3. dApp access on Conflux eSpace
  4. List Conflux native dApps and common tokens

Part 2 - Marketing

  1. PR Announcement
  2. Promotion in Community
  3. Text AMA or Voice Twitter Space
  4. Giveaways


  1. Send & Receive $CFX and CRC-20 tokens

  2. Send & Receive eSpace NFT

  3. dApp access on Conflux eSpace

  4. Conflux native dApps and common tokens listing


  • Integration: Complete in Q2, 2023
  • Marketing: Schedule with Conflux team

Anything such as logo adjustment can contact us directly via Telegram @Cyrus_BD

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Thanks for your application @Cyrus! Just some initial questions:

  • When did ONTO Wallet launch?
  • Whats your current traction and growth curve?
  • Has ONTO been audited?
  • As a matter of policy we do not give out grants to anon teams, would you be willing to dox the ONTO team to the Conflux Grants Committee


Thank you for submitting a grant application. Few questions below:

  1. On which L1 blockchain has ONTO been incubated before?
  2. Are you willing to negotiate on the budget?
  3. Do you have a technical architecture that shows flows between smart contracts that you use?
  4. What other projects have you integrated with already?


Thanks for asking.

  1. ONTO Wallet has launched 5 years, which incubated by Ontology, but operated independently for 3 years.
  2. ONTO gained 500K users in the year of independent operation, and keeps increasing around 250K - 300K users per year.
  3. Yes, ONTO wallet is audited every year and you can find the recent one via:
  4. We can send more docs and information about us via email. Kindly share your email with me, thanks!

Thanks for your reply.

  1. We are incubated by Ontology Foundation
  2. Yes, the budget can be negotiated depends on the integration
  3. ONTO does NOT own any smart contracts due to security consideration.
  4. ONTO has integrated Go+ Security, OpenOcean Aggregator, etc.

Thanks for your grant application @Cyrus. After review the Grants Committee has decided not to proceed any further with your application.

Thanks. Looking forward to the collaboration in future.

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