Currently for minting tokens on Conflux network people needs to know technical details & how to deploy a EVM(Solidity) smart contract.
This DApp(A web UI) will let people mint tokens using an interface without need of technical knowledge, will aim to make token mintage to be easy as creating a wallet.

Workflow will be like Tokenjennys(Internet archive) first interface(and will provide functionality for token minting on Cointool) and it will allow it to be extended(possibilities are limited w our imagination; easy presales, voting tools etc.), design example will be included on team section.
I believe by adding some fees & more tools, it can be self-sustainable.

Me; Blockchain developer
You can check my portfolio on my Github.
Discord: KaffinPX#0001

Not Thomiz; Blockchain developer & designer
You can check VITCSwap to see how good he is :wink:
Discord: Not Thomiz#0001

Budget and funding tier
It’s tier 2 - $14000
Should be ready in 2-3 weeks, or maybe even 1 week if everything works without any problems.

Some technical details
We will do frontend in React.js w MaterialUI.
UI will deploy pre-compiled Openzeppelin-based token smart contracts on network.
Will publish DApp w a domain & over IPFS.
DApp will use Fluent wallet as signer&communicator over SDK.

Also we would be happy if we can get presale utility grant too, it would take 1-2 weeks and we would require something like $10000 over Tier 2.

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Hi. Thank you for applying for the grant. Welcome to the Conflux ecosystem.

Cointools has been integrated with CFX recently. is used to create tokens. Can you explain how your proposal is different from this one? If it is different, please add a technical workflow detailing the steps involved for token creation.

Also, can you list the deliverables? This would give clarity as to why this would come under a Tier 2 grant.

Thank you.


Hey, thanks!

Can you explain how your proposal is different from this one?

They are using eSpace not core, we will aim to support exact Conflux schemes, not Ethereums :slight_smile:

Also, can you list the deliverables?

Basically we want to create an ecosystem like Tokenjenny, it will have:

  • Token minter
  • Token management panel
    Batch sender(for airdrop purposes etc.)
    Admin ops on contract
    Index(Page) management
  • Provable token index(Logos, names, descriptions etc.)
  • Token pages(Gets data from index) w announcer
  • Token search-engine
  • An API over our website which uses JSON-RPC for fetching data.
  • Possibly a JS library which wraps our API & provides some high-level token functions.

as part of token creation tool task/bounty also we are open for ideas.

We are planning small fees only for token minting & index registration for keeping service sustainable, if wanted/needed will mint an official token and distribute fees to stakers.