Unmarshal is a blockchain data infrastructure. Unmarshal provide granular, realtime and reliable blockchain data in form of APIs, Notifications and No-code Smart contract indexer

Unmarshal currently supports over 20 different chains namely Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon. Most of our clients are Multi chain clients and we have a track record of bringing multiple clients to the newer ecosystem we support.

Purpose of the system:
We aim to become a single solution for the maximum number of chains available in the market.As the blockchain space is evolving with the addition of new chains accompanied by advanced use cases to solve inherent problems of existing chains, the DeFi ecosystem is at a constant lookout for an infrastructure layer that can help fetch them reliable and contextual data from multi-chains. Unmarshal is here to fill the gaps. It acts as a liaison sitting in between blockchains and application developers to index on-chain data in arbitary formats that can be integrated easily and effortlessly.

Scope of the system
Unmarshal aims to reduce the burden of DApp builders by providing an easy and quick to integrate data solution that can power DApps. As the DeFi and NFT space is progressing at an unprecedented rate, data is exploding and becoming increasingly complex. At Unmarshal, we aim at simplifying the intricacies to deliver customised, rich and decoded information in many formats like APIs, Notifications, Insights and Analytics. Focusing on the DeFi niche ecosystem will give the flexibility to serve clients full extent with thin integration layer”

Unmarshal product suit includes:

  • DeFi APIs
  • NFT APIs
  • Notification Service
  • Analytics framework
  • Revolutionary No-code smart contract indexer called Parser.
  • Xscan - A multichain explorer

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TEAM: Unmarshal has successfully thrived in the Blockchain Data market for over 15 months and we have integrated over 20+ chains so far. The core team is deep into understanding the blockchain data and hence the widespread reach in the data field. Our Team has rigorously targeted the Non EVM chains and would be more than happy to include Hedera to our Arsenal.

The core team comes with the Strong experience in handling humongous volumes of data which has helped Unmarshal reach this heights.

Our teams consists of experienced employees from companies like Grab, Polygon, MPL, Accenture and the list of all our team members are as mentioned below

Manohar Kolagondanahalli - CEO & Founder -
Shivakumar HG - CTO & Co - Founder -
Yogesh Talurmath - CMO -

Chetan Kashetti - Tech Lead -

Senior Engineers:
Pujith -

Suyog -
Abbas -

Deepti GN - Business Developer -
Chiranth - Marketing-
Saarika - Product Evangelist-


$50,000- Tier 3


Unmarshal is a multi-chain data infrastructure that provides rich, real time and granular blockchain data from 25+ chains. It enables Web 3.0 projects to speed up their development by providing them all the tools necessary to access blockchain data at both macro and micro level in any format.

Unmarshal Indexes all the key elements of blockchain data such as Wallets, Transactions, Tokens and protocols to provide real time, granular data to Dapps, Foundations, and Investors.

The above image explains how Unmarshal is able to fetch the data.
Unmarshal fetches all the data from the chain directly hence the integrity & reliability of the data is guaranteed.
Our Top Notch Decoders understand all the encoded data and convert them into meaningful information.

Unmarshal aims to reduce the burden of DApp builders by providing an easy and quick to integrate data solution that can power DApps.

Unmarshal product suit includes:

  • DeFi APIs
  • NFT APIs
  • Notification Service
  • Analytics framework
  • Revolutionary No-code smart contract indexer called Parser.
  • Xscan - A multichain explorer
  1. Partnership Overview:

Unmarshal will index the Conflux chain and support all Unmarshal Services for the Conflux ecosystem.

Conflux Team: Provide defi users dynamics and business intelligence, mapping out the next growth sector.

Blockchain Entrepreneurs and Dapp developers: Develop custom APIs for Dapp developers to directly work on powering their apps rather than work on the core infrastructure, enhancing the Conflux blockchain attractiveness and reducing the time to market launch.

VCs, Institutional and Retail Investors: Help gauge the current market sentiment and make data powered investment decisions. Based on our previous implementations, the greater the investor interest the stronger dapp adoptions = user growth and satisfaction.

Strong successful DApps such as Uniswap, Aave, Compound, will only support a new chain, as long as they have access to qualitative / updated real time information.

In addition to offering the transactions and wallet balances details as APIs, the Unmarshal Labs-incubated will support DeFi users by enabling them to view their wallet balances, asset holdings, DeFi positions (such as LP positions, staking, etc.), transactions, and NFTs, among other things.

With Unmarshal’s most recent launch, the Conflux chain will have access to the parsers, as we like to call them. Users of Conflux can configure their own nodes to index certain contracts, use the data to create bespoke Analytics dashboards, or create custom GraphQL endpoints to retrieve real-time on-chain data.

  1. Solution Approach :

Unmarshal’s unparalleled comprehensive solution will contain API Endpoints, Notifications Infrastructure and Xscan integration. It will also support future Conflux network upgrades.

Any of the on-chain transaction data including the asset balances will be made available in various formats as APIs, GraphQL, Web Sockets, CSV and so on. The basic API suite consists of asset balances, list of wallet transactions and transaction details for a particular transaction hash.
Notification layer:

Unmarshal smart notifications can be delivered directly to mobile applications using firebase, websockets etc. or Clients (Dapp developers can pull real time data using webhooks)
Our main objective is to decode the data and serve it to our partners in the formats they demand. The notifications are turned into a one line description that the apps can read after being decoded.DApps can customise the results by selecting a template of their choice.

Unmarshal has already built the notification for the BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, XinFin Network, Solana, Algorand, Fantom, Klaytn, Fuse, Kadena, Celo, Avalanche and Zilliqa for the following transactions:
Add liquidity
Remove liquidity

Smart Notifications enable:

The Smart Notification framework from Unmarshal will enable Conflux dapps to inform and update users about pertinent transactions, liquidation alarms, and other information.

Unmarshal will be able to read every transaction from the Conflux Network and provide a clear explanation of what actually transpired on each transaction.The Conflux Dapps will have the privilege of providing smart notifications without having to expend a lot of time and effort decoding the data. It will be accessible straight away.

XScan- an overview:

Our pet project, the multichain Explorer XScan,, which has been significantly influencing our community, ended up becoming the most popular.Our B2C service allows users to track all of their assets and transactions, including NFTs, in one location across different chains.

XScan has made it simple for retail investors to work from one location, track deals to begin with, and grasp the most recent portfolio standings.

Our newly coined team specifically for XScan is eagerly anticipating the release of exciting features on our explorer. Users do not need to access numerous channels to check transactions as it is all in one location, similar to our data. We now inhabit fewer chains than those we actively serve, but the most recent version will include all chains on XScan.

Data reliability and availability have never been a problem for us since we have all the data being picked up from our own data source.

Unmarshal Parser - an overview:
Our latest addition to our Arsenal is the Unmarshal parser, which allows user to run their own nodes for any particular contract address, cherry pick the events they need from the address to create a live sync database which only they have access to to create visual versions of the rich data provided by Unmarshal.

Use case model / Features model / User Histories Model
Analysis object model
Dynamic model
User interface, navigational paths and screen mock-ups

This section describes the milestones and the phases of the project. Breakdown the development roadmap into a number of milestones including the following information in each milestone:

Specification of the software or deliverable
Requested funding per milestone
Milestone duration

Milestone 1 — Indexing The Node
Estimated Tech Work - 12 days
Time to Sync data - 7-12 days (depends on the volume of data)
Number of resources - 4
Approximate Estimated Cost - $10,000

Milestone 2 — Decoding Data
Estimated Duration - 12 days
Number of resources - 2
Approximate Estimated Cost - $5,000

Milestone 3 — API services
Estimated Duration - 10 days
Number of resources - 2
Approximate Estimated Cost - $10,000

Milestone 4 — Explorer Integration (
Estimated Duration - 10 days
Number of resources - 3
Approximate Estimated Cost - $5,000

Milestone 5 — Notification Services
Estimated Duration - 10 days
Number of resources - 3
Approximate Estimated Cost - $5,000

Milestone 6 — Parser Services
Estimated Duration - 14 days
Number of resources - 2
Approximate Estimated Cost - $10,000

Milestone 7 — Enabling Analytics Framework
Estimated Duration - 12 days
Number of resources - 2
Approximate Estimated Cost - $5,000


Its included in the milestone.

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Thank you very much for your application. I have few questions based on the proposal:

  1. Is there access to some sample data that we can visualize with?
  2. Can we build a custom indexer to get custom data?
  3. What is your underlying technical architecture. Please include that in your proposal. Mainly around indexers, analytical framework etc.
  4. How much of manual intervention is needed after the development is done?
  5. You mentioned Hedera in your overview. Not clear on that.
  6. It is not evident as to how this would speed up development of projects as mentioned in current functionality. Can you please elaborate your view.
  7. I think there is a image missing from your text.
  8. You mentioned configured their own node. What is the need? What would be the effort for this one?
  9. Who are your current competitors? How are you different from The Graph?
  10. What is XScan? Is it like Etherscan but for multiple chains?
  11. Can you list out the current products you have integrated with?
  12. What can you deliver for conflux if we would like to move to Tier 1 or Tier 2? Is there a minimal version we can build on Conflux.

Thank you. Looking forward to your response.