Technical Grant Application-Token Bulksender/Multisender Tool for eSpace-Tier1

This is a batch transfer tool, which can be widely used by individuals, miners and organizations to distribute tokens to other members, complete incentives and air drops, and improve work efficiency. It is a necessary tool for blockchain token transfer. Simple, Efficient and Practical. At present, there is no corresponding transfer tool for the Conflux-espace, which is inconvenient to maintain. We will complete the batch transfer tool and open source to the conflux community. The tool will have safe and stable transfer function.
Purpose of the system: Implement a batch transfer tool of Token and open source to the community
Scope of the system:That allows anyone to send tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction.
Objectives and success criteria of the project:Batch unequal amount token transfer is supported, and no less than two address forms are supported. It should be accurate and reliable.
Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations:Not involved
Overview: Not involved

Aoems: PM & RD
20 years experience on development, 3 years experience on blockchain development. Currently serving a Nordic multinational communication enterprise. here is my project about Conflux:

aKai: RD & art designer
2 years experience on web2 development, 1 year art designer experience. Currently serving a Nordic multinational communication enterprise. Serving a Hangzhou Internet Company.

Budget: $3000; 1 month


Only Tier1, Due delivery

As a concise and efficient tool, we provide instructions or video guides, and will repair the bugs of the tool for long-term maintenance.

please check and approve.@geoff

Thanks for your application @AoemsConflux! Have some initial questions to clarify deliverables and timelines.

  • Will the deliverables include a website (front end + smart contracts) that allows non-developers to use and access all the tools in a permissionless manner?
  • Will the project be scalable in terms of adding more features in the future?
  • Says timeline is 2 months, seems a bit long, could we shorten the development timeline?
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Thank you for your reply.@Geoff
Our mind is as follows:

  1. This bulksender will be a token transfer tool for all user without permission. We will deploy it on the web server together with the hydrasf pos pool.
  2. I have an idea to build a tookit for conflux. Bulksender is one of the important tools and the first open source release. In the future, We will continue to develop some partical and funny tool.
  3. About the timeline, I mean “2man-monthes = 2man&1month”. So, we will complete the task within one month.

please check and approve
thank you.

Can anyone answer?
Who can help me approve it?

Thanks for following up @AoemsConflux! We are still discussing internally and collecting feedback from Conflux product leads - we should have our collective feedback to share by EOD Wednesday.

One last question from my end - can we lower the budget?

Building a tool for batch transfer of assets in the Conflux ecosystem sounds like a great idea.

But do not forget Cointools provides a lot of useful functions, why not migrate a Cointools to Conflux?

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My idea is to make a tool box and gradually add various funny tools. I haven’t seen the form of Cointool yet, but there are many tools that can be migrated to Conflux. We have this plan. However, migrating the entire cointool at one time is a very big project, and my power is not enough.


Thank you for your application. A few questions below:

  1. Can you list out the deliverables for this proposal?
  2. Where is this application getting deployed Core or eSpace? I would suggest you include technical flows, at least at a high level.

Thank you for your questions.
The deliverable features of this proposal we considered:

  1. We first complete the function required by grant task—— Bulksender tool for token.
  2. Development of transfer contracts, safe and stable, open source.
  3. Web deployment, and there is no threshold for espace users to use. Open source.
  4. Deployed in the same internal network segment as HydraSF mining pool;
  5. We learn useful and funny tools of cointool, but we have no intention of completely imitating and copying all attributes of cointool.
  6. The bulksender tool can complete one-to-many account token transfer. The input of multi-user accounts can be realized by pasting in a certain format. It also supports the import of multiple accounts and number of csv files.

The application will be provided to the Conflux-Espace user. Conflux-Core users already have free multi-sender tools. If necessary, we can consider developing our own core bulk transfer and open source in the future. However, the current tool is only for the Conflux-Espace.

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Hi @AoemsConflux thanks so much for your application.

Cointools just deployed on Conflux

If you have any ideas for eSpace tooling missing from Cointools would love to hear about them!

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Great. It is very gratifying that cointools provides these tools for conflux.

@Geoff Do you think 10 CFX is cheap?