TECHNICAL GRANT APPLICATION – Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph – Tier 3


  1. Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph
    Please consider the link to our deck:
  2. EdTech Incorporated, 919 North Market Street, Suite 950, City of Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware, 19801
  3. Web3Campus powered by Cointelegraph is an online educational platform for learning Web3 skills and professions. We solve the problems of difficult field immersion and the lack of professionals capable of building innovative products on Web3. Web3Campus builds a safe place to learn in a real-work simulator and engages students through Learn2Earn mechanics. This way, through Conflux-related courses, we bring 1K new developers to the ecosystem.
    ⦁ Launching on the LATAM market
    ⦁ 3 more courses launched, with self-sufficient mini-courses and quests
    ⦁ Breaking into the Philippines and Indonesia markets
    ⦁ Start of B2B sales
  5. Website:


⦁Vlad Baimurzin: Co-founder/CEO (
Ex-Head of Product at Geecko with 5+ years of software engineering as a developer and CTO.

⦁ Daniel Seman: Co-founder/CPO (
Ex-CEO at Cointelegraph. Advanced the media to number one in market share. Launched 7 international editions from scratch. Currently Cointelegraph Advisory Board Member.

⦁ Artem Kazakov: Interim-CMO & Executive Advisor (
CCO & ex-CMO at Skillbox Holding Limited, revenue in 2021 is $185 mln

⦁ Leo Glazõw: CBDO & Co-founder (
Strategic Business Developer at Cointelegraph.

⦁ Teigi Lee: Advisor (
Head Of Growth Marketing & Expansion at Previously held senior leadership roles at OKEx, Microsoft, and Web Summit.


Product: $130,000

⦁ Courses and Quests - $45,000 - Core Conflux ecosystem course; two Conflux-related mini-courses and two quests.

⦁ Learn-to-Earn - student encouragement to use Conflux infrastructure tools with additional result of increased course completion - $20,000

⦁ Decentralized Identity for student’s traction and company-employee interaction built on Conflux blockchain; Job board with companies’ vacancies - $35,000

⦁ Contribute-to-Earn - $30,000 - an incentive for users to create content, tasks, guides, and projects for Conflux blockchain

Adoption: $150,000 + 4,350,000 CFX

⦁ Marketing of Conflux Courses only and support of students - $150,000 - The sum will be spent on performance and content marketing, community growth, influencers, and webinars.

⦁ Rewards in Conflux for learn-to-Earn and contribute-to-Earn - 4,350,000 CFX.

With efficient learning methodology and Web3 mechanics, we will accelerate the adoption of Conflux ecosystem for Web2 developers. The result of our partnership will be 1K new builders and creators for Conflux.

Target audience:
Our target audience is Web2 developers open for entering Web3 and non-tech users who are interested in NFT, P2E, and other entertaining Web3 mechanics. We are planning to spend 70% of the marketing budget on Web2 users.

Our competitors are Web2 educational projects. The fight is for the brightest minds.

And other.

Web3 courses:
Dapp university -
Bloom Institute of Technology -
Blockgeeks -
Firebrand -
Chainshot -
Moralis Academy -

Learn-to-earn projects and others:
Buildspace - - introduces users to ecosystem tools and rewards them with NFTs.
Rabbithole - - this service proved that mini-courses and quests are a good instrument for student adoption. Raised $21.6m on seed stage in ‘22.
BitDegree - their project started from paid crypto-related courses. Now they are launching “Learnoverse” with Learn-to-Earn.
LetMeSpeak - - motivates students to complete tasks and quizzes by rewarding them with tokens.


Hi. Thank you for your application few questions below:

  1. “This way, through Conflux-related courses, we bring 1K new developers to the ecosystem.” - How do you justify the 1k value? Is it the current count of developers using your product?
  2. Is there a basic version of the product that could be usable for Conflux? Tier 3 applications are around 50k and your application says 230k budget plus conflux tokens.
  3. Can we host Virtual hackathons using your platform ex: Secure coding competition.

Thank you.