Technical Grant Application - Traderbot X NFT


Traderbot X is a project that tokenized a “blackbox” trading strategy. Traderbot X Token (TXT) represent the performance of our trading strategy. On long term Traderbot X will transformed into project that tokenized not only trading strategy, but also multiple revenue channel. Check our 2022 roadmap here:

One of our near roadmap is tokenized NFT revenue. We plan to add some functions to our NFT:

  • Procedural generated image of robot avatar.
  • Every NFT will have referral system for X level.
  • NFT share value may upgraded.

We request for grant to realize above points and promotion support from Conflux Foundation. And if granted, we have intention to giveback to conflux ecosystem. We will change our nft revenue model into:

NFT minting fee 100% will be send pos pool, and never withdrawed forever (will use smart contract to enforce this rule). Revenue will be taken from interest generated.


  • anon but may disclose identity to grant commitee
  • full stack & game development with 13 years experience
  • 4 years blockchain/smart contract experience
  • winner of 4 blockchain hackathons on devpost and gitcoin
  • member of indie game studio for 13 years
  • currently work on startup that use blockchain as proof of traceability


  • anon but may disclose identity to grant commitee
  • senior artist with 15 years experience
  • member of indie game studio for 13 years

Below are Ultramarine art samples:

The tasks projected to be finished within 2 months (40 days/8 weeks/4 hours daily)
40 days x 4 hours x 60 usd x 2 man power = 19200 usd


Traderbot X currently have NFT called TBOTX with single utility: to earn token (TXT). All minting fee for NFT go to our vault, to be managed on trading strategy, for this, NFT owner may mint token daily. Current problem of our NFT is it only have single utility.


Some smart contracts will be developed/upgraded:

  • A smart contract that receive minting fee, stake on pos pool, send interest only to vault.
  • Current NFT & reward smart contract will be upgraded to handle referral & upgrade share value.

Frontend will be modified to:

  • Show avatar of owned NFTs
  • Show referral link for every NFTs
  • Show button to upgrade share
  • Show connection between NFT

Backend will be developed to:

  • Generate robot avatar image and upload to ipfs
  • Read NFT stat and add the info to NFT image and info

Images will be drawed for:

  • robot avatar parts
  • frontend logo, icons, layout


Week 1:

  • Smart contract referral system deployed on testnet
  • Frontend referral system

Week 2:

  • Smart contract upgrade share deployed on testnet
  • Frontend upgrade share

Week 3-4:

  • Smart contract mint to stake forever deployed (hardhat forking)
  • Test mint to send revenue to pos staking (phxverse)

Week 5-6:

  • Robot avatar image sample
  • Backend to generate procedural avatar complete
  • Frontend for robot avatar

Week 7-8:

  • Mainnet launch and test


NFT, reward distribution, stake forever smart contract will be verified in confluxscan and open sourced. Backend to generate image will be open sourced. Image will be uploaded to pinata free version. Backend code will be deployed to our backend.

Images generated will be copyrighted to the artist.